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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

That damned Show

What's Mallard raving about today?

Reality T.V.

Hey, Mallard, are you talking to the same people who need a break, not a lecture? Because, you know, your ongoing diatribe against Reality TV sounds to me like a self-superior lecture.

Plus, why do you hate the Free Market?


dlauthor said...

Unintentional hilarious self-revelation ahoy! Tinshley on some level realizes the hollow void that once was his life. But I'm sorry, Bruce -- no one would make a reality show of your existence. The liabilities involved in the driving sequences alone would be prohibitive, and frankly, if I want to watch a drunken creepy racist who hates everybody, I'm pretty sure there's already ten or twelve of them on Fox News.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but he is right about one thing, as there already have been realty TV shows about people eating food. Some even on PBS, but I'm sure that he doesn't watch THAT, as he might actually learn something contrary to Wrong-Wing dogma.

CW in LA said...

Coming up next: "Ducks Splaying Their Crotches While Watching 'People Eating Food.'"

rewinn said...

Whoa! Totally cutting-edge political commentary here!! America's workers are in open, peaceful revolt against the governors of Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and so on ... and the corporate media is showing only bread-and-circusses.

Tog said...

Again with the bitching about self-esteem, Batshit? Well, at least now we're seeing why you have such a problem with it. Just because your own life's a waking nightmare that you wouldn't wish on anyone on your Enemies List doesn't mean that everyone else has to be miserable.

As for "Reality TV:" you're correct on that. You probably didn't intend this as a shot at Sarah Failin', but I will happily interpret it as such.

Kip W said...

[Dragged up from Tuesday's] Another dig against the base and the free enterprise system. Has somebody hacked his fax machine and started sending subversive talking points?