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Friday, March 09, 2012

That damned Bias

What's Mallard raving about today?

Jeremy Lin, Racism, Higher Education

Geez, this again?


Tog said...

Wait, I thot them there "eeleete skoolz" jus' wanna teach kids to be liberal snobs* whut haets Jeebus? Why wudja wanna go to one anyway? FAWXNooz gives ya all the nollej ya evar needz.

(*Exceptin' George Junior, but he wuz a secret librul anyways you know. He totally tricked us into wantin' a war we didn't rilly want! Won't git fooled agin! ...Nuke nuke nuke, nuke nuke Iran!)

Why is Mallard even in this strip? (However, I am grateful that Tinsley didn't serve up a Li'l Rush/duck crotch combo. That would be a little too unintentionally self-revelatory, amirite?)

Anonymous said...

The stupidity, repetition, and extreme irony (complaining about a perceived discrimination against a non-whites) actually made me chuckle. As usual, in the only Mallards that have some humor, it is in an unintentional way.

Toots McGee said...

"Actually, it's alot of elite universities!"

Seriously, that's how you choose to word your "footnote" (leaving aside the typically shitty sourcing....I know, the comic strip constraints again)?

I'm finding that more offensive than whatever vague assertion he's trying to make with this thing.

Bruce is rebelling against those liberal journalism school professors who failed him because he could write sentences. He's showing those ponytailed, elitist grammarians!

dlauthor said...

No, really! It's actually happening! I have the asterisks to prove it! What do you mean, that article doesn't mean what I think it does? I decide what reality is, not you! Like if I say closing time's at 5 am or I have a magic toenail that protects me from breathalyzer tests, it's totally true! I read it somewhere once! Or at least Limbaugh mentioned that one of his flunkies read it somewhere! Asterisk asterisk asterisk!

Anonymous said...

Even more inanity from Mallard claiming that he actually cares about non-whites? Just what I wanted on my birthday!

Seriously, it's like he thinks Lin got into the NBA just to spite him specifically. Tinsley's so full of himself that I wouldn't doubt he thinks it's all about him.

WV: clemen. One letter off from "Clemens," birth surname of American writer Mark Twain, whose writings are superior to this pathetic excuse for a comic strip in just about every way imaginable.

rewinn said...

In good faith, I tried to find the article Brews Tinkley cites, by googling the organization's name. There's a website (google it yourself - I won't give help its SEO rank by linking to it) and the 1st thing you notice is that it's a project of Linda Chavez, well known for dishonesty.

Noodling around the links I found many of them were busted. Amazing! A web site that can't maintain its own internal integrity!

Finally, the articles that did resolve correctly were mostly the same-old same-old conservative blah-blah about how liberals are bad, often on topics completely unrelated to the stated purpose of the site "The only conservative think tank devoted to issues of race and ethnicity". For example, a December 2010 piece attacks the proposal to end the mortgage interest deduction for the value of houses above $500,000 on the grounds that it would drop house prices %15 which would be an "enormous blow to the 60 percent of Americans who presently own their homes". The obvious lie here is that 60% of Americans do not own homes worth more than $500,000; Chavez could have made her case without being untruthful, but I guess it's just a habit for her. The other point is that the deduction is a welfare for the rich; the tax break for someone owning a million-dollar home is far more than the average person on welfare gets. Besides the moral issue of why Chavez thinks that the rich should be more deserving of taxpayer money than the poor, there's the simple economic fact that money sent to the poor is better for the AMERICAN economy because it is immediately spent at home creating jobs at home, whereas the rich have a greater tendency to invest their money in foreign economies, creating jobs abroad.

It would be nice for conservatives to have a think-tank devoted to race/ethnicity topics but they won't do it because, on the evidence, political hackery is more important. Minority communities are diverse, and some are naturally conservative culturally (e.g. Somali Muslims make Ricky Santorum look liberal) but I doubt anyone in the minority communities are fooled by this, except perhaps some cartoon characters.

Anonymous said...

Stupid duck, only white liberals can pompously pontificate about racism! Doesn't he know that patronizing claims of a sincere commitment to help minorities are the exclusive province of wealthy Democrats?

Steve-O said...

Lin Bias....Len Bias

Mallard is obliquely referring to the tragedy of drugs on minorities in this clever, shrewdly worded "comic".*

*Not really, he's just being a dick, as usual.

Steve-O said...

Also, I wonder what my professors in college would have though of footnotes like that. "Uh, here's the name of some random publications, feel free to google them if you want. We good?"

Worse Than Liefeld's Before Watchman said...

Wait, so getting into Harvard is harder than getting into Harvard and then joining the N.B.A; and this is due to the prejudice against Asians regardless of whether you are Asian?

Frank Stone said...

This issue is of such burning importance to Brucie that he can't even be bothered to provide links to specific articles that support his thesis.

(And don't give us no BS about how there's not enough room to do that, old sport; the amount of wasted space that appears in in this strip every month could be used by Habitat for Humanity to build about a hundred houses.)

Neo Tuxedo said...

Wow, Anonycoward, way to discredit an argument no liberal has ever actually made on this blog, or indeed anywhere outside the complete misrepresentations of liberal viewpoints that Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the Republican Party, and other wholly-owned and operated subsidiaries of the right-wing noise machine pour into your ears like so many vials of henbane.

DiR said...

That took me 15 seconds.
See right there, how those silly little numbers next to the squiggly % thing immediately disprove your thesis?
It is STAGGERING how bad you are at this, Bruce.

Bill the Splut said...

So Bruce is now in favor of affirmative action and racial quotas. Duly noted.