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Thursday, March 01, 2012

That damned Rate

What's Mallard raving about today?

Minimum Wage, Employment

Except the Minimum wage remains at $7.25.

And research indicates that raising Minimum Wage does not increase unemployment.

Other than being wrong on every assertion in today's comic, nice work, Mallard.


ianmorris said...

if you can't deal with a increase in minimum wage for your employes then you fail at capitalism.

Tog said...

"Minimum wage? Pfft! You greasy little bastards should be so grateful to have any job at all you'd gladly work for FREE!! In fact, you should pay ME to work FOR me! All hail the Job Creators!"

...Hey, that's no stupider than the Laffer Curve.

Look, just go ahead and go Galt already. We'll see who survives the Shruggening.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley, 1861:

"But we can't get rid of slavery! How could we afford to pay all the darkies!"

Toots McGee said...

Yes, absolutely Bruce. Labor should be an unaccounted cost of industry, like natural resources or enviromental impact. Workers should be content to give their efforts in exchange for the right to pick through the garbage of the "job creators".

Remember that Joad family? God, what a bunch of whiners!

David in NYC said...

So, he's going to fire this worker because the minimum wage is too high -- and replace him with what? And, presumably, all the other minimum-wage workers must be fired as well, so this company is now going to do its work without any employees at all?


Kip W said...

That sixty dollars a week difference in employee pay was all that was keeping this valiant job creator from going Galt and moving his operation to Malaysia, flipping pizzas for the indigenous wildlife in exchange for pebbles.

Anonymous said...

Research shows raising the minimum wage doesn't raise unemplyment at all, so just raise it to $50 an hour and make everyone well-off. Thank you, liberals, you've shown us the way once again.

ianmorris said...

in respose to anon, reductio ad absurdum strikes again.

DiR said...

$7.25 is almost $10 in the same way a .11 BAC is almost under the legal limit.

Remember: wage increases for a handful of millionaires is good, cause it put money money into the economy by hrmpogw0gfjhfh pmumble reaganomics.
But wage increases for hundreds of thousands of people across the nation will destroy the country, because they'll just spend it on drugs. Also, it will take money form the poor huddled few who truly need it (See above)

DharmaPete said...

The worst fry cook would still be worth minimum wage more than Tinshley would be if he got minimum wage for scribbling this dreck he calls a comic strip.

On another note, nice to see the dumb-ass trolls returning.

Bill the Splut said...

"I'll just hire illegal immigrants, and when they want a raise, deport them! BWAHAHAHA! It's the American Dream."

Anon: You show us bleeding hearts! You march right into work tomorrow and demand to get paid less than minimum wage! You are saying that everyone should be the working poor, so go volunteer to be one, Brave Sir Robin Galt.

Frank Stone said...

Apparently, Brucie believes that those damn spoiled brat fry cooks with their damn extravagant minimum-wage salaries are the reason his damn french fries cost so damn much.

Rootbeer said...

I wonder why the artist drew Fry Kid's face with a "can you believe the ignorant horseshit coming from this guy?" expression on it. It subverts the comic's intended point of view.

Probably because he doesn't understand facial expressions well enough to draw a more appropriate one.

Kip W said...

Rootbeer, if I had to guess, I'd say that the illegal immigrants Tinsley hires down by the bus station to draw the strip for him pretend not to understand his exact instructions.