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Saturday, March 10, 2012

That damned Office

What's Mallard raving about today?


Asian Americans make up 4.4% of The US Population.

Thanks to commenter DiR, we know that 18% of Harvard's class of 2015 are Asian American.

Ergo, facts have a Liberal bias, which we know because the only alternative is that Mallard Fillmore is a lying sack of crap...and we all know that can't be true.


Tog said...

Tinsley has always displayed an utter contempt for higher education (well, ALL education, really) unless he fancies he can use it as a brickbat against Stoopit Librulz.

Facts just get in the way of that most important mission: creating a nation of pathetic idiot sheeple who think they're geniuses.

You know, dittoheads.

rewinn said...

Mallard Fillmore is just fighting for market share in a shrinking demographic.

Today's "comic" is to comfort aging white racists by saying Harvard liberals are racist too, so racism is o.k.

Mere facts aren't important in this sort of thing. It's like putting "New And Improved" on the same old box of cr@p. Kids would rather buy VHS tapes or buggywhips than join the ranks of conservative racists, so the Rush Limbaughs and Bruce Tinkleys have to scrap harder for less and less.

Frank Stone said...

OK, I'm stumped. Why is Brucie suddenly pretending to care about the plight of Asian-American college applicants? Is it really just that he's trying to coattail onto Jeremy Lin's notoriety because one of his characters is an Asian kid?

Here's an idea, Brucie: Since you're so outraged that minorities are subjected to unfair treatment on the basis of racial stereotyping, how about spending a week depicting Chantel (who is apparently black, though you couldn't tell it by looking at her because she's drawn by Brucie) being pulled over for Driving While Black, accused of being a "welfare queen", suspected of planning to rob the store where she's picking up groceries, etc.? You apparently no longer believe that racism is dead, so how about it?

Bill the Splut said...

So Bruce is saying that Harvard is letting in too many white applicants, right? What else can he (dog whistle) mean?