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Thursday, March 15, 2012

That damned Box

What's Mallard raving about today?

Same thing as yesterday

For God's sake, Mallard, we got it days ago.


Worse Than Liefeld's Before Watchman said...

Now, we see the basis of Tinsley's complaint: Asians refuse to easily categorize themselves so they can be put in the camps. Tinsley was always a fan of the internment camps, and was disappointed when they were closed. He assures us that the new camps will be much better, as the gigantic ovens will ensure no lack of food.

Tog said...

Tinsley may not be willing/able to provide a motive for the Great Liberal Racist Elitist College Anti-Asian Conspiracy he's uncovered...but his own motives are pathetically obvious.

CW in LA said...

My, but those of us who thought the Tinsh couldn't possibly be lazier than three or so weeks of New Year's Predictions with a xeroxed duck head are sure feeling silly.

dlauthor said...


rewinn said...

If the Razzies had a comic strip category, Mallard Fillmore might win an award at last!

Meanwhile, Doonesbury's reaching for a Pulitzer with his commentary of the Texas State-Mandated Rape Law.

DiR said...

Tog said...

Can't wait to hear Tinsley's response to THIS:

Southern Miss band members deliver racist taunt at NCAA tournament game

"Southern Miss band members taunted a Kansas State player with chants of “Where’s your green card?” during the teams’ second-round NCAA tournament game in Pittsburgh today.

"The player in question, Wildcats freshman guard Angel Rodriguez, is from Puerto Rico, so he’s a U.S. citizen."

...You know, since Tinsley says Racism is Dead (with Exceptions) and tells himself the Browns have it sooooo easy.

Maybe he'll try to paint Suth'r'n Miss as one of them there E-leet Ivy Leeg Kollajs.

CW in LA said...

But don't you see, Tog? A deserving Asian-American student was clearly denied the chance to attend an elite university like K-State so Rodriguez could go there.

rewinn said...

@DiR's link describes this week of Mallard Fillmore perfectly: - and plenty of other weeks as well!

And I'll bet it didn't take you 40 or 50 hours of research!