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Saturday, March 17, 2012

That damned Depiction

What's Mallard raving about today?




Tog said...

Now replace the totally-out-of-left-field Giant Original-Style Homer Simpson caveman with, oh, I dunno, Li'l Rush.

Eating a dog.

Yeah, your high-pitched defensive whining doesn't work as well in that context, does it, Tins?

For someone who built his "career" and "reputation" on the most vile bigotry imaginable, you've just proven your gall is absolutely bottomless.

dlauthor said...

Ah yes, the old "giant caveman" metaphor. Used so often by humorists since ABSOLUTELY NEVER.

DiR said...

Someone was paid to make this.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

Steve-O said...

This is a masterfully subtle "comic". What the writer is trying to say is, your fears and stereotypes will not save you! You are predestined to meet your fate as you impotently wail against your coming doom. As you read between the lines you can almost sense the dread overcoming the "politically correct" little dweeb as he is about the be eaten by the all-powerful giant (a corporation?). Brilliant!

Just kidding, it's incomprehensible shit, as usual.

Frank Stone said...

Those fumes Brucie's been running on for the last fifteen years have gotten mighty thin, haven't they?

Meanwhile, back in reality, J.R. Labbe of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has offered what must be the most offensively dishonest rationale for why a newspaper declined to run this week's new "Doonesbury" strips in its print edition: It was all about "civility and consistency", because Garry Trudeau, with his "language" and "graphic images", conducted himself as deplorably as Rush Limbaugh did when he attacked Sandra Fluke. No, really.

Worse Than Liefeld's Before Watchman said...

I found the picture that Tinsley copied:

rewinn said...

@Frank - thanks for the link! The Star-Telegram's calling Doonesbury's drawing "crude" is ten times funnier than Mallard Fillmore!