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Friday, March 16, 2012

That damned Bracelet

What's Mallard raving about today?

Dinosaurs, Liberals.

Apparently someone challenged Mallard Fillmore to come up with the worst metaphor ever.

Seriously, Mallard, if you're not even going to try anymore, this is no fun.


Tog said...

Well, we can always discuss more relevant things here, as the sun sets on Mallard and Tinsley is regulated to the trash heap of history.

It's past five in the morning, and my neighbors are pissed off at me because of my hysterical laughter at this.

rewinn said...

@Tog - ty for the link, which was both funnier and smarter than Mallard Fillmore. Also more relevant to current affairs.

My take on the Republican War On Women: Rick Perry's Message to the Women He's Ordering Probed

Rootbeer said...

Are we supposed to still take "tyrannosaurus" as a metaphor for "Muslim" in this strip, or what...? Not that it would result in this strip making any more sense.

God, I hope Bruce isn't giving up, because then we'd have to pick apart Day By Day instead, and I just can't.

Steve-O said...

I was prepared to say "thank God, our long national nightmare is over. No more 'Harvard is RACIST!!!' comics". Now those seem clever and pertinent compared to this half brained drivel.

Bill the Splut said...

I just hit the first site for awareness bracelets, and WHAT THE FUCK IS BOOZIE WHINING ABOUT? "Hey, Cancer, you're going to feel real stupid when you see I'm wearing a CANCER AWARENESS bracelet!" A T. rex can kill you, but so can cancer! Does that make sense? Does Bruce like cancer, or hate people who have it? Or just hate silicone wrist thingies? How is a bracelet "liberal," anyway? Where's his strip attacking magnetic ribbons on SUVs?

Did he find out that there's no "More of the Rev Moon's brats need to go to Harvard" awareness bracelets? Or abruptly realize "Shitbunnies, I've spent almost 2 weeks complaining about white people being racist, now my base will HATE me! Must--be insane! Research bottles, don't fail me now!"

DiR said...

The only way to translate this, in true A:B::X:Y fashion, is that Bruce thinks people who have cancer awareness bracelets are fucking morons who deserve their death.

Which also means that Bruce thinks only Liberals get cancer.

Bruce is very stupid.

@Bill the Splut; I think I'm getting acclimated to living in the mid-west now. I saw 'brats' and assume you meant shorthand for bratwurst. It was confusing for a second.

Bill the Splut said...

@DiR; If said bratwursts were Moonies, I'm sure they'd get into Harvard.

Worse Than Liefeld's Before Watchman said...

No, this is the perfect metaphor for Mallard Fillmore: