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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Those damned Pythons

What's Mallard raving about today?

Burmese Pythons

Wait a moment...let me see if I understand this correctly, Mallard. You're saying the effect of [insert the name of an immigrant group here] is having the same effect on America that Burmese Pythons are having on the Everglades?

In unrelated news, it's hard to understand why Whites make up over 90% of GOP voters in all but two of their primaries to date.


Worse Than Liefeld's Before Watchman said...

Tinsley continues his quest to have everyone slightly different from him, whom he has explicitly described as the bait for a deathtrap, tortured and killed. Also, he still cannot spell the simple word racoon, because he is an illiterate retard.

Word Verification: Ionsups elials, I would like to shove some radioactive ions up Tinsley's elials, if you catch my drift.

Tog said...

Guess Tinsley felt a little bad after crying for affirmative action for Asian-Americans, and had to get his image as a Full-Blown Racist Asshole back in gear.

Hey, Tins? What animals would you use to represent white people? Because in case you forgot, they aren't native to that region either and are vastly more destructive to all ecosystems than any python.

But hey, thanks for pretending momentarily that you give a shit about the environment.

Of course, Mallard ignores any data showing anti-"illegals" stupidity to be detrimental to economies... Damned reality! Always in the way!! It's so much easier to pretend they do nothing but murder and eat us!

D Johnston said...

Wait a second, didn't Tinsley do this strip already? I remember being stunned by this before. Maybe he took an old one and updated the...uh..."punchline"?

Bill the Splut said...

A week decrying imaginary bias against Asians is followed by a strip demanding bias against imaginary Asians. The Everglades has nothing on the swamp of hypocrisy and bigotry that is Tinny's mind.

DiR said...

This is one of those MF's that's so convoluted and bad, I had to think about it for a few minutes to comfortably wrap my head around it.

First, well that fucking GOD that he felt the need to point out which one was the fucking python. I don't know if he just presumes that his audience are fucking morons, if there's some hard science behind it.

Second, I strongly suspect that Bruce is a moron. If the pythons had indeed killed 90% of the native animals, the ecosystem would have collapsed by now, and the pythons would be starving. I assume he read "pythons are a threat to 90% of the species in Florida" and just couldn't grasp the statistical complexities of that statement. This, kids, is why you have to do word problems in school.

Now, I could follow this trainwreck up until this point, but then shit get's Mallarded.
So he's saying that the Government is too dumb to recognize the problem? Or that people would be racists against burmese pythons? But that's the whole gist of his argument.
The only way I can read this is, "It's totally cool to hate spics, and anyone who says otherwise is dumb." I suppose he's trying to hide behind a shield of, 'no no, I hate all fucking, dirty, illegals equally' but I don't see many complaints about people sneaking in across the Canadian boarder.

Full-on Vogon Poety mode MF.

dlauthor said...

Hard to tell if he's being racist against Hispanics or racist against middle easterners here. Whatever, they're still brown, right Tinsley?

rewinn said...

True story: on Friday, a white guy knifed a deputy in Grays Harbor and ran off with the deputy's gun.

Sheriff Mallard Fillmore promptly arrested all the white guys in town, beating up a few just to remind them that they looked like criminals.

Anonymous said...

Er, he did spell raccoon corectly.

Frank Stone said...

See, this is what happens when you combine random Fox News stories with Red Bull and Vicodin at 3 in the morning.

CW in LA said...

Can't help but notice that Tinsh tacitly absolves both the idiot who thinks it would be cool to have a pet python in Florida and the business owner who's happy to hire undocumented labor since he can pay and treat them shittily.