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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That damned Genre

What's Mallard raving about today?


That's it? One day on Rush Limbaugh and now you're commenting on those damned kids and their Hunger Games/Twilight books?

Oh, all right, fine...but this isn't going to be nearly as much fun as watching you defend Rush.

Here's one difference between Mallard and myself:

  • My reaction to kids reading these books: This is good. Kids are reading!
  • Mallard's reaction to the same: This is bad. Kids are not reading what I want them to read!
In unrelated news, Conservatives recently accused President Obama of brainwashing kids due to his desire for them to be able to attend college.

I seriously don't understand how the Conservative mind can hold so many completely contradictory thoughts without exploding.


rewinn said...

Meanwhile, no-one has bought a "Mallard Fillmore" book in ten years or more.

dlauthor said...

Oh, Bruce. Your envious loathing of anyone in a creative field who's more successful than you* is one of your more charming aspects. He's probably mostly upset that Jennifer Lawrence isn't one of those "pop tarts" he so creepily obsesses over.

* More or less anyone but Chris Muir.

Frank Stone said...

This is the second time this year that Mallard has dissed post-apocalyptic novels, which means he's dissing the Left Behind books and their writers. Why do you hate The Messengers of God on Earth, Mallard? (Or are they the exception because you think the Left Behind books actually portend the future and therefore don't count as fiction?)

Also, typing your "young, good-looking teenager" novels with one hand isn't the same thing as inventing a new genre.

Besides, who are you kidding anyway, Mallard? We all know you're far too lazy to write a whole novel yourself. But hey, maybe you can find some gullible novice to do it for you. You know: "Hey, buddy, I've got this great idea for a novel! Here's the deal: You write it and we split the money 50/50! Whaddaya say?"

Bill the Splut said...

Holy cow, he's...ACTUALLY TIMELY. I'd expect this from him when he dimly became aware that Hunger Games is a thing, plus a month. Around Memorial Day maybe.

You'd think Bruce would be all for 12 year olds being forced to fight to the death on TV. It sounds like Gingrich's next bright idea, after child janitors on the moon. And the "something BAD" that happens would be, of course, Sekrit Muslin Prezdent.

Rootbeer said...

Are we maybe giving too much credit here by assuming that this strip is referencing "The Hunger Games"?

Knowing the lead time on this thing, I'd say it's equally likely that this is about "Harry Potter & The Sorceror's Stone".

Or "Peter Pan".

David in NYC said...

"I seriously don't understand how the Conservative mind can hold so many completely contradictory thoughts without exploding."

I think it's becaise their minds are otherwise completely empty.