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Monday, March 26, 2012

That damned Demonstration

What's Mallard raving about today?

Rush Limbaugh, The Media

Right on cue (read: 3-weeks later when I am sure every single sentient Republican would rather everyone stop talking about it), Mallard rides to Rush Limbaugh's rescue.

Right on message, he decides to go for the "Liberals do it also!" defense.

Unfortunately for Rush, the GOP, and Mallard, American Women have clearly understood the difference between diatribes directed at public figures (such as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, and Hilary Clinton) and a sustained 3-day verbal assault on a private citizen whose stepped forward to testify in front of Congress.

That said, Mallard...PLEASE keep this issue alive! PLEASE keep highlighting that Republicans simply don't see anything at all wrong with what Limbaugh said (aside from maybe an indelicate choice of words). Because this is a great election-year issue for Republicans. Honestly. If you just keep talking about it long enough, you will brow-beat women into believing you.

(For what it is worth, I would appreciate that you take the same approach with the Ryan budget, which is also an election-year winner for you, especially if you take the approach that brow-beating America with the rightness and righteousness of your position will eventually win out.)


Marion Delgado said...

Bruce Tinsley's strongest suit ...

... is the one he hasn't laundered in 3 years.

Anonymous said...

The eternal cycle of stupidity. "The liberals do it too."
"No, the conservatives do it more often, and they're stupid."
"Look at what they said about Sarah Palin."
"That's totally different."
"No, it isn't."
...and next month we'll be treated to his moronic take on Trayvon, then Rev Al's, then Rush's. Yeesh.

Frank Stone said...

There are two possibilities here:

1) Brucie is uncontrollably compelled to be wrong about everything all the time, in which case he suffers from an addiction and requires professional help.

2) Brucie sincerely believes that he is actually right about everything all the time, in which case he suffers from mental illness and requires professional help.

Oh, wait -- I overlooked a third possibility: Brucie is simply a huge douchenozzle, in which case screw him.

CW in LA said...

I remember how huffy Brews got when his idol Lardbutt got dumped by ESPN for making Donovan McNabb into a racial issue. The has to be a rough time for him. Or at least three weeks ago was.

Anonymous said...

When did a "liberal" talk-show or TV commentator ever call Palin or other "conservative" woman a p#&%! or a s*&% ?

Tog said...

What perfect timing: Here's what really goes on "at a journalism school near you." (It's worth reading, I promise.)

Draft-dodging, pill-popping sex tourist, champion of willful ignorance and hate speech, and de facto head of the GOP Rush Limbaugh deliberately sought outrage and controversy (and attention), so I don't know why he and fellow scumbag bigot Batshit Bruce Tinsley are so upset that he succeeded.

...Oh, consequences? You though consequence were exclusively for others? Weh. Weh weh weh.

Go ahead and boycott Bill Maher; I don't think you'll find ten people who give two shits. In the meantime, Rush has lost so many sponsors (who should have bailed ages ago, frankly) that he's come to declare them "worthless, like french fries" and make up stories about them "begging to come back" to his good graces.

What does he care? He's on Wrong Wing Welfare.

By all means, stay the course on this one, guys. Consequences? You have no idea.

rewinn said...

It looks like *someone* forgot that conservative women use birth control too!

rewinn said...

Hey @Tog's - thanks for the link. It was very definitely worth reading - the only problem is that it linked to further material and I've wasted an hour!

Rootbeer said...

It almost seems as if the author is conceding that a sometimes conservative "slur" liberals. Must be unintentional.

Somebody explain to me what's happening in the first panel. A thunderstorm? 1812 Overture? The Big Bang?

Anonymous said...

In the first panel God strikes the "conservative" with lightning.