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Monday, March 12, 2012

Those Damned Test Scores

What's Mallard raving about today?

Universities, Asian-Americans

For those curious, here's the basis for today's Mallard Fillmore:
We have recently completed an extensive examination of how much weight is placed on applicants' many characteristics in the elite private university admission process. Race and ethnicity matter in producing a diverse class. Measured on an all-other-things-equal basis, black applicants have an admission advantage compared with whites equivalent to 310 SAT points (on the old 1,600-point scale), while the advantage for Hispanic candidates is 130 points. Asian-American applicants face a disadvantage of 140 SAT points.
Of course, Mallard chooses the highly inflammatory phrasing "require Asians to score 140 points higher" when, of course that is a falsehood.

Anyone want to venture a guess what Mallard would say if college admissions were 50% Asian-Americans?


Tog said...

And suppose liberals--whom Tinsley contemptuously labels "civil rights community" in quotation marks--made a stink about this?

Tinsley would be busy depicting them as useless unwashed pony-tailed clueless hipster protesters because, you know, liberals.

But he'll never acknowledge that these "elite universities" he keeps bawling about are for-profit institutions chaired primarily by conservatives; it doesn't fit his desired narrative. Instead, he'll attack the teaching staff, because, you know, liberals.

Stop drawing Mallard wearing a mortarboard, Tinsley. You and everyone else knows he will never merit it. And the only reason you're on this side of the argument is because of your fetish.

dlauthor said...

Part 739 in the ongoing Tinshley series, Why the Darkies Have It Too Easy.

Rootbeer said...

What is up with Bruce Tinsley's Asian fetish?

rewinn said...

"...What is up with Bruce Tinsley's Asian fetish?"

1. He's concern trolling?

2. He's telling his shrinking, angry white racist base that racism is o.k.

3. He's shopping for a replacement wife on Cherry Blossoms dot com?

Anonymous said...

"Asian fetish?" Wow, that's stealing from Rush's rhetorical arsenal of incivility!

Worse Than Liefeld's Before Watchman said...

Tinsley's hatred is coming back in full force now: He is saying that blacks and Latinos are stupid and need more help than whites. He seems to be saying that Asians are smart, but we all know that he opposes positive stereotypes, so that is just there to support his claims.

Tog said...

Oh noes, anonymous says we're uncivil! Boo hoo!

Tinsley's Asian fetish is regularly on full display; he thinks it makes him not-racist but in reality (there's that word again) it helps define the depths of his bigotry. And pointing it out is no more "uncivil" than pointing out that the sky is blue.

Sure, he'll occasionally lapse into some "Chinese eat dogs, you know" nonsense (now talk to us about incivility, shithead), but the rest of the time he wuvs the tireless, uncomplaining, super-assimilated, Limbaugh-loving neoconservative immigrants that live in his mind.

He certainly loves them more than any other non-white race, as is ALSO regularly demonstrated in his crappy strip.

John E said...

Awww lookie there, Tinsley's 'concern trolling' again.

Bill the Splut said...

The liquor store must've hired a hot Asian clerk. "Did you know, miss, *I* created 'Mallard Fillmore'! You should read my latest strips!"
"That'll be $104.57, sir. See you here again tomorrow."

Frank Stone said...

Brucie was apparently so outraged by what he imagined he read that he forgot to scrawl a "*" to the bottom of the strip. Not that it would have been any more helpful (or honest) than any of the other times he's added a footnote.

Looks like we're in for another week of this crap.

Oh, and about Mallard's mortarboard: he actually snatched it from a high school graduation ceremony where he'd been lurking in the bushes with his binoculars.

dlauthor said...

We all know who Anonyrast fetishizes. He's required to tell his neighbors, for one thing.

DiR said...

I would say, 'Only MF can soap-box (break, not lecture, etc) about Martin Luther King, Jr. fresh on the heels of "fucking immigrants are killing this country"...
But we all know that's just not true.

Course, we all know that Bruce has trouble extrapolating the meaning of any number that isn't followed by 'proof', so there ya go.

Anonymous said...

You are giving ignorant, inarticulate internet creeps a bad name. Please at least try to behave like a decent human being.