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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

That damned Lin

What's Mallard raving about today?

Jeremy Lin

It's going to be a long week.


Tog said...

Yeah, it's going to be Linsane. HURF HURF

Kip W said...
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Kip W said...

Inane, insipid, and uninspired. There's three for you, Tinsley. See if being self-referential makes this demi-joke any less inconsequential.

dlauthor said...

It's a good thing there's no chance that Linsanity will be a short-lived media-driven fad that will be pretty much gone from the zeitgeist after a couple weeks.

Hey, how about that President Harding? I'm not saying he's fat, but when he sits around the White House ... is this thing on? Hello?

(Also, you know that Bruce regained consciousness, squinted at that one fateful morning, and went into a rage over the "armor" headline. Not because of the racist term it used, but because it beat him to it.)

Rootbeer said...

LIN other news.... Bruce LINsley has been LIN-carcerated, after being arrested again for Driving While LIN-toxicated....

Worse Than Liefeld's Before Watchman said...

I have never heard of this fad, but I am not a drunken retard who sits at home and watches Access Hollywood all day.

Toots McGee said...

Some thoughts from Bruce Tinsley about little Rush and Lin-sanity from Daily Ink blog.

Bruce is inventing quite a bit of character development that I've never seen in evidence in the strips. The fact that they used this interview suggests that nobody from the blog bothers to read the strip

Andrew said...

It's obvious what has happened here. Tinsley is upset that everybody he supports for President has dropped out of the race. He doesn't know whom to back.

So, instead, we get his attempts at non-political humor.Jokes that, if any other strip did, we would think "well, that wasn't great, but at least there will be a different joke tomorrow. But, no. It will be Linsanity all week long.

Hey, let's do the math! "Linsanity" stated to be reported as a "thing" around the end of the first week of February- assuming Tinsley didn't pick up on it right away, that means the strip has about a 3-week lag time-which pretty much jibes with other "topical" strips he's had.

So that means we have until at least April before the contraception/war on religion/rush strips start. By which time no one will be discussing it anymore.

Frank Stone said...

Oooh, "Linsanity". Got his finger on the pulse, don't he? How hep and mod. Also, down with it. Maybe next he can do a strip about getting jiggy doing the Macareno.

Bill the Splut said...

Read McGee's link. It's...interesting. Especially if you ever followed the Mary Sue fanfics of a certain Mr Daveykins Gonterman. His imaginary little boyfriend has the same "SO AWESUM!" characteristics of Davey, including hating all education because he's already so the smarters than everyone in school.

"I thought of making [Lil Rush] stupid, but it just didn’t work.”
Yeah, stupidity would so clash with the rest of the strip.

“He, like my son, wants to be a teacher, or a college professor. He likes the idea of passing on wisdom to the next generation, while getting three months a year off…”
Really? Bruce hates every teacher in the world and relentlessly pisses on their profession by depicting them as lazy and "overpaid", but his own kid wants to be one? Is that because he wants to be a lazy hack like his dad, who basically gets welfare to take 12 months a year off?

CW in LA said...

Completely Linsipid.

Which, for the Tinsh, is a substantial improvement.

DiR said...

I dunno about you all, but I'm seriously losing the will to keep this Mallard Filmore thing up. It just keeps getting worse.

kaitlyn said...

I haven't commented in a while but my name is Kaitlyn.

I'm going to go take a shower now.

(I feel really sorry for those who spell their name that way or something close.)

rewinn said...

In the spirit of charity, let me point out that if Lil Rush's dad *is* Mallard's "best friend" (...according to the article at Toots' link...) then why are there zero zip and nada images of them together?

A friendship that dare not speak its name?

Not that there's anything WRONG with it!

If "Mallard Fillmore" wanted to be a decent strip, it would have the duck interacting with his friends in a some normal situation, e.g. not discussing politics. Doonesbury is massively successful in part because the characters have real relationships.