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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Those damned Moms

What's Mallard raving about today?

Books, Moms

Sad. Joyless. Mallard Fillmore.


Tog said...

...Too easy.

Taquelli said...

Again, what SHOULD people be reading, Mallard? What is it you want people to be doing? You hate all television, you hate all books, you find the very concept of education distasteful, so what exactly would be okay? Should we just be hitting each other with rocks for fun?

Toots McGee said...

Oh, Mallard, again with the normative advice for moms? Break? I think not. Sounds more like a lecture.

Moms should be reading the magazines that come with an NRA membership, or Homeschooling Today, or the Bob Jones University alumni newsletter (comes in her husband's name) or the Turner Diaries (wait, that's post apocalyptic, sorta, so scratch that, maybe Mom's should be reading the homeschooler's lesson guide to teaching your kids the Turner Diaries.)

The hell with all my jokes, Tinsley. Stuff you opinions. If you're going to troll around in the young adult section of libraries and book stores, and the sight of "Moms" there harshes your buzz, go work out your frustrations somewhere else instead of expressing it in this offensively oppressive way.

Kip W said...

Tin's ticked because all the actresses on TV who are supposed to be in junior high are really moms. Scandal.

dlauthor said...

No, no, no. In Tinshley's ideal world, moms should not be reading, or even literate. They should just be waiting in the kitchen to fetch another six-pack of Old Milwaukee and shut-up-woman-can't-you-hear-Rush-is-on?

What torture it must be for an ostensibly intelligent, strong-willed woman to be married to this cretin.

rewinn said...

Does this mean Mrs. Tinslhey has been reading "Hunger Games" again ... or has she started wearing her Catholic school jumper again?

DiR said...

A: So Mallard loves freedom, provided that everyone exercises it by staying within predetermined social boundaries, and enjoys only what is acceptable for them to enjoy.

B: Mallard doesn't understand that MILFs are awesome. No, really. Late 30s, early 40s, has their shit together enough to be able to raise a family, and they like feeling young and active? Y'all can -keep- your Megan Fox's.
Bruce would know this if he ever spent time in a gym.

C: Fuck you, you condescending, judgmental prick.