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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

That damned Card

What's Mallard raving about today?

Liberals, The Race Card

African Americans voted for President Obama by a 93-6 Margin.

Latinos voted for President Obama by a 71-27 Margin.

Asians voted for President Obama by a 73-26 Margin.

But, you know, it's just those darned Liberals who claim the Republican party is not friendly toward non-whites. If only those uppity minorities understood what's good for them, they'd vote Republican. Unfortunately, however, they are just lazy moochers who view the Government as Santa Claus.


Randy Winn said...

It always amuses me when today's "conservatives" solemnly state that their party is not only non-racist, but actually knows what's best for racial minorities.

If only minorities would accept their leadership LOL!

Anonymous said...

This "cartoon" makes no sense at all.
What's a "race card"?
How do you explain to your children why this is supposed to be funny?

MissD said...

Amazing. Tinsley just continues to repeat the same things over and over. Every year he does these gift ideas (stopped being clever 20 years ago), quarterly he does his race card (because everyone knows that racism doesn't exist), and then his absurd ideas that progressives wear pony tails and liberal women all want Mallard Duck. What is this guy high on and why do we even bother with him? He's obviously stupid and incapable of expressing an opinion. There's no challenge. I guarantee he'll wind up shooting himself in the foot.

Frank Stone said...

Sorry, I fell asleep halfway through. Did Mallard forget to tell a joke again?

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Pointing out racism = "race card" to Tinsley and his pals. There's no shame in using Photoshop to put a bone through Obama's nose and having him stand in a field of watermelons, only in pointing it out.

Also, the only true prejudice is being prejudiced against racists. Because they said so.

DiR said...

I saw a summarization of the election results, White Men voted Romney something like 80-90%. In the college, Romney would have won every state except I think CA and NY.

Also, feel free to google image search, "Racists anti-obama shit", fucknuts.

David in NYC said...

While they may or may not view the government as Santa Claus (I doubt it very much, but maybe in another universe...) --

I am pretty sure they viewed (and still view) RMoney and the Rethuglicans as the Grinch.

And correctly, too.