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Thursday, December 13, 2012

That damned Need

What's Mallard raving about today?

Santa Claus

Isn't that cute? A murderous child can't tell the difference between Santa Clause and God.

Note, also, that the child doesn't know the difference between God (who does the smiting) and Jesus, his Liberal Hippie Son, whose birthday we're about to celebrate.


Iron Dragon said...

Well, it is true that a lot of us in the atheist movement point out that the principles of santa are pretty similar to most of the principles of God.

The kid is odd though, doesn't want toys but wants someone smote...would love to know more about that one actually, as that might be an interesting story...probably beyond Tinsley, but it at least has me curious.

Randy Winn said...

The kid wants someone killed, and wants Santa to do it either because he's lazy or because he wants deniability.

"Mallard Fillmore continues to be one of the most highly contentious and celebrated comic strips, providing a unique conservative viewpoint to the comics pages. Mallard Fillmore has been a lightning rod for controversy with the right-leaning duck consistently addressing hot button issues ...."

Andrew said...

Because, you know, kids today, am I right? They don't even understand who Santa is, right? And they're violent? right? Because, y'know- ummm- WAR ON CHRISTMAS!

Tog said...

"I'm not a proponent of eliminationist rhetoric...KIDS are!!"
-- B. Tins

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

The kid's grey. Is he Li'l' Rush, the Slightly Ethnic Talking Point Amplification Device? Tinsley usually uses SETPADs to push pure FOX NEWS lines, so it actually matters who he is. Unfortunately, the drawing doesn't really give us a clue.