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Friday, December 21, 2012

That damned Support

What's Mallard raving about today?


Ignoring the mendacity, since pointing it out requires just noting that it's coming from Mallard Fillmore...

Everyone recall this when you next hear someone say that we should not politicize tragedies by discussing the need for Gun Control.


NickE said...

I wonder why Mallard didn't do this one after each of the PAST seven attacks on U.S. embassies/consulates? It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in partisan, transparent Obama-hatred.

2002: U.S. Consulate In Karachi, Pakistan, Attacked; 10 Killed, 51 Injured.

2004: U.S. Embassy Bombed In Uzbekistan.

2004: Gunmen Stormed U.S. Consulate In Saudi Arabia.

2006: Armed Men Attacked U.S. Embassy In Syria.

2007: Grenade Launched Into U.S. Embassy In Athens.

Feb. 2008: Rioters Set Fire To U.S. Embassy In Serbia.

Sept. 2008: Bombings At U.S. Embassy In Yemen: 10 killed.

Randy Winn said...

So we should raise taxes pay for increased security at our embassies?


Neo Tuxedo said...

Now now, it's only politicizing a tragedy when the Democrat Party and its RINO fellow-travelers do it. When it's a Republican doing it, he's standing up for Jeezus, America, Jeezus' chosen America and America's pet Jeezus, no matter what those moral relativists in the Democrat Party may say.

(As I remarked over at Seb's place, "Isn’t it nice of the drobes, glorps and other disembrained [bodies] to have these little tells so intelligent, aware people won’t mistake them for someone who might accidentally have something worthwhile to say?"

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Someone killed somewhere? It's... wait, who's in power now? Obama? Thanks. IT'S AN OUTRAGE!!!

Tog said...

@Randy Winn: No, we can just pay for it through further cuts in public education. Which, as the Sandy Hook massacre proves once again, just isn't worth it in the first place, even if we arm teachers "voluntarily."

Seriously. I don't remember where, but some fool actually made that argument: home-school your kids or else they'll get shot (or interact with Negroes).

Also, we should start another war because economies always rebound in wartime and besides, oil revenues. ...What?

Also: Oh my God, did you see Wayne La Pierre today? Does he take extra salt on his dicks? Because I'm gonna buy him a big bag for dinner.

Neo Tuxedo said...

TOGGG! skrev:

Oh my God, did you see Wayne La Pierre today?

I had to hear him because I didn't feel like taking my lunch into a room that didn't have the TVdrug in; fortunately, I finished lunch and was able to leave about the time he got to his "point" about mental illness. As an aspie, I cordially invite mental patients with spiked planks to drive him through the street, with the other appurtenances mentioned by Spider Jerusalem.

Randy Winn said...

David Keene, the new head of the NRA, has a son who is in jail for a road-rage shooting, so no doubt LaPierre was thinking of the NRA when he said crazy people shouldn't have guns.