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Monday, December 31, 2012

Those damned Rates

What's Mallard raving about today?

Notre Dame

OK, Mallard...what's your solution? What's going on now is simply the Free Market at work. College Football is a huge business, with the lure of Pro Football even bigger. So the focus is on Football, not academics.

Are you proposing some sort of Nanny State solution in which the law decides who can play football and who can't, based on factors other than their capability to play football?

Because, other than to gripe about something that has a thinly veiled racist element to it, I have no idea what your point is.


D Johnston said...

Well, I'm stumped. I really don't know what this one means.

Possibility #1: Tinsley is boosting Notre Dame, either because he personally likes the school or because he's decided it's "conservative" somehow (hence the crack about the media).

Possibility #2: With the "aberration" comment, he's giving colleges shit for focusing on athletics over academics, in which case he might want to stop and reflect on why this is (Hint: Which one's more profitable?).

Possibility #3: The exact opposite of #2, he's using this one data point to "prove" that a school can have a bloated athletic program without sacrificing academics, thereby refuting something said by the media liberals that live in his head.

Possibility #4: We know Tinsley is fixated on collegiate sports, so this could well just be Sports Week With Mallard out of nowhere because Tinsley couldn't think of anyone else.

#3 makes the most sense, but since when does Mallard Fillmore make sense?

Anonymous said...

A recurring theme: Tinsley thinks that the "mainstream news networks" are ignoring the top news stories.
My New Year Prediction: Tinsley's attention span will run out, and again he will again not finish the top-something list that was started.

CW in LA said...

Doesn't Brews live in the butt crack of the rust belt, a. k. a. Indiana, which is also the home of Notre Dame? Maybe it's simple home-state boosterism, although that seems remarkably innocuous for such a toad.

I have run across religious wingnuts who've, while not normally regarding Catholics as sufficiently Christian, are willing to claim Notre Dame for their own because they, you know, win a lot. Such men of unbending principles are they.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

I'm with #3, D Johnston. He's refuting the voices again.

Stay the course, voices!

David in NYC said...

Because, if there is any college football program that lacks media exposure, it is surely Notre Dame's.

Hey, Brewski -- Remind us again how many other independent colleges have their own football network.

Randy Winn said...

Those wacky sports news centers are such hotbeds of communist elites!