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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Those damed Naughties

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, The Election

After being President for 4 years, Mallard still thinks the President hasn't been vetted. And if people would just buy into all the conspiracy theories that Breitbart and Town Hall make up, which Fox propagates wildly, and which credulous idiots like himself believe...then President Romney!


Bill the Splut said...

So now Romney's going to release his tax returns?

Randy Winn said...

Is today's "comic" based on the idea that the media hid Petraeus' f'ing his biographer until after the election?

Because, you know, Ohio auto workers care more about another man's sex life than they do about their jobs being saved?

MissD said...

What naughties? No one ever accused Obama of public intoxication or charged him with a DUI. Oh, I forgot, those aren't naughties to Brucie. When you try to end a war and put polices in place to grow the economy in a fair way, instead of kicking people down and sending their jobs to Asia, that's a naughty. Sorry Brucie, I lost my head for a minute.

Anonymous said...

This is way off topic , but it is a slow day for Duck comments. If anyone gets a chance to see the film "Chasing Ice," then do it (presently in limited theater release).
On the other hand, one indirect message is that the wrong-wingers have been very naughty, so not so off-topic after all.

Frank Stone said...

Poor li'l Brucie. That big lump of coal at the bottom of your Xmas stocking is just so black, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, those naughty dames.

Andrew said...

Assuming this is a reference to Petraeus, then who in the media does Tinsley think knew about the affair? All the "cospiracy theories' I've seen had to do with the Obama administration keeping a lid on it until after the election- shushing the fBI and Justice Dept, for example.

But, assuming that there is some theory that fits with Tinsley's ideas, then why didn't FOX News know about it? Are they that poor in reporting talent that they have to wait for the "lamestream media" to report something? Well- yes, yes they are. Or they have to wait to be handed something by Breitbart and the like. In fact, can anyone point to a single 'scoop" FX has EVER had that wasn't a leak from the RNC, Breitbart, or already reported?

CW in LA said...

I thought this was a complaint about the press at large failing to follow Fox News' lead in blithering "something something Benghazi BOOGA BOOGA BLARGH!!!!" 24/7 before the election.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

CW, I thought it was a reference to Benghazi too, because that's what lurks behind every bush these days. Like a child asking "why?" to every answer, or a creationist demanding his 97th "missing link," or a teabagger holding out for whatever the only flavor of birth certificate he can believe this week, the right thinks they can keep fluffing this limp noodle into a raging, turgid scandal if they just keep bringing it up every day or so.

And when the full depth of this stupidity becomes apparent, they're back to the birth certificate and any other piece of paper they can think of to act huffy about.

Because it worked with Nixon, who had a real scandal. And it sort of worked with Clinton, because enough people thought it was payback for Nixon that they didn't mind the wholly synthetic nature of all the scandals (two thirds of which they probably now believe were proven), so they'll keep it up for as long as they can buy air space for their "side" of the story. And the last words they ever utter on this earth will end in the croaked-out gasp of the syllable "-gate."

Randy Winn said...

Eric Cantor says he knew about the Petraeus affair TWO WEEKS before the election, and he said nothing - didn't even call Fox.

Is he part of the pro-Obama media conspiracy too?

Randy Winn said...

More bad news for "conservatives":

US economy adds 146K jobs, rate falls to 7.7 pct
....this, despite some job losses due to Sandy and Hostess
I guess the market's reacting to Obama's reelection?

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

One enterprising journal used FOIA to look at the 2007 tax return from one of the charities Romney set up, and found that he was not only using it to shelter earnings, but he was somehow grandfathered in in a way that meant he even got to short the Mormon church.

Yeah, he was probably wise not to release his returns and just take whatever abuse that got him. Better than admitting the truth, which was worse.