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Sunday, December 09, 2012

That damned Sign

What's Mallard raving about today?

Santa, The Economy

I'm not sure why Economists would much care about a horde of Santa homunculi.

I'm pretty sure Mallard Fillmore's mind snapped somewhere around November 6 and he's now quite literally nuts.


Toots McGee said...
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Toots McGee said...

I'm no phrenologist, but Tinsley is cracked in the head.

I'm no stylist, but Tinsley has flipped his wig.

I'm no foghornologist, but Tinsley's about as sharp as a bowling ball.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Oh my god, they're doing it SANTA STYLE.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to take this seriously. The premise is that it's bad for the government to give money to other governments or government agencies. I suppose, taken to its logical conclusion, one ends up with Somalia.

Randy Winn said...

This week's "Mallard Fillmore" goes to show that even Santa can be used to spread doubt and fear.

It's the conservative war on Christmas.

Meanwhile, in reality, BillO attacks homeless veterans. I can't wait for Mallard Fillmore to defend America's veterans against attacks from conservatives!

Frank Stone said...

I'm no economist either, but I'm pretty sure that paying Bruce Tinsley money to produce this "comic" strip every week is essentially the same as throwing said money into a wood chipper.

David in NYC said...

@Frank Stone --

Now, now... you know that Brewski doesn't throw his money in a wood chipper, he gives to the nearest bar/liquor store.