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Friday, November 30, 2007

That damned actual size

What's Mallard raving about today?

24, Hillary Clinton.

"Not Shown Actual Size"

You mean Mr. Surnow does not actually measure 165 pixels from chest to head? Thanks for the clarification.

Can I also assume, therefore, that he actually exists in 3 dimensions, not 2?

Should I also assume his neck and head are not actually so obviously penis-shaped...oh, wait a minute, I think I understand what Mallard was actually trying to say.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Wheee-hooooo. Megastupidity is achieved.

Oh, hey, the producer of 24! You know, the preposterous, violent show that disgusting Neo-Con pigf***ers constantly use as justification for torturing people!

Well done, Tinny. Well done.

bikerdude2098 said...

Actually, Joel Surnow is not just a producer of "24," he's also the creator.

mviuk said...


"Measures will be taken during filming and production of season 7 to save energy and reduce enough carbon emissions throughout the season to make the season finale "carbon neutral". Howard Gordon said that 24 cares about the issue of global warming and takes fighting climate change seriously."


confused said...

Hold on, hold on...

I thought we weren't supposed to care what elitist Hollywood was saying?

dlauthor said...

Nice timing again, Tinshley. Given that producers are money-grubbing bastards who refuse to compensate writers for their hard work while raking in mountains of cash, I'd say it's become pretty clear of late that many of them are "conservatives."

None of this, however, explains why Vladimir Putin is in today's strip.

(It's also worth noting that the "good" presidents in 24 tend to be Democrats -- i.e., the Palmers -- while the "evil" ones tend to be Republicans -- i.e., whatsisname from the fourth and fifth seasons.)

12xuser said...

What's the point of drawing conservative producer Joel "Conservative Producer" Surnow's face if, in addition to calling him a conservative producer in the text two times, you're going to have to identify him as a conservative producer using a text arrow that says "conservative producer"? By the way, did you know that he's a conservative producer?

None of the drawings in this comic do anything to advance the writing.

factinista said...

Joel Surnow was also the producer of the "1/2 Hour News Hour," that incredibly unfunny Daily Show ripoff on Fox News. Maybe that's why Mallard is doing a comic about this, being that they are both conservatives sans a sense of humor. Birds of a feather and all that.

ianrey said...

Tinz's delusions are expanding. If it was a Wingnut, say Mallard himself, who was shocked by the existence of a conservative Hollywood type, that would conform to the Duckverse as we know it. But, does he now expect LIBERALS to be shocked that the world doesn't conform to conservative stereoptypes? See, liberals actually know that the media and entertainment industries are owned by, and thus controlled by, huge corporations, which are by definition corporatist in their ideology, and therefore conform much more to the conservative, authoritarian ideology. I have a macro that I can insert here: "Today's Mallard strip makes no sense."

Kaitlyn said...

So much wrong here - I'll just focus on "conservative Hollywood producer"? Instead of what? Bollywood?

Why did he put Hollywood in there?

And nobody explained why Madeleine L'Engle's books are better than the Bible for conservative kids.

exanonymous said...

Hollywood is a business like any other. Why WOULDN'T it attract conservatives? Do they not like money now? I forgot, it's the usual conservative whining "we're a minority and nobody likes us and poor us." You know, the same crap you accuse liberals of.

The producer of 24 also said he was supporting Guilliani or any other Republican candidate.

HEY, Mallard, in similar news, men like attractive women!

Michael said...

If you're going to pay tribute to someone, don't give him Down syndrome.

Gold-Digging Nanny State said...

"None of the drawings in this comic do anything to advance the writing."

For that matter, none of the text in this strip does anything to advance the writing.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about this "comic" strip advances anything in any way. Well that's not quite true, it brings in money, which advances Tinshley's booze fund and bail money fund.

ajmilner said...

Joel "Conservative Producer" Surnow

Um, Lew Wasserman, who bankrolled Ronald Reagan's early political career, wasn't a Hollywood notary public.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Anonymous wrote: Nothing about this "comic" strip advances anything in any way.

Heh. Have you seen Saturday's strip yet? Never has so much time and effort been wasted to say absolutely nothing.

(Protip for Tinny: it's "data doesn't," not "data don't." Tell us more about how edujewkayshun ain't no good for nothin's, ya goober.)

MToje said...

Actually, it is "data don't". It 's a plural word from Latin, the singular being "datum". Trust me, the last thing I would do is defend Tinsley, but I cannot see a beautiful language like Latin be misapplied.