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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That damned solidarity

What's Mallard raving about today?

The WGA.

Much like when openly admitting that he is (in the words of BillyWitchDoctor) "in freefalling mental decline and decades out of touch", Mallard is also oddly not ashamed to admit his comic strip is devoid of writers.

No shit.


Matt Ramone said...

At least Tinshley admits that no one really writes this shit.

Hey Tinznonymous, howcum no black artist hands in this strip? I AM A STRAW ARGUMENT LIBRUHL YOU FAP TO EVERY DAY.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Well, it was a relatively enjoyable strip until the final panel. Even without dialog, Mallard's assholish smug smirk of superiority comes shining through (although I'd swear all those shots of Mallard's standard poses are cut-and-pasted).

Oh, suddenly "solidarity" is a joke to Tinsley/Mallard. Gee, the Mighty Righty Tighty-Whitey Empire is finished!

NW said...

I can't tell if he's talking out of his @$$ or farting in the 3rd panel.

confused said...

Now I'm mad. I've read this MF three times, and that just serves to annoy me.

Using some different words, I get:
* No writers
* So can't strike
* Ever heard of a union?

I don't get it. I don't like that I'm thinking about it.

And who is "WE"?

(NW: Is there a difference?)

devin said...

I think it's supposed to be that Mallard is a self-aware character and tinsley only draws him.

Oh, and if tinonymous is reading this: OMG THE HAND IS WHITE RACIST RACIST RACIST.

factinista said...

What really bugs me about this strip is how obvious it is that Tinsley doesn't really care about the writers' strike as anything but subject material. He tries to make it look otherwise by having a fictional cartoon character show fictional "solidarity."

exanonymous said...

Unless Bruce Tinsley suffers from Multiple Personalities Disorder or Dual-Vision-Beer-Sight, solidarity does not mean what he thinks it does. The closest I can get is the synonym "complete" with one of the definitions from word derivations. And it still requires multiples to make the whole with an implied evenness in the totality. You might argue that he includes the thinking, the drawing, and the writing as multiples to comprise the whole, but I call BS because it's almost always unevenly balanced. Bruce, you simply cannot cry solidarity within a comic strip that has in the past had more writing and a single character that shouldn't take long to draw he's your main character.

What sort of punchline is that? The WGA is showing solidarity. Nonmembers outside of America are also striking. Interdependent groups such as members of the SAG and DGA are also striking. So yes, I've heard of it.I believe the word you want here is "independence" or any synonym thereof.

Gold-Digging Nanny State said...

New Adventures of Queen Victoria actually had a great series on the writers strike last week, if anyone wants to see how this topic is really done.

Pastor Josh said...

I'm amazed that this comic is actually current. I mean, good ol' Bruce must have written it a couple weeks ago. It's a shame that the strike is still going on, but at least it's keeping Tinsley up to date. Isn't it about time he start whining bout Mukazy?

dlauthor said...

OK, what the hell.

In today's (11/21) strip, Tinz rabbits on about how France has elected a president who's friendly to America.

They did this in early MAY. Over six months ago.

Either Tinz didn't get the memo, or put an empty beer can down on top of this strip half a year ago, and only just recently uncovered it when he gathered up his dead soldiers to return for the deposit, and decided the hell with itl, I'll just submit it.

Kaitlyn said...

I totally just got something you probably got yesterday, but bear with me.

The "we have no writers" and "so no striking" balloons are comings from Tinny himself. (His hand, whatever).

The solidarity one from Mallard, saying he's showing solidarity with the striking writers.

So he (mallard) was not talking to himself (or the reader, as I first thought).

Mallard was saying he "supported" the writers.

It is I, the rambling racist liberal Kaitlyn, on a different computer and so very tired.