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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Those damned stores

What's Mallard raving about today?

Electronics Stores.

I'm confused...where's the "Made in China" sign?


krunky said...

Maybe he walked into an 'adult store' by accident?
What a codgy old fart

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Uhhhhhgh. Most people try to hide it when they're in freefalling mental decline and decades out of touch; Tinsley feels compelled to bellow about it and act as if it's the world's fault. (I can only imagine what it's like trying to serve Tinsley at BestBuy. *shudder*)

And over here in the "Other Stuff Tinsley Doesn't Know How To Use" aisle--seriously, what stores put periods on such display signs?--you'll find straightedges, pens, and humor.

Way to speak truth to power there, Tinny. Circuit City summarily fired their entire senior floor staff, then offered to rehire them at a lower pay scale in the scummiest move in retail history...and the best you could come up with is "anything more modern than a rotary phone confuses and terrifies me."

Eh. It's just about time for "war on Christmas" strips, so I'm sure you'll totally nail Wal-Mart on that. Git.

12xuser said...

Mallard Fillmore is a Plugger!

Matt Ramone said...

"iPods? Isn't that what liberals use to steal music from honest, hardworking musicians like Charlie Daniels and Toby Keith?"

It's like if Crankshaft and Ann Coulter had an ideolgical baby together. I'm surprised someone laughing at him for what even my mom knows is outdated technology isn't portrayed as some sort of limo liberal elitism.

factinista said...

Tomorrow's Mallard Fillmore: Mallard yells at those darn kids to get off his lawn.

Gold-Digging Nanny State said...

For the first time in ever, I identify with someone in a Mallard Fillmore strip. Specifically, the guy behind the desk. Mallard still has dial-up? Bwahahahahaha!

Also in the "Other Stuff Tinsley Doesn't Know How To Use" aisle: subtlety, logic.

Anonymous said...

More racism today - no ethnic diversity in the store staff. Surprised you guys didn't catch this.

Captain Slack said...

@Tinz, I mean Anonymous:

Non-sequitur! Fifteen-love!

("lipmor" — Anon's new name, writ in the White Stone of MWOWM.)

Kaitlyn said...

Why is dial-up in quotation marks?

I thought Mallard didn't have an internet connection, let alone a computer, at home. He was looking for dogs at work, or his coworker is really his gay lover.

Michael said...

Kaitlyn: Your theory would certainly explain Chet's chin!

anonymous: Dude, time for you to register a name. Especially since I've tended to agree with you lately, and your comment today made me laugh.