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Monday, November 19, 2007

That damned Stephen Colbert

What's Mallard raving about today?

Steven Colbert, The WGA.

I'm pretty sure the fact that The Colbert Report is in reruns just means Stephen Colbert, who is probably a member of the WGA (having been a writer on The Daily Show), is unwilling to cross the picket line.

You see, unlike some comic strips which will remain nameless, The Colbert Report uses multiple writers to maintain some sort of standards. For example, they generally won't discuss Thanksgiving leftovers, and if they do they will be funny about it.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Oh, Tinsley--did you not learn anything from the spanking Jon Stewart dealt you twice? You're just proving Stewart right once again.

Colbert's gonna **** you in jail, fool.

P.S.: If you're gonna try to make fun of a funnyman, you better be funny yourself. Step One: TELL A JOKE.

bikerdude2098 said...

If the writers' strike lasts long, then let me just remind you that it is NOW a good time to be a South Park fan, since their writers are not in the union, which means the strike is unaffected.

Ah, "South Park." Now THERE'S a right-of-center cartoon that's actually funny. At least they know how to make fun of Al Gore.

"I'm serial!"

confused said...

While ultimately it may be in Colbert's best interest to ignore this commentary*...

Let's look at the opponents:
Side 1 we have a person who rarely succeeds at a joke and seems to have about a three week lead time.

Side 2 we have someone who will admit having a staff of writers, is on nearly daily and has about a half day lead time.

It's like watching Tinsley run in front of a bus yelling "This is my road, and you don't bel... ooooofff..."

Yeah, I can't possibly imagine something like this was saved for a time when Colbert couldn't respond.

*wanted to call it an attack, but it was far too lame to be classified as such.

dlauthor said...

I'm waiting for Tinzanonymous to appear in this thread and bleat that he's surprised we're not complaining that Stephen Colbert is white.

Matt Ramone said...

dlauthor, I wouldn't be surprised if you're right. He has a one-note "retort" to the straw liberals he believes us to be. Well, until he moves on to more surreal hypotheticals...

"I'm surprised you guys aren't complaining no one's sweating cause of GLOBAL WARMING lol you kuh-raaaaazy libruhls."

(PS - I'm convinced anonymous IS Broosh Tinshley because other than Rush Limbaugh, who would defend this drivel?)

Kaitlyn said...

I hope he addresses this, I don't care how, I hope he does.

It will be pee-your-pants hilarious.

Kaitlyn said...

SHIT! I had a long comment and I lost it.

One - The drawing looks unoffensively like Stephen.

Two - Mallard thinks Stephen really is a right-wing hack like he is.

Three - "had to use reruns"? Those hippie writers forced Colbert of the ert!

Four - The "Mr. Colbert" thing - is he 'interviewing' Stephen? Will this continue tomorrow?

Five - The writer's demands aren't too outlandish, but it's UNION! OMG SOCIALISM! COMMUNISTS!

The media really is liberal!

Cedar said...

I was reading the comments from Saturday. As much as I dislike Minimum Security, I think The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee is the liberal Mallard Fillmore.

bikerdude2098 said...


Come on! At least Hambrock knows how to draw.

exanonymous said...

Bruce should try googling a little more. For someone who makes fun of his own readers for not finding the information he does, he certainly is ignorant of many topics that could easily be enlightened by a little keyword searching.

For instance, he might find out why Stephen Colbert continuing the show by himself would be seen as breaking strike lines, and therefore not likely to happen.

He doesn't like him and I can see why. Like Jon Stewart, the humor is a bit cutting with enough truth that it exposes his heroes (O'Rielly) or himself for what they are.

GeoX said...

Considering the quality of Colbert's interviews as well as the great investigative reports he did on the Daily Show--which all required him to think on his feet--this is a bit rich. There's nothing more pathetic than a two-bit hack like Tinsley taking badly-aimed potshots at a great comedic force.

GeoX said...

On another topic, the South Park attacks on Gore are bizarre and ineffective. There has to be SOME grain of truth in a caricature for it to be funny. Or even to be coherent.

swmjd said...

This is like Walter Mondale calling Jefferson a loser.

GeoX said...

Okay, I gave today's strip the obvious photoshop treatment.

Kaitlyn said...

Not that I don't like your version of today's strip, geoX, but I like the original better.

It could be interpreted as Stephen not bothering to respond, to be silent rather than deal with an idiot.

And Tinz has never seen the show. The Richard Branson interview... fuck! That water.

Michael said...

Good job GeoX.

I think swmjd nailed this one.