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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

That damned Sarkozy

What's Mallard raving about today?

France, Hell, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Doesn't the fact that France is suddenly on America's side mean that America is now an ally of The Terrorists?

How stupid are Mallard's actual readers that he feels the need to put the word "Hell" on the newspaper, as if someone might not get the "joke" otherwise.


bikerdude2098 said...

Before anyone makes smartass comments about the devil's nose "melting" or something, let me just note that Tinsley does NOT color the daily strips. The syndicate does for newspapers that wants to run their strips in color. Bruce also has no final say on how the color turns out.

Bruce drew snows dripping on the devils' nose and the colorist were too lazy make them white, so they just made it red.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Because France, you know, hates America. Hates hates hates hates hates America. Not nearly as much as Americans like Tinsley hate France (for reasons that are difficult to understand for anyone who's not a jingoistic troglodyte), but hey.

Russia's Putin and Pakistan's Mussharaf were each declared "pro-American" by a man who looked into their eyes and saw their hearts. How's that been working out, Brucie Boy?

Anonymous said...

"Russia's Putin and Pakistan's Mussharaf were each declared "pro-American" by a man who looked into their eyes and saw their hearts. How's that been working out, Brucie Boy?"

Yeah, but...the French are snooty. SNOOTY I TELL YOU!!!

dlauthor said...

But ... but what am I supposed to do with all this Freedom Toast?

(amusing Word Verification alert: "CHUUG" -- a sound Tinshley is heard to make after Coors number twelve.)

NLC said...

To make an obvious point here: during the past few years I've felt, pretty consistently, that the position of both the people and the government of France has been strongly pro-American.

Now, obviously, at many times, the position of both has been --strongly-- anti-Bush and the neocons. And we all understand why folks like Tinsley and the other neocon-apologists need to muddy this distinction. But as most people beyond the fifth grade understand, there's really quite a difference here.

dlauthor said...

"Hell Journal"? Weaksauce.

The fact that Tinz missed out on calling the paper the Infernal Journal just goes to show how lazy and humor-impaired he is.

EddyPo said...

My brother married a woman who was totally wrong for him. Some of his friends encouraged the relationship. "As long as you're happy. Love conquers all. Blah blah blah.

One of his friends tried to talk sense into him and get him to break it off. "Dude, it's not right that you fight all the time. She shouldn't be throwing knives at you. Leave her."

Now my brother is married to this woman, they have two kids, and he's miserable.

France was the one friend who tried to talk sense the U.S.A.

A much better friend than Britain.

Kaitlyn said...

I like how he doesn't say who the president is!

Going on yesterthread's comments - he wrote this in summer with the assumption that the election would go to Sarkozy.

OMG - Diebold's making France's voting machines now!

I remember a bit on the Colbert Report about this (just a bit, it was FOREVER ago) and he was not happy that Sarkozy's opponent was a hot socialist. I was so pissed when Sarkozy won.

DaveyK, you have to change the title. He didn't say Sarkozy in the strip!

devin said...

EddyPo, your brother sounds like a friend I tried to stop from marrying someone... hmmm.

In Mallard news... so did Hell freeze over too during the American Revolution, the century following, the time around the buiding of the Statue of Liberty, World War I, and just about every other period in US history except for Vichy France and a the time they had the temerity to dare suggest that invading Iraq just might a bad idea, and that the evidence for WMDs were lacking?

Kaitlyn said...

BWD - So Tinz must hate the French people, I mean duh, they hate America!

Now when Tinny was hating on Clinton, he wasn't hateing America, only the president.

When we hate on Bush, we hate America.


But Mallard should love France - they banned the Muslim headscarf in public schools (under the guise of all ostentatious religious symbols or something)! One girl shaved her head to go to school - she can't show her hair, she wanted an education.

factinista said...

So is his lead time up from two weeks to nearly seven months now?

exanonymous said...

The strip would make more sense if the French always hated the Americans.

Which isn't true. Half of the 1900's they actually favored America up until Eisenhower (R) refused to send aid when requested. To be fair, the French had requested nuclear weapons as part of that aid.

But, the point remains they liked us what, 50, 60 years ago? There are people older than that! Hell freezing over doesn't equal selective memory loss!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

It doesn't matter that they don't actually oppose or dislike America (although they were far less inclined to do so before we decided to start pre-emptive wars under Li'l President Pissant). The real point is, as Anonymous said, that they're "snooty." And foreign. Worse, they're European.

The astoundingly arrogant and snotty pundit Debra Saunders regularly refers sarcastically to "Our Betters In Europe" whenever a pol over there disagrees with US policy, as if she were some drunk wife starting fights with everyone who isn't delighted by her drunk husband's liquered-up hijinks. "Whaaa, y' t'ink y'r bedder'n us? Y' f***in' kraut!!"

What does a jingoist need with facts? Stereotypes and strawmen are much easier to use!

Kaitlyn said...

About the noses with snow on them - yes, it is the colorist's fault for making it all one color.

However! Tin-tin could have drawn a thin line separating the snow from the nose.

I got to see a B&W copy today, and the nose is melting there. It his fault for not separating the snow from the nose.

I imagine coloring in a strip is like using the fill button on paint - it fills in everything up to the lines you've created.

Kaitlyn said...

As for the French being snooty Frenchmen, today in French (a college class, no less!), we learned that they don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

It's true!