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Saturday, November 10, 2007

That damned Terrier-Poodle Mix

What's Mallard raving about today?


While Mallard is protecting pound puppies, whose gonna step in and protect this dead horse he won't stop beating?


BillyWitchDoctor said...

What is it with Mallard's inability to look people in the face? When was the last time you saw him look in the direction of the person he was lecturing, let alone make eye contact?

I mean, speaking strictly in terms of comic art, that last panel just begs for a side-glancing version of the trademark Mallard smirk of smug master-race-grade superiority. And Tinsley couldn't muster the effort.

...Okay, I can understand why he can't look directly at Penis-Chin Chet. Jeez, dude, zip that thing up.

God, is Tinsley going to depict a badly-drawn little puppy expressing devotion to Rush Limbaugh in thought balloons as it piddles on everything? The mind boggles. Tinsley's trying to make us abuse alcohol.

confused said...

I am surprised there hasn't been some dough-eyed little mutt in each comic. Seems that would draw more sympathy than lecturing some guy that even I can't look at.

dlauthor said...

I'm unsurprised there hasn't been a doe-eyed puppy in every comic this week, as that would involve doing a decent drawing of a dog.

Which Tinshley can only do when he's attempting to draw a cow.

12xuser said...

Hmmm. Turns out it's National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. I wonder why we didn't get an asterisk?

Natalie said...

"whose gonna step in and protect this dead horse he won't stop beating?"


Kiki S. said...

Seriously, does anyone have a contact for Tinsley or his people? This week has just seen embarrassing.

GeoX said...

Do these alleged trendy people who go for designer dog admixtures actually EXIST, or is this just a weirdass strawman, which seems more likely?

Rebochan said...

Amazing. I spend one day a week volunteering at a local animal shelter, I know what kind of stress people searching for designer animals puts on the shelter system, and I still want to punch Tinsley in the face. Maybe it's because now animal adoption is painted with the Tinsley brush? *shudder*

exanonymous said...

Always the heavy-handed "get a dog from a shelter or be worthy of DEATH/perpetual penischinness!" but never the real message about taking care of the dog for the entirety of it's life. All 20 years, give or take. Including shots, spaying/neutering, exercise, patience, attention, medicine, vet visits, and anything else that insures that the dog you get will be the happy healthy dog you keep until it dies, and that neither it nor any of it's progeny (which it shouldn't have) will EVER show up at a shelter and take valuable space away from the animals who were victims of circumstances outside of human control.

Yes, Mallard, that means you may not blob in front of the TV, that time will now be spent playing with your dog. Beer money is now vet and dogfood money. And that dog is not your hidden ace card of moral superiority, it's a living being that will now depend on you to love and care for it for the rest of it's life.

If Chet manages that with some designer breed and you don't, then your message is null and void.