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Monday, November 05, 2007

That damned Peyton Manning

What's Mallard raving about today?

Peyton Manning, email.

Mallard, if your audience is too stupid to have successfully managed the email switch, that should tell you something...

Oh my God! What the hell happened to Peyton Manning's neck?


NW said...

Really bad timing on Tinsley's part. GO PATS!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Uh, wow. Now that I've been informed about Godwin's Law, can anyone tell me if there's a similar law about Freudian slips? 'Cause I think I know why Manning's neck is drawn like that...

Here's a few Tinsley's Laws:

(2) Total-baloney sources and articles taken wildly out of context will be denoted by an asterisk and microscopic print listing the URL of same to discourage readers from investigating Tinsley's claims and sources.

(3) Stuff pulled completely out of Tinsley's butt will not be cited for source; instead, the reader will be told to "look it up on Google" and treated like an idiot when the phantom source cannot be found.

(4) Tinsley's e-mail address will never appear in the strip more than once every six months, in spite of Tinsley's penchant for grinding coals into diamonds in his butt over it. Readers will again be treated like idiots.

(1) Readers will be treated like idiots, period.

iyehmq said...

I told you, he's descending into genuine madness. NO-ONE CARES, TINSLEY.

What's Tinsley's Law #1? "Tinsley will always suck?"

Matt Ramone said...

Those damn steroids.

dlauthor said...

It appears that Tinshley's inbox has been empty for six months. Perhaps we should start filling it.

tbone said...

The past three days have been probably the best sample of Mallard/Tinsley's lack of coherent thought ever.

Kaitlyn said...

That's just lazy, even for him.

And outright whining - no one's e-mailing me, it must be because they don't know I've changed my address.

I should open another yahoo address and send him this blog.

Today's comic screams "egomaniac" - he must look himself up, so why hasn't he responded to Duck and Cover in some way?

Also, that message is a mess - is Peyton Manning telling us to change our e-mail addresses, or what?

I won't even get into the ellipses!...

You need a new tag, DaveyK - too much TV.

What has Peyton shilled lately? I think Direct TV, but I don't know of anymore.





factinista said...

Tinsley seems to have a lot of scorn for his readership. Is it possible he realized the only people who actually read the strip are people like us?

Also, Mallard, you aren't really "selling" anything. So shut up.

exanonymous said...

Creepy: "Telling you to do what Mallard said"

Kaitlyn, you'll likely never find a direct link to us, because like his phoney articles, he doubts the ability of his faithful readers to put their hands over their ears when facts come up and sing "lalalala". But you already knew that.

I think he'll never do more than slip in anonymously because he's outnumbered and outgunned. I can google too!!!

(My signing name, exanonymous, comes from the complaint a while back that people weren't signing and we did have anonymous people who supported Tinsley or were Tinsley.)