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Sunday, November 04, 2007

That damned Hitler

What's Mallard raving about today?

Elvis, Cow graduates, Al Gore, Two-headed babies, Hitler, Stalin, Columbia University.

The attempt by NeoConservatives over the last 6 years to paint anyone they do not like as Hitler-esque (and, by extension, paint anyone who does not agree with them as Chamberlain-esque) has begun to reach comical proportions in real life; it's appearance in comics form by water-carrier Mallard should hardly be a surprise.

This mode of argument is offensive insofar as it trivializes Hitler. But it demonstrates the inability to win one's argument based on facts rather than resorting to fear mongering. If one had the intellectual capacity to actually explain why Iran is a serious threat to world stability, one would not resort to absurd comparisons whose only purpose is to create a fear which stifles rational thought.

It's par for the course for Mallard, who is just a bigoted, intellectually lazy, cartoon duck. But the use of this rhetorical abomination by the current President and Vice President on an almost weekly basis demeans the office of which they are only the current stewards.

All of which rightfully overshadows the absolute idiocy of the panel itself. For example, that mortal enemies Stalin and Hitler are gay lovers. Or the fact that Mallard's inability to construct coherent English had me wondering why he was suggesting that Cow Graduates from Harvard, Al Gore, and a Two-Headed Baby were not still alive. Or what the hell all these supermarket tabloid stories have to do with anything at all.


connection said...

Anything to escape the horrible things going on in the world... or to make them seem like its the boogey-liberals' fault.

so whats on his mind? only the stuff on tabloid newspapers, TV commercials, and Rush Limbaugh. Heckofa world view there Tins.

eska said...

i read this once and was lost, then read it again and wanted to go back to being lost. this whole last week was so surreal i might have to read it all again with pharmaceutical enhancement as to truly appreciate the depths of inanity on display.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

My fellow Duck-and-Coverers have often commented that Tinny cartoons while drunk, but...I think this is the one that best demonstrates writing (for lack of a better word) while suffering the DTs.

Hey, George W. Bush has proven that if Daddy has enough money, a cow pie can be a Yale grad. Why can't a cow graduate from Harvard?

Oh, HA HA HA!! Another shot at Columbia University! Ba-ZING!! Poor Tinny...he doesn't seem to realize that without context, most of his audience won't get it--because the event he's referring to wasn't nearly a big a deal as he thinks, and everyone else has moved the hell ON.

Eh, the important thing is, Mallard can still give us that smug smartassed smirk, even while reading a trashy supermarket tabloid. He's perusing a "source" even more low-brow than FOX News, and he still thinks he's to be taken seriously.

Confused said...

That was one heck of a long way to go for a "Columbia" joke.

Excellent synopsis, by the way. Though I have heard it said that mortal enemies make the best lovers*

*source: some misfiring nueron in my head

Captain Slack said...

BillyWitchDoctor (who is, as usual, merely excruciating excellent) skrev:

"I think this is the one that best demonstrates writing (for lack of a better word) while suffering the DTs."

A thing that's often occurred to me, actually; I guess I just assumed it was so obvious as not to need mentioning here.

Rebochan said...

No no no. It's Saddam and Satan. get it right Tinsley!

And now, a remark of no political value - I can't believe Niceville, Fla. actually appeared in the comics.

exanonymous said...

I got lost on the implication that Al Gore was dead. Or that he isn't asked to speak at various places now. He was a policitian.

Cow refers to his turnip. That's a "Am I right or what!?" with crickets chirping, Tinsley.

And the Stalin/Hitler reference is just silly. Americans were all exposed to and aware of the messages of both. Hitler was in power with the internationally broadcasted Berlin games, and Stalin was an ally in WWII, so Americans were well aware of these men and their messages.

Which leads me to how it's good to let the enemy speak. Iran's president's "we have no gay people in Iran" and his message of abstinance, temperance, and extreme modesty to a group of college students pretty much meant he made a fool of himself. It wasn't wrong to let him do that, was it?

Kaitlyn said...

Ex - He wasn't shot on sight.

Ergo, liberals love terrorists.

Thank you, thank you.

Michael said...

Tinny is pioneering the Chewbacca OFFENSE.

factinista said...

Surprising that it took Mallard this long to prove Godwin's Law.