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Saturday, November 24, 2007

That damned Ethanol

What's Mallard raving about today?

Bill Buckley, Liberals, Ethanol.

You choose to honor the man by comparing him to Ethanol? I'd consider that damning with faint praise if not outright insulting the man.

How creepy is it that fanboi Mallard knows Mr. Buckley's birthday?


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Annnnnd another penis-chin courtesy of the not-at-all-obsessed-with-men's-weiners Mr. Tinsley.

The quote is complete nonsense, and I doubt I need to compare it to the general Neo-Con opinion about "other views" as illustrated by FOX News, its assorted mic-cutters, and all the right-wing loons who send death threats on a regular basis.

Say, Tinny--how does this strip jibe with your touching eulogy of Jay Kennedy (4/2/07), that liberal editor who "took a chance" on you and your nasty cartoon? (Hint: it does not.)

While I have no doubt Buckles would make quite adequate kindling, I don't think anyone could fill their tank with his output, as flammable as it may be.

factinista said...

Way to make a man you admire look like a creepy pedophile, Mallard.

dlauthor said...

Comparison with ethanol is the absolute highest praise from someone like Tinshley.

And every time any modern conservative brings up Buckley, it only underlines how deep into the slime modern conservative punditry has sunk

Anonymous said...

Ethanol isn't a natural resource. Stupid dicklick duck.

Anonymous said...

If the media is so liberal and hates what mallard thinks, how come he always does reports like this on the news?

exanonymous said...

It would probably help if conservatives didn't equate listening to agreeing.

It was reviews on a Mallard Fillmore book that had one fan complaining that anyone who didn't like it was spewing reactionary democrat-liberal lies without ever reading it because naturally they'd agree or explode if they had.

Well, we read the strip. So what does that make us?

Gold-Digging Nanny State said...

I don't know about you, but my head often explodes after reading Mallard Fillmore.

It happens because of the energy released in my head when the anti-logic from the strip collides with a particle of logic in my brain.

Michael said...

What kind of wack ass newscast would feature the anchorman wearing a birthday hat for Bill Buckley?!