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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Those damned debates

What's Mallard raving about today?

Debates, Experts, TV Viewers.
Experts say that they can now predict with certainty that...the next presidential debate....will have more TV Viewers....than it has people onstage debatersing.
You're welcome.


factinista said...

This one has even less substance than usual. Come on, not even a slightly related (bad) caricature in the middle? For shame, Tinsley.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Every so often Tinsley wanks out a strip so utterly incompetent that leaves me gaping slackjawed at it, incapable of even the lamest snarking.

This is such a strip.

bikerdude2098 said...

I'm sorry to say, but I think I found a strip that's worse than Mallard

BillyWitchDoctor said...

That's weird; I was just thinking of an appropriate way to break the ice about Minimum Security here.

It's the "progressive" Mallard Fillmore--a strip both artistically and philosophically lazy, forever trying to agitate (from the safety of a drawing desk) a revolution that will never come (at least not as a result of, you know, a crudely-drawn f***ing comic strip).

There's a lot of nonsensical non-science (TEFLON AND TINFOIL WILL KILL YOU BLARG BLARG BLARG) regurgitated simply because it supports the artist's beliefs; advocation of violence (is it really a good thing for rioters to burn their own cities over a five-cent hike in bus fare?); and the cheap, responsibility-dodging belief that there are no real solutions, ever.

It's complete crap. Naturally, it gets high praise from drones in the "progressive" hivemind. Thanks for mentioning it, BD2098!

My favorite Lefty strip right now? Overcompensating (webcomic).

"Man, sleep gives you cancer--everybody knows that!"
--Neil The Hippie, The Young Ones

dlauthor said...

Minimum Security may be bad, but there's no way it's worse than Mallard. Just by dint of having things like ongoing storylines and characters with something resembling actual traits beyond "dirty liberal" and "smug duck," it is by definition superior. Plus the strip a couple days ago showing a rabbit firing a rocket launcher, accompanied by the text "Non-violence loses the argument ..." has a certain grasp of wit that Tinshley wouldn't have even if he sobered up. And the art, while crude, isn't loaded with bad Jewish caricatures and inadvertent facial penises.

Let's call MS more of a liberal Prickly City. No one could actually approximate Mallard without a head wound and heavy prescription drug use. And a fifth of Jack.

Kaitlyn said...

Back to Mallard - what the FUCK is he talking about?

All the debates I've seen on the Daily Show/Colbert Report and in passing in the Tiger Den (sometimes it's on CNN - that's how I learned they suspected arson in the wildfires) have had a lot of candidates.

Way more than would be watching, this early in the election cycle.

Or did something bug happen with the debates?

As for his statement, in less than a year, when we have 2 candidates, then yes.

Or have I lost it?

God, I miss the Daily Show.

One good thing about the strike - wondering about Mallard's reaction and how horrible it will be. Ah... I can picture it now. Sex, liberals, phallic/semitic caricatures... bliss!

exanonymous said...

Doesn't this strip argue that Mallard's readers have numbered in the dozens?

Really, the smugness that more people will be watching debates that aren't just the self-righteous couch potatoes Mallard is a proud member of (and therefore aiming the strip at) implies that his readers are very very few.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh, I feel stupid now.

He's calling the talking heads that have been talking about debate audiences stupid, because DUH, the presidential debate (next fall) will only have 2 people!

Have they really been talking about how many people are watching the debates? I didn't think the strike applied to the news...

GeoX said...

I'd never seen Minimum Security before today, but I guess I must be one of them there drones in the progressive hive-mind, 'cause I find it amusing. Cheerful left-wing bunny terrorist=teh funny.

Kaitlyn said...

I liked the month I just saw of Minimum Security.

Bunnies are just cool.

...doesn't mean I'll look at it again.

Though the 'nonviolence fails' thing is good.

But I've only seen a month of it, so I don't know who is who, but there were these storyline things... wow.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

You can drop by the Minimum Security webpage to get a better picture of the general content; the girl featured in the past few strips is its usual straw man--the Liberal Too Stupid To Figure Out She Can't Make A Difference.

The cover of a Minimum Security collection, featured on the webpage, shows her picking up trash by herself on a beach immersed in sewage, garbage, and pollution and stripped of all life--while the real main character sneers at her, arms folded. Oh, Stupid Non-Progressive! Will you never learn?

Believe me, you'll get tired of that character very quickly. I wasn't kidding about Teflon and tinfoil. Basically, she likes to lecture anyone within earshot, Tinsley-style, that anything and everything they're doing will kill them (except, apparently, revolution and Internet sales).

GeoX said...

Okay, looking through the archives, I'll admit that it's pretty heavy-handed a lot of the time--and other than the rabbit, the art is kind of ugly. BUT: it's still sporadically (intentionally) funny. Which is more than MF can say. Ever.