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Thursday, November 01, 2007

That damned Al Gore

What's Mallard raving about today?

Mars, Al Gore, Global Warming, Yasser Arafat.

As if this kitchen sink screed were not enough to stand on its own, I really appreciate the fact that Mallard misspelled Yasser Arafat for our amusement.


Truce Binsley said...

I suppose we should be grateful he went with the kitchen sink approach rather than devoting a day to each of these subjects.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Lord, not this tired, tired garbage again.

"Mars' polar caps are melting! Therefore, Grand Cowfart Theory is tru--I mean, Evil Sun! Evil Sun Theory is true! Because similar phenomena on two different planets MUST have a single, unified cause! That's REAL science--not like your stupid evolution!!!"

"Yassir (sic) Arafat Peace Prize." Wow, that's childish--even for Li'l Tinny Poo Poo Pants*. Gore receiving the Nobel Prize (and not Rush Limbaugh) must really grind your little gears. Wee wee wee, all the waaaaaaaay home. (Meanwhile, people foolishly continue to buy CFLs and invest in solar power, further fueling your self-righteous pissant rage.)

*Uh oh, my deliberately hypocritical and unnecessarily scatological personal attacks only strengthen Tinny's position! Oh,, they don't.

Starshark said...

Science is really hard.

Starshark said...

NEXT MALLARD FILLMORE: If global warming is real, why is it cold outside?

Starshark said...

NEXT MALLARD FILLMORE: First they say 'global warming' now they say 'climate change' - I think they're making it all up.

Starshark said...

NEXT MALLARD FILLMORE: Remember in the 70's when everyone said we were going to have a new ice age? What happened to that, huh? Whaddyamean no scientists made that claim?

muddyriverlover said...

Maybe Mallard meant Yasir Arafat, the Pakistani cricketer:

bikerdude2098 said...

I think he has a point. The Nobel Committee DID screw up when they gave the award to Arafat-whatshisname.

Of course, every major awards gave one to quedtionable people. Like that guy over there.

yotawwkl said...

Kissinger won it as well you know. Oddly enough we don't think this means the Nobel Prize DOESN'T COUNT ANYMORE. Because we're not eight-year olds.

Arafat in 95 deserved it more (alongside Rabin and Peres) than Kissinger in 73 anyway.

12xuser said...

Yes, all the conservatives are saying "Arafat got it, so Gore = Arafat", the same thing they said when Carter got it. Really, the problem with the prizes given to Arafat, Perez, Rabin, Kissinger and Le Duc Tho is that the prizes were given for helping to solve problems that they had a large part in creating. (At least Le Duc Tho had the grace to turn it down.) This obviously does not apply to Gore.

The Peace Prize is really kind of a Humanitarian of the Year award, and has been for some time. It's not surprising that conservatives seldom win it.

factinista said...

More proof that Mallard has no real opinions and only parrots those of Fox News.

"What do Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, and that craaaaazy Jimmy Carter have in common?"

Yeah, they actually said that.

Captain Slack said...

"What do Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, and that craaaaazy Jimmy Carter have in common?"

Yeah, they actually said that.

In those exact words, or was that just the Shorter version?

(And the mention of "Republicans" as one of the things Algore [™ Rush Limbaugh] is looking for, is the promotion to the daily page of a "gag" from a Sunday strip. Does this mean we can expect more of these incidents where he stops censoring himself and says what he really thinks?)

exanonymous said...

Ironic, actually. If global warming was purely the result of the changes in the sun, Mars WOULD show results, since it gets the same sunlight and had the same balance. Conservatives are the ones blaming the sun since they cannot deny the climate shift. Did Mallard not get that particular newsletter?

Yowtakkl, that is hilarious. Amidst all this random spewing, he takes time to insult the sport of cricket. And it can't be unintentional because goodness knows he's struck out at the most random targets before.

Bruce's Mom said...

Bruce has had a healthy skepticism of science, scientists and complicated scientific testing like breathalyzers ever since he failed Intro to General Science in 9th grade.

Kaitlyn said...

Well hey, Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, so every winner is guilty by association.

That Gore drawing hurts my head.

Why misspell Arafat's name? Naming the prize after him is petty enough.

As for Gore, does this animosity go back to the 2000 election or denial of global warming?

Or just pure hatred of non-conservatives?

Kaitlyn said...

We have to incorporate a counter-argument into our English paper (whatever, it'll make it longer). We also have to be careful that the counter-argument isn't good enough to sway the reader/ourselves.

The point?

Neocon attacks on Gore, Clinton, and Carter make me like them more than Mallard.

factinista said...

In those exact words, or was that just the Shorter version?

Exact words. That was apparently a segue into the story, but I'm not sure. The clip was shown on the Daily Show a couple weeks ago.