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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sept 11, 2001

What's Mallard talking about today?

Out of respect for the victims of 9/11, including those Men and Women who died in a subsequent and totally unnecessary and unrelated war, I won't comment on Mallard Fillmore.


Tinsley: Sociopath said...
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Tog said...

Meanwhile, one of Batshit's great idols in the Culture Wars, Jonah Goldberg, smugly announced that he would not be enlisting to go fight in one of his beloved REAL wars, because he "has a nice job" and his "daughter would miss" him. (One might assume this was followed by a dullard chuckle punctuated by a cloud of Cheetoh dust.)

You'll understand why Batshit chose instead to wrap himself in a straw-patriot.

deepbeep said...

You act patriotic now (did you run out of time before you could draw the flag and eagle?), but you failed the troops and the country when it mattered most. We wasted thousands of American lives, 1M Iraqi lives, and $1T on a needless war you were the cheerleader for. Even worse is the fact that you claimed you "had your doubts" but never spoke up -- in fact, you helped marginalize people like me who didn't follow the drums to war. Thousands of soldiers like Aaron have died in a shitty desert because of your cowardice. So next time, try really being patriotic instead of merely spouting catchphrases on the designated holidays.

rewinn said...

@Tinsley:Sociopath - please delete your attack on a Marine who you don't even know. It is wrong.

Worse than wrong, it is stupid.

Just because Tinsley and the political faction that he supports are sociopaths doesn't mean you have to be. To the contrary: we must not become that which we oppose; no, must help those who we oppose to grow up and be like us.

We civilians are 100% responsible for every action taken in our name and at the direction of our political leaders by our uniformed personnel. I doubt very much that any of them care about being thanked by a cartoon duck; indeed the Marines that I have some contact with would have pertinent comments not printable in a family newspaper.

Which reminds me, if you want to read a comic that actually reflects our Marines, see Terminal Lance. It's always better than Mallard Fillmore anyway.

DaveyK said...

Under normal circumstances, I let stand whatever anyone (supporter or detractor) has to say in the comments, since I support Free Speech and all that implies (including the ability to say things that might not flatter you).

But apparently even I have limits, and that post crossed a line in my mind.

So I removed it.

waaaahbaggers said...

Tinshley, ever the cowardly ghoul, giggles from the sidelines while men who were children when we were attacked put their lives on the line in his name. Sick.

Bring back the draft. He'll change his tune quick when it's one of his kids whose name comes up.

Frank Stone said...

How completely predictable that even when ostensibly being all humble and reverent on this subject, Tinsley can't resist using the right-wing death porn image of the twin towers burning. One suspects the only reason he didn't include bodies falling from the towers is that there wasn't enough room to show them clearly.

You, Bruce Tinsley, are a disgrace to humanity. And you daily make a mockery of the very freedoms our armed forces fight to protect.

Rootbeer said...

Aaron Byers, if he even exists, was far more of a man at age 11 than Mallard Fillmore or his creator could ever hope to be.

Possibly if he doesn't exist, as well.

Kip W said...

Yow, looks like I've missed something. I was just going to say that whoever Aaron Byers is, I don't hold the duck's endorsement against him. I'd buy him a beer and thank him (if the beer part occurred to me).

Anonymous said...

Creepy and disgusting, as usual from the duck. Well, at least Obama kept his promise and got our troops out and ended the wars, thus earning his Nobel Peace Prize. Wait, what?