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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Those damned Zealots

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teabaggers, The Media

Project much, Mallard?


Kip W said...

Looking for revenge at the media for occasionally showing the unfiltered nuttiness of your pet cause? Just show it acting as nutty as you can! Of course, if you're Tin Eye, your imagination is severely limited, and all you'll succeed at is appearing somewhat tetched, but whatever brings you a day closer to that next welfare check, eh?

Frank Stone said...

Oh. So I guess we're doing THIS all week.

I'm trying to think of something that happened with the tea party 15-20 days ago which might have set Brucie off, but I got nothin'. Guess I'll just have to chalk it up to Brucie's Random Outrage Generator coming up with "tea party" and "MSM".

What's frustrating about the tea party is that some of them or all of them may or may not possess some or all of the qualities of bigotry, extremism, fascism, zealotry, and nuttiness, because the tea party as a political group/movement is remarkably unfocused. Trying to define the tea party's overall platform or mission statement, as Harlan Ellison put it, is like trying to screw fog.

In any case, Brucie's premise is utter sophistry, because the Mainstream Media haven't been able to get enough of the tea party, typically treating them as people who deserve to be taken seriously because they ostensibly represent The Average American.

Bill the Splut said...


But why do you talk so mean about the Baggers? Just because they scream "LET HIM DIE!" and cheer RECORD NUMBERS of EXECUTIONS and they're all "BIBLE IS TOTAL TRUTH DESTROY SCIENCE but we ignore the BIBLE BIBLE BIBLE parts we don't find convenient, like the whole 'help poor people, rich people go to hell' stuff--heck, most of the entire New Testament stuff," and they're clearly and proudly racist, it doesn't mean that they're "Bigoted Extremist Zealots!" If they were, then they'd be the Republican candidates! Oh, TALKING SENTIENT BATSHIT TV, you are so silly! Have a cookie and a free paycheck.

C'mon, AnonyBruce, give us an example of a rabidly frothing "mainstream media" attack on your sweet old murderous ladies. You're expecting us to believe that teabagging CNN does? Seriously, tell us WHO THIS MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS, and be more specific than "ALL OF THEM!" Give us an unreadable asterisk or something. Wait, you can't, can you? And you drew this while masturbating, thinking "KILL THEM ALL, YES YES!"

And once the hangover clears, remember that while your audience of undereducated bigoted zealots may laugh with you, the rich men who sign your welfare checks are laughing at you.

WV: coutt; so very close to what the British would call Bruce

Rootbeer said...

Well, they ARE.

Or at least the ones who identify themselves as leaders of the movement, such as the Congressional Tea Party Caucus, are.

Although if the rank-and-file participants in the movement objected to what people like Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert were saying on their behalves, I'm sure they'd have raised their voices in protest, as they are wont.

DiR said...

To paraphrase one of my fav Keith Olbermann quotes, "yeah, when we repeat your own words back to you, we must appear like hate mongers."

rewinn said...

... or as Harry Truman said, "I'm not giving them hell. I just tell the truth, and to them they sound like hell."