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Friday, September 02, 2011

That damned Base

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN

Wait, what? I thought Obama supporters were supposed to be mindless automatons under his Svengali-like sway?


dlauthor said...

New polls where, Research Boy? Not even a "*" footnote? No citation = didn't happen.

Does anyone other than the drooliest Fox Zombie actually think people are going to flock in droves from Obama to Rick Perry, particularly once Perry's actual wacktacular beliefs come to the fore? I could see maybe a chunk of Obama supporters just deciding "meh, I'll stay home this time," but I have trouble picturing a sizable number being all "well, we tried reasonable, let's go back to looney Christian dominionist again."

But then, I don't drink to excess on a nightly basis.

Rootbeer said...

Lies, damned lies, and Mallard Fillmore.

While no doubt there are some ardent Obama supporters out there who have become disillusioned with him -- and express it to the world by pointing to the T-shirts they're wearing -- those voters are not going to be "switching allegiance" in 2012.

They'll either hold their nose as they vote to re-elect Obama, or they'll stay home altogether.

I just don't understand the thought process by which this reasoning makes sense. "Liberals are angry with the president for not being liberal enough... so they will vote for an even more conservative candidate!"

Anonymous said...

The duck confuses actual "fair and balanced" with being biased.


Kip W said...

It doesn't matter if what he says agrees with last week's party line or not. He and his crowd have been drinking the Kool-aid so long it tastes like water to them, and they're used to changing about half of their 'core' beliefs each day in order to not believe some fact or other.

digger said...

dlauthor: Maybe liberals will switch to Michelle Bachman, another Christian dominionist. After all, she's a woman, and liberals like women!

Note: Has Tins just up and give up on *footnotes? When you repeat propaganda, who needs to cite sources?

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

I suspect the Republicans are seeing decreased support from their only fans: Rich American White fanatical Christians who are retards, hillbillies, sociopaths, rich assholes, Objectivists and other narcissists, or general ignoramuses.

Word Verification: Inatti, atti is Dutch for head, and Tinsley has nothing in his atti.

rewinn said...

NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN are corporate-owned media. They push the corporate line by their choice of stories and, most especially, what they choose to ignore.

So in some sense they could be considered Obama's "base" but not in the sense Drunk Tinshley is implying.

P.S. no-one can name ONE "ardent Obama supporter" that would vote for Rick Perry. Some of the angrier ones are talking voting green, perhaps; although that would be a stupid move, anger does make people stupid.

Frank Stone said...

Oh, look -- Brucie took the time to scrape the mold off one of his two "jokes": "The media's in love with Obama! Hur-hur!" Unfortunately for Brucie, the passage of time has not made it any more true.

Tog said...

Held back for a while this time because when this subject comes up, I tend to rant even longer than usual while foaming at the mouth.

DLAuthor and Rootbeer touch upon my sore point: certain noisy not-so-progressives, considering themselves "betrayed" because Obama didn't use his unchallenged dictatorial fiat to grant them everything on the wishlists they projected onto him, and whining about how they'll stay home in 2012 or vote for the burned-out Whole Foods & Legal Pot Party candidate with the animal-spirit surname and let the nation fall to the Republicans. Again, I mean.

I really wish they'd learn how our government and politics work. I'm not even talking about corruption, I mean the basics. Baby steps.

As evidenced in this strip, their whining arouses Batshit in a way no woman possibly could, because he knows it's the only chance any of the wackos currently fronting for the Grand Ol' Teabag Party have of slithering into the Oval Office. Batshit will never love them, but he appreciates their efforts on the teabag express' behalf.

DiR said...

Oooh, someone forgot MSNBC. The Talking Point Dispatch Office won't like that one bit, no sir.

I'll take 'ineffectual" over "fucking insane" any day of the week and twice on Sundays.