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Saturday, September 03, 2011

That damned Teacher

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard Fillmore in a nutshell: Draconian cuts to education (which could have been avoided had we eliminated tax breaks for the wealthy) result in layoffs. But it's the seniority system in Education that's to blame.

I find it hard to imagine anyone could actually be as unintelligent as Mallard Fillmore. Then he publishes his thoughts every day in comic form and I have to realize I am being terribly optimistic.


digger said...

Pure Teabag propaganda: it's those damned teachers with tenure that ruined the educational system--so let's destroy their unions.

The truth: "No Child Left Behind", standardized testing and big class sizes have ruined the public schools.

Got to dumb down those students or else they might demand things like a decent job (rarer and rare these days).

Steve-O said...

Don't worry about offending teachers Tinsley, I'm sure as educated people they wouldn't bother reading the tripe that you crap out daily.

Kip W said...

You really can only get good work out of people if you either give them a share in the American dream... or treat them like a serf or worse. Guess which solution appeals to the cheap-labor conservatives in this wretched climate they've made?

CW in LA said...

Wait, our wingnut welfare hack wakes up from the puddle of his booze puke to accuse teachers with seniority of having no standards? That's funny, but, as Ralph Wiggum would observe, not ha-ha funny.

DiR said...

Yes, more "Length of employment is directly inverse to the quality of work".
Say, how long as MF been running?

Steve-O said...

Where is your fucking asterick Bruce? I can only assume you're lying. Well, in all honesty, that's a default position for me.

Frank Stone said...

You know, Brucie, when most grown-up people realize that they still have issues with their third-grade teachers, they either A) get therapy or B) grow the hell up and leave their petty psychological baggage in the past.

You've obviously chosen to be like the wealthy industrialist in the Twilight Zone episode "One More Pallbearer", who used his money and resources to concoct an elaborate scheme to humiliate the people from his past who he believed had terribly wronged him. Since all you have is your miserable little comic strip, however, your efforts are even more sad and pathetic than his were.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley makes me long for the intelligence, wisdom and subtlety of Ralph Wiggum.

Word Verification: Nubals, I wish I had nubals so I could give Tinsley the torture and death he deserves.

rewinn said...

As usual, Tinshley's incompetence as a writer screws up even his message of hate.
His point is that he thinks the seniority system is bad, and he made his point as of the phrase "I have seniority..."
If he'd stopped there, he'd still be wrongheaded and stupid but at least he'd have a recognizable joke.
But, no. He kept going and stepped on his own joke by pointing out that this teacher comes from a time of high standards. She's a teacher from a time with high standards, which makes the whole
'seniority' think irrelevant, because she's a good teacher.
But Tinshley can't stop. He then goes to what he thinks is a punch line, about those dark days being over. But what days are he referring to? Teachers unionized LONG AGO; the high standards he refers to came at the SAME TIME as unionization. So he kills his own joke a second time.

It's worth noting, also, that when a teacher doesn't have a union to protect her, her most important qualification is her ability to give blowjobs to the principal. Anyone who thinks that sort of thing doesn't happen never worked in a large organization. (I could tell you stories about the non-union insurance company I worked at....)

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

A realistic version of this comic:

"All right, kids, I need to explain some things: Harsh trues which, though traumatic, must be known in order to survive.

"Fields of study that will never result in a job:

"Manufacturing, sales, science, communications, all of which the Republicans sold to other countries which have fewer regulations and lower salaries. Also, you are not smart enough for science.

"English, art and philosophy, because the only successful creators are the ones who write semi-literate repetitive crowd-pleasing bullshit.

"Business, advertising, film, because you are not rich and evil enough.

"Math, programming, medicine and law because you are not smart enough.

"Fields that might lead to success:

"Psychiatry and psychology, because thy will teach you how to properly manipulate someone into giving you spare change.

Word verification: Pacholdl, I wish someone would pach those old Republicans and send them to 'l, what what, governor!

Rootbeer said...

Think of all the talented conservative-leaning cartoonists who haven't been able to get their strips carried by King Features Syndicate for the past 15 years, because some drunk with a duck has 'seniority'.