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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

That damned Riddance

What's Mallard raving about today?

NBC News, Western Civilization

Mallard Fillmore believes that NBC News, part of NBC Universal, a joint venture of Comcast and General Electric, desires the end of Western Civilization.

Question for the Comments: Name something less tethered to reality than Mallard Fillmore.


rewinn said...
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rewinn said...

Meanwhile, in Libya, the rebels are loudly thanking America for our role in helping them overthrow a dictator.
On the evidence, Western Civilization is not in decline, although revenue from Mallard Fillmore probably is.

dlauthor said...

Answer: any interview with Bruce Tinshley where he downplays his drinking and discusses his meticulous research.

Is he dog-whistling the Coming Great Islamic Caliphate that's going to consume the west with Sharia Law? Or is it the Crafty Chinese we're meant to fear? Or those uppity darkies who've already taken the White House from the righteous white man? It's so hard to tell what we're supposed to be racist about today.

Bill the Splut said...

Bruce hate reality! Bruce love stupidity!
Is Big Crime to make anything rational on Bruce-zarro World!

Neo Tuxedo said...

Bill, you win the universe even harder than Marshmallow Choo-Choo.

WV: kedneod, reminds me of HST's fear that the Pigs, as punishment for some terrible act he committed in Las Vegas, "would lock me in some hellhole of a jail and beat me on the kidneys with big branches -- causing me to piss blood for years to come." I'd wish that on Tinny, but he's destroying his own kidneys and liver just fine without any need to bring violence into the equation.

CW in LA said...

Re dlauthor: You can't rule out the Mexicans. I'd imagine Brews lives in fear of an illegal immigrant sneaking across the border and offering to draw a shitty right-wing propaganda cartoon for a tenth the money. We all know whatever foundation is supplying Tinsh's wingnut welfare would make the switch in a second.

wv: bastr. What Bruceki mutters when the barkeep says, "I'm cutting you off".

Tog said...

Question for the Comments: Name something less tethered to reality than Mallard Fillmore.

Now THAT's timing, because the GOP Debate is today, and Rick Perry just whined that Texas has the most uninsured citizens because the Big Bad Federal Government won't let them cover everyone (which is, I'd like to point out, ZOMG SOCIALIZM!!!1BLARRRRRR).

And Ron Paul said that America doesn't need any Federal safety regulation, that the States-Rights Free Market will weed out the oil companies that grease your coastline and the negligent airlines that let your loved ones die in a crash (or worse, let them fly with YOU People).

I'ma have to go with the Paulmonster in that crazyman contest. Wow, even God's Bachmann isn't coming close to that level of wacko.

WV: "nowar." Where the hell were YOU ten years ago? Hiding under the bed with Batshit?

Tog said...

Me: Wow, even God's Bachmann isn't coming close to that level of wacko.

Whoops! Spoke too soon, didn't I? Michele just said Reagan would never have gone for tax increases, even with spending cuts.

Kaitlyn said...

A bad economy is like Rome being sacked by the whosits (who were also European and not evil Muslims)?

I drifted off in history today so I was disconnected from reality too. Bruce and I are like so close, man.

Kip W said...

I'll say "anybody who depends upon Mallard Fillmore for their information."