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Sunday, September 25, 2011

That Damned Voldemort

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Democrats

Unlike Republican candidates who refuse to distance themselves from Teabaggers who cheer mass killing, yearn for the death of the uninsured, and boo gay soldiers. One must assume they support these Teabagger values as a result.


Tog said...

A teabagger's week: screaming defiantly about non-existent Death Panels on Monday, cheering at the thought of people being left to die in the street on Friday.

Sunday? Church.

DiR said...

Another hilarious pop culture zinger from Bruce "Bleeding Edge" Tinsley.

dlauthor said...

Man, it's already 8:30 in the morning here on the east coast and Fartsmeller Tucci hasn't shown up and written a faptastic economic essay with racist undertones*! How will we survive!

* Omit the "under."

Kip W said...

Considering that Congress has lower approval than the president, today's strip fails the "seems plausible for two seconds" test.

exanonymous said...

Eh, boring. Maybe I'll pop over into FoxNation and read some of their stuff. It's always unintentionally funny.

For instance, this:

Chopped bits of an ABC article, with apparently the important bits:
Hugo Chavez = Bad
Big Boobies = Good

rewinn said...

Tom Wilson's "Ziggy" did better than this every day.


CW in LA said...

President He-who-must-not-be-named? Is Brews referring to the wingnut media's tendency to pretend there was no president between Clinton and Obama?

Bill the Splut said...

W visited my state of CT during the 2006 congressional race to boost the Republican candidate. Bush was so unpopular here, even among Republicans, that the candidate scrubbed every picture of him from his campaign's publicity Flickr set. And he still lost.

deepbeep said...

Obama's approval rating is in the 40s. That doesn't seem particularly low for a President. If you want to see someone who is discussed in hushed tones like Voldemort, see how Republicans are still talking about the last guy.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Yes, Tinsley is associating a Black man with a black mage who uses black magic to send the world into blackness, but he is not racist, everyone who is not using such metaphors is evil!

Also, a response to Tucci, the walking DSM from yesterday's discussion: I am a founding member and employee of a charity and business that is based on software testing. Much of its work is done on the Internet, so technically, it could be considered a "Dot Com IPO." It has only existed for a couple of years, during Obama's administration, yet it is advancing and I suspect it will soon turn into a large, powerful company. I enjoy helping guys who might otherwise have great difficulty finding jobs to enter the relatively-good job of software testing, and I hope to be rewarded with riches and fame. You, on the other hand, are one of the Teabaggers who would rather let sick guys die horrible deaths than pay slightly higher taxes, like the assholes who cheered for Ron Paul. A new Telomerase drug, also created during the Obama administration, may significantly increase our lifespans, but you probably think medicine is an insult to some imaginary man in the sky. I will live a really long, happy life, reaping the intangible moral benefits and tangible financial benefits of my work, while you will die hated and alone and find that there is no afterlife.

Word Verification: Blycli, a nonsensical, unpronounceable word that leaves the same taste in my mouth as reading Tucci's posts, but not nearly as bad as the one derived from a Mallard Fillmore comic.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Speaking of comics that we feel are underrated, Garfield. Yes, Garfield often goes to the well of obvious jokes like lasagna-eating and kicking Odie off the table, but when it is written by Jim Davis, rather than a Paws, Incorporated sweatshop, it can be quite hilarious, subtle and intelligent. Davis is the opposite of Tinsley: He expresses comprehensible ideas in subtle ways that respect the audience's intelligence; he is an intelligent, thoughtful writer who is often hilarious; and he clearly hates himself. Tinsley thinks that he provides hilarity and brilliance every day, but he always fails to the worst possible extent; Davis knows his limitations, and though he cannot provide a daily dose of humor, he is successful when he tries. Look at this Garfield storyline from 2008: Compare it to that Mallard Fillmore where a Jewish Nazi from Hollywood dreams about conspiring with an Islamic Communist from some place that was mentioned on a Republican memo. Compare it to Get Fuzzy's rambling, pointless diatribes that also never have any humor.

Word Verification: lies IOU, (insert obvious joke here; Mallard Fillmore makes me too mad to do it.)

deepbeep said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tinsley: Sociopath said...

I watched Thor and a republican debate recently. One was about a team of primitive, superstitious people who clung to ancient ideas and considered themselves gods, but were completely ineffectual, alien and confused in the modern world; the other was Thor.

Steve-O said...

Where is Tucci and his copypasta from the Unibomber Manifesto?

I guess he must be passed out in a pool of his own vomit. I kind of miss him in a very twisted way. I hope he hasn't moved on to some other unsuspecting blog.

Steve-O said...

Where is Tucci and his copypasta from the Unibomber Manifesto?

I guess he must be passed out in a pool of his own vomit. I kind of miss him in a very twisted way. I hope he hasn't moved on to some other unsuspecting blog.

Factinista said...

No, he's still here, but he's staying on yesterday's thread, for some reason. I don't think he quite knows how this works.

Tucci said...

So you schmucks just stay in lockstep with Tinsley's daily strip regardless of its focus. Big whup. He's really leading you around by those teensy brass ampalangs through your pitiful little puds, isn't he?

Let's see; with polling (no matter how skewed by "Liberal" flacks) a reflection of the widening and deepening public perception of your Fraudulence-in-Chief's hatefulness (not to mention his Saganesque spending in a sustained fascist failure to "fix" the national economy), the remaining National Socialists in the Congress are taking the lessons of this month's by-elections in Nevada and New York and running away from the head of their party in order to keep their phoney-baloney jobs when the next "advance auction sale of stolen goods" comes 'round.

Not news, but it's obviously got you dimwits scratching frantically and bleeding.

I do wonder to what extent Tinsley lurks in left-loser circle jerks like this one for potential ideas.

A manure pile like this one is a source of fertilizer, isn't it?

Steve-O said...

Ahhh, that's better.

Thanks Tucci! I hadn't had a good laugh all day!

rewinn said...

@Tucci's expression of surprise that this blog should be "in lockstep" with Mallard Fillmore suggests that he didn't really grasp the concept the 1st time around.

Most trolls are smart enough to figure it out from the start, but there's always something new I suppose!

P.S. Heinlein would have curbstomped @Tucci in a moment for racism, but also for raving, but most of all for @Tucci's hatred of America. RAH was many things, but not only was he just about the 1st mainstream SF author with strong non-white and/or female protagonists (and antagonists!), he was above all an empiricist (...look it up, @Tucci!) and a patriot.

Steve-O said...

Heinlein wrote Starship Troopers, I'll never forgot those topless scenes! Thanks Heinlein!
(although we had to wait for "Wild Things" to see Denise Richards, good things come to those who wait).

Tucci said...

rewinn (our "mercantilist" excuse for a self-proclaimed "patriot") persists in posing as a spirit medium channeling Robert A. Heinlein in a sort of dickless necrophile effort to fake a validity he can't even simulate on his own.

As I'd observed in response to rewinn's idiocies on yesterday's thread, for the National Socialists the only exploitable characteristic brought by our mostly-White Punahou School poverty pimp to the 2008 electoral cycle was his ability to "pass" as Black.

He certainly had neither experience nor the sort of performance record to make him credible as a potential chief executive. Despite prodigious "blank out" measures (emphasis on Barry's own first Executive Order - 13489 - denying public access to his personal past history, including all of his academic and administrative records from Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School) in efforts to prevent detailed examination of our POTUS-With-an-Asterisk's carefully-machined image, it was clear throughout the 2008 National Socialist primaries that Soebarkah was incapable of competing with Billary absent his handlers' play of the "race card."

Heck, there are still disgruntled DINO ("democrat"-in-name-only) stalwarts who rankle at the way the Mocha Mamzer robbed their Woman With One Eyebrow of her slot at the head of the 2008 ticket.

Deny it though he must, rewinn (the fascist "patriot") has to keep pushing the "racist" bullshit because he knows that his Hubshi Halfling hasn't got even the least illusion of a defense otherwise.

In a response to rewinn on yesterday's thread, I even quoted Herman Cain's speech at CPAC earlier this year:

"They call me racist, too, because I disagree with the president who happens to be black. Go figure. So mathematically, the only conclusion that you can draw, it ain't about color, it's about if you disagree with the liberal leader, then you must be a racist. No matter what color you are."

What kicks fascisti like rewinn square in the crotch is that "it ain't about color" when it comes to opposing our Illegitimacy-in-Chief.

It's just that rewinn and similar sputniki have nothing else to use.

Steve-O said...

Wow, Douchie, you never give up do you? You use the term "poverty pimp" in a never-ending wall of text trying to "prove" you aren't a racist.

Memo to you Douchie: If you crap out a 1500 word screed attempting to prove that you aren't a racist, you're probably a racist.

DiR said...

As I understand it, Steve-o, in the original novel, Dizzy was a dude, and there were no co-ed showers.
Think about that next time some one says that a movie adaptation is never better then the original novel.

Ahhh, our new friend has moved on to Stage 2 Trolling: personal attacks on regular commentators. We can expect him to stay there for a while, until he surrounds himself in a protective cocoon of Sock Puppetry, before maturing a beautiful troll butterfly, moving on to newer pastures. Such is the circle of life on the internet.

Tog said...

Oh, no, DiR! Tucci's not a troll! He knows how to Google trivia about economic theories! Therefore: genius!

Remember what set this all off? ...DaveyK not knowing what "designer cupcake" referred to and not bothering to look it up.

In Tucci's, eh, "mind," that makes DaveyK (and all of us) idiots, monsters, fascists, commies, Nazis, fasciocomminazis, racists, ****er-lovers, peasants, dictators, ghouls, pigfarts, goinks, pinheads, prats, bedwetters, horsewankers, blip blip blap blap blop blop blop spurt splat for five thousand plus words. (Tucci by default is The Ubermensch. Mommy says so!) Why, the very fact that we remain unconvinced of our worthlessness in the face of all that name-calling just proves his point!

My favorite part: Tucci keeps yammering about how we all want to victimize our neighbors -- yet he's the one who hates everybody. Every time I breeze over one of his posts, I see Angry German Kid (AKA Keyboard Smasher...and remember, if you don't know who that is or Google him up, YOU'RE A FOOL!!!1).

I grow convinced that Tucci is either Jonah Goldberg, or shares Jonah's mental problems. I don't think anyone could fake that sort of debilitating sociopathy.

I await the hysterical-pretending-to-not-be-hysterical and racist-calling-everyone-else-racist quadruple-length response from our new pet howler monkey. Just lemme get some popcorn.

Tucci said...

Regarding Heinlein's novel Starship Troopers (1959), DiR writes:

"As I understand it, Steve-o, in the original novel, Dizzy was a dude, and there were no co-ed showers.

"Think about that next time some one says that a movie adaptation is never better then the original novel."

Heinlein planned and wrote Starship Troopers to be published by Scribner's under his longstanding contract for an annual juvenile SF title and editor Alice Dalgliesh (who had been a continually worsening pain in the ass for Heinlein) rejected the manuscript. In Tony Daniel's essay published in Grumbles From the Grave (1989) can be found:

"All but the last of Heinlein’s young adult novels were overseen by his fretful editor at Scribner’s, Alice Dalgliesh. At least to Heinlein’s sensibilities, Dalgliesh combined in the most annoying form imaginable the fashionable leftism that infected American publishing starting in the 1930s with the instincts of a small-town librarian on a fundamentalist book-banning kick. Both of these types are particular bete noirs throughout Heinlein’s fiction − and here was an editor, someone with power over his paycheck, who combined both, in his real life.

"Heinlein was particularly irked by Dalgliesh’s Freudian interpretation of nearly every cultural idea he put into a story. As he put it, she seemed to believe that '[s]cience fiction consists of stories about the wonderful machines of the future' and anything else was a sign an author was working out his inner mother complex and simultaneously scrawling depraved sexual notions onto the blank slates his young readers presumably had for minds."

In his 22 November 1958 letter to his agent about this title, Heinlein wrote:

"You will receive the ms. some time after the first of the year; my typist will do it during her Christmas vacation. Miss Dalgliesh has inquired as to whether I intended to submit a book; I have admitted that I have—but I have not admitted that it has been written. I don't want her to see this until the last possible moment (I have given her only the title and theme: a boy serving his military service in the future). I want to give her the least possible time to have nervous-Nellie second thoughts about it . . . because I am not going to change it to suit her."

When the book was "turned down with a brisk little note which might as well have been a printed rejection slip, for it was just as cold and just as informative" after Scribner himself had "joined in rejecting it," Heinlein instructed his agent to avoid further submissions to (and solicitations from) Scribner's.

With Alice Dalgliesh's known peculiarities in mind, Heinlein had advised his agent that he had "written it, omitting all cleavage and bed games, such that Miss Dalgliesh can offer it in the same list in which she has my other books," so the mixed-gender shower scenes of the movie never had so much as a chance of ever getting into Heinlein's manuscript.

Indeed, Heinlein made a deliberate decision not to include female soldiers in his Mobile Infantry units. Female naval officers commanding combat ships, certainly (which was remarkable enough considering that he was writing in 1958), but his Cap Troopers were all male.

As for "the movie adaptation," it was disgustingly worse than the book in every regard, including the idiotic "Fort Zinderneuf" sequence.

No powered armored exoskeletons (Heinlein "invented" Mecha in Starship Troopers), and infantry tactics not much above the level that might be demonstrated by a pack of Cub Scouts.


Steve-O said...

Douchie, nobody here gives a shit.

Tucci said...

Tog objects to my observations: "about how we all want to victimize our neighbors...."

Jeez, and I thought you were too friggin' stupid to cop a clue, dickbreath. My bad.

Like every other species of real bigots, you "Liberal" fascisti fail to focus on concrete realities while masturbating over abstractions (especially the pejorative labels you slap on your opponents to dehumanize them).

One good way to counter your advocacy of aggressive violation of individual human rights is to keep concentration upon the real people whom you bastards want to victimize.

The "mercantilist" self-satisfied "patriot" rewinn, f'rinstance, can't cope with the open appreciation that his demands for shutting off international trade ("because our CEOs and bankers have exported every manufacturing job that they could") necessarily requires real Americans to go without even the items that the poorest of us purchase in dollar stores to get by.

There's a complete failure on the part of you "Liberal" fascists to understand anything about how a division-of-labor economy conduces to improvements in people's quality of life, and how the most marked of these improvements come to the people with the lowest levels of disposable income.

Everything you leftie bastards want done as a matter of public policy must raise the costs of goods and services for the poorest and the most vulnerable people in America.

And you obstinately refuse to see that, don'tcha? Heck, no wonder being reminded that you're fucking up real people's lives causes you to stick your fingers in your ears and scream "Nurmee-nurmee-nurmee-I-can't-hear-you!"

Hell, if you're one of those "Watermelon" 'viro assholes with a fixation on the great "man-made global climate change" fraud, you're not only bent upon raising costs for your own neighbors but you're also starving people to death all over the Third World. Try Websearching "biofuels" and learn how our big, bipartisan government meatgrinder's corn ethanol diktats (Republican graft for Archer Daniels Midland and their other corporate welfare clients) literally burn food to pull calories out of the fungible international agricultural markets.

People in Haiti barely maintaining minimal body weight on what they can afford in daily dietary intake find their food prices skyrocketing because your federal government requires American gasoline to contain 10% ethyl alcohol by volume.

Do you "Liberal" jerkwads ever bother to think about the damages done by your Kenyan Keynesian and the other politicians you empower to grind the hell out of your local and national economies?

Ooh, dumb question. A "Liberal" thinking....

Beef Wellington said...

Tucci,Becuase if I type long enough I ill by proxy win somehow.

Your one of those folks that has long winded 100page plus diatribes about the woes of america arn't you?

exanonymous said...

You know what's fun? When long comments lack structure.

I'm not asking for much, but the old simple format of Introduction - Supporting Paragraphs - Conclusion from elementary school wasn't that hard to learn.

Right now I see a wall of text like this:

BLAH BLAH BLAH liberal facists BLAH BLAH BLAH (someone's name) BLAH BLAH BLAH racist BLAH BLAH liberal idiots BLAH BLAH BLAH Obama-hate BLAH.

I think it's intended to rile the liberal in me up. Instead, it's boring.

Kip W said...

Yeah, Heinlein had no mother issues. *cough*TimeEnoughForLove*cough*
at all.

Nor did he really need an editor! That's why all his great, memorable books come from the time when he was so big in the field that nobody could edit him any more.

Rootbeer said...

Say what we will about Bruce Tinsley, at least he can get his dumb point across in fewer than 5 paragraphs.

Focus, people.

Tucci said...

Kip writes:

"Yeah, Heinlein had no mother issues. *cough*TimeEnoughForLove*cough* at all.

"Nor did he really need an editor! That's why all his great, memorable books come from the time when he was so big in the field that nobody could edit him any more."

That was becoming obvious in 1970, well before TEFL, when I Will Fear No Evil began serial publication in Galaxy and Worlds of If.

It's definitely going to be interesting to read Volume II of Patterson's Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century.

Say what you like about John W. Campbell (and Kay Tarrant, his prudish editorial assistant at Astounding/Analog), but he had a knack for bashing his writers' stuff into suitability for the satisfaction of a profitable readership.

rewinn said...

Heinlein's curbstomping of @TucciKin (although a more accurate description would begin "...scraping the Tucci off my boots..." ) began with making a Latino the protagonist of Starship Troopers

@Tucci does not deny being happy that America's good-paying jobs are being shipped overseas. For that, RAH would have used @Tucci for toilet paper. But for @Tucci's sillyass use of "fascist", RAH (...whose WW2 service in the Philly Shipyard was directed against actual facists ...) would have only contempt.

As for the rest:


Tucci said...

Aw, rewinn, you stupid schmuck, Heinlein's protagonist in Starship Troopers was a Filipino whose family was living in Buenos Aires.

Heinlein even had Juan Rico making an (unquoted) remark in Tagalog in the closing pages of the novel.

You don't know the difference between "a Latino" and a Filipino? They sure as hell make the distinction on Luzon and points thereabouts.

Jeez, how "Liberal."

In addition, rewinn drools and jerks off over his delusion that I'm somehow supposed to be "happy that America's good-paying jobs are being shipped overseas" when in fact I've just observed that:

"If there weren't real competitive advantages to be gotten by satisfying American consumers with the cheaper labor and/or materiel available in countries not under the jurisdiction of American politicians, those 'CEOs and bankers' [upon whom rewinn psychotically fixates] wouldn't have any reason to do it."

That's reality. Y'know; how things actually are, instead of how rewinn wants to warp the universe into line with his masturbation fantasies.

I'm not "happy" about it despite the fact that I acknowledge the ways in which lower-cost goods and services conduce to improvements in Americans' quality of life (especially among the poorest Americans). It's simply how a division of labor economy works, for reasons discussed more than two centuries ago by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations.

I've noted (and rewinn has studiedly avoided confronting) the way in which Boeing has been trying to establish "good-paying jobs" in South Carolina - a "right-to-work" state - by building new production facilities there rather than in union-raddled Washington state.

Same principle. The "CEOs" of Boeing want to cut their labor costs (both monetary and non-monetary) by getting away from the organized labor plaguing their operations on the Left Coast.

Consumers (and we're all consumers, when you get down to it) benefit when providers compete for our custom. What "mercantilist" scum like rewinn object to about competition is that it reduces the profit margins of the operators whom rewinn (the self-proclaimed "patriot") wants to see screwing the consumer.

The economic role of government in the fantasies of rewinn is to hold the consumer down while the screwing gets done.

Anonymous said...

Tucci,Even my license plate is 700 words.

David in NYC said...

Ah, Tucci -- what a wordsmith!

Don't you just love how the wingnut set (though in Tucci's case, we can probably just leave off the "wing" part) love to complain about things like:

especially the pejorative labels you slap on your opponents to dehumanize them

IMMEDIATELY after (as in, preceding grafs) writing about other commenters here such lovely things as:

Jeez, and I thought you were too friggin' stupid to cop a clue, dickbreath. My bad.

Like every other species of real bigots, you "Liberal" fascisti fail to focus on concrete realities while masturbating over abstractions

Cognitive dissonance much?

In a previous comment, I charitably referred to Tucci as "irony-impaired". It appears that a more accurate description would be "flaming asshole suffering from logorrhea".

WV: bophysil. Another medication Tucci forgot to take.

And PDR/Pharmacopeia reference from Tucci in 3, 2...