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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

That damned Europe

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard Fillmore decides he should continue demonstrating his lack of understanding of, well...pretty much everything.


DiR said...

Way to be constructive and better yourself, Tins.

Tog said...

It's like Batshit couldn't pick a single thought out of the pickled puddle of MERIKA NUBBER WUN HAET YERP ECONOMIC FEARMONGERING GOOD WHEN I DOIT sloshing around in his skull, so he threw up the entire mess into this strip.

Five "You're SPECIAL!!1" Points, however, for scrawling some neighbors splaying for the not-a-TV, rather than Mallard, again. It borders on effort.

Rootbeer said...

But you never had the chance, Middle-Aged American Woman, because you've never had enough savings or accrued vacation days to make a trip outside of the United States.

And now that your mother has moved into your one-bedroom, one-armchair apartment with you, and she requires continuous supervision and a bevy of medical treatments that pretty much negate the additional household income coming from her SSI benefits... you never will.

It's not Europe's fault that the American Middle Class is disappearing.

Kip W said...

This is a big improvement, this is. I don't even mind looking at a dead person, because with or without the spark of life that once presumably animated her, she's a much more vibrant character than the duck zombie. All of us are the winners today, because we're not looking at the soulless mascot of this strip.

Anonymous said...

Moderately, very moderately, funny.

rewinn said...

@Anonyomous Coward: why do you think it's funny?

Europe is, by any measure, healthier than our USA. If you bring up "Greece" I'll bring up "Texas" - which has a huge deficit filled in only by a massive infusion of funds from the federal government (a.k.a. "stimulus money").

Meanwhile, Germany and France and the Nordic countries chug along, with some ups and downs but mostly ups.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

I assume "it" refers to America after the Republicans build a giant Tinsley-approved wall around it.

Middle-aged is also an appropriate term, as the Republicans want to send us to medieval times and Tinsley wants to send us to the middle of prehistoric times, but not as technological.

Word Verification: Rushi, the scattered remains of anyone who makes fun of Christians after a Salmon Rushdie-style witchhunt, but much worse.

Beef Wellington said...

So Tinz has convinced himself ALL of europe is going to collapse,He is like that kid you knew in school who always made up stories about how cool his dad was and swore by them.