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Saturday, September 24, 2011

That damned Designer Cupcake

What's Mallard raving about today?


Yes. Mallard missed the "designer cupcake" boom. Wink. Wink.

This is about the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, right? Because otherwise, Mallard Fillmore is a fucking lunatic.


Tog said...

Mallard's a lunatic no matter how you slice it.

Gee, I was hoping Batshit would continue on his WAAAH! THE TEEVEE'S PICKIN' ON US POOR HELPLESS TEABAGGERS AND STOP CALLING US THAT! WAAAAH! routine -- especially after the crowd of "innocent and oh-so-civil little old ladies with legitimate concerns and fears" at the last GOP dogfight heckled an Iraq-based active duty soldier for coming out after DADT was repealed. The candidates, as is typical of cowards, waited until long after they were off the stage to feign their disapproval; meanwhile sniveling Yellow-Elephant pundits are desperately trying to pretend the teabaggers were booing his question, not him.

I'm sure Batshit's working on a strip expressing his outrage right now LOL JK.

...Kim Delaney's escorted off the stage, but they let Michele Bachmann keep right on babbling even MORE incoherently? Whatever.

Tucci said...

Jeez, it's just an Austrian business cycle theory joke that slid right past you.

When a central bank (the Federal Reserve System in these United States), "keeps interest rates low" by creating counterfeit currency out of thin air and dumping it into the economy, this gives a false impression that there is spending power not being exercised by consumers - unsatisfied demand for goods and/or services.

Combine that with lots of middle managers and similar college-educated incompetents getting "downsized" and unable to find jobs in our Obama'd economy, and you get people grabbing for self-employment, borrowing from the banks to start businesses to satisfy what they think is pent-up demand.

There is, of course, no such pent-up demand. It's just Federal Reserve counterfeiting perpetrated to "stimulate" economic activity.

Lots of these yuppie types have locked onto the sale of "designer cupcakes" and other high-margin luxury trade items as businesses which require only relatively low capitalization to establish. They think that they can get rich selling overpriced baked goods or something similar.

Thus a "boom" in businesses of such nature.

Because the low Federal Reserve interest rates do not reflect an economy healthy enough to sustain luxury goods vendors like the "designer cupcake" hopefuls, these little enterprises are doomed.

"Boom" leading to "bust."

It's how all secular recessions happen. They're always caused by governments - central banks - fucking with the money supply.

Are all you "Liberal" schmucks too stupid to understand this?

Silly question!

Tog said...

That's a very elaborate explanation, Tucci. Thanks for that much.

You simply must forgive us all for not keeping ourselves updated on every "Austrian business cycle theory" that can be plugged into a current situation to make it look like we know what we're talking about.

Bless your little pointed head if you actually believe Batshit knows what he's blathering about.

Side note: The economy was tanking before Obama took office. And the wrong wing's already unsuccessfully field-tested the "uh, it tanked because, um, everyone knew Obama would win and got depressed, yeah, that's the ticket" theory. So maybe the best bet is to reach back to Clinton's Dick to blame.

Tucci said...

Tog, you're on the Web. You couldn't look up "Austrian business cycle theory" to learn that it's a concept almost a century old?

And did I say that the economy wasn't tanking before our Kenyan Keynesian slimed into the Oval Office?

You apparently don't know enough about the history of the Republican Party to hate them properly. They were pushing currency counterfeiting as a key element in Henry Clay's "American System" back when they were calling themselves "Whigs."

All central banks are counterfeiting operations. Always have been, and always will be. And the Republicans were the ones who sweated mightily to inflict the Federal Reserve System on these United States.

Until the progressives (read "Liberals" in the modern sense) took over the Democratic Party in the early 1900s, they were the political advocates of hard currency, U.S. dollars tied directly to set measures of precious metals - gold, for choice - and the Republicans were always the party of "greenback" counterfeiting.

Conservatives? Bullshit.

Hell, I remember watching Nixon's televised speech on the evening of August 15, 1971, when he finished up with a final remark I didn't understand - "I'm closing the gold window" - and then fled without any further explanation.

The break-up of the Bretton Woods agreement and the final decoupling of the U.S. dollar from even the fiction of specie payment. Happened just like that. The historians later called it the "Nixon Shock."

But if Dubbya and his merry bunch of Red Faction corruptocrats torched the economy, your beloved Mombasa Messiah has been hosing it down with kerosene and flinging white phosphorous grenades all to hellangone over the place.

- Continued -

Tucci said...

- Continuation -

"Business cycle" recessions are always caused by currency inflation - Federal Reserve counterfeiting - tripping people into making investments in enterprises which are not sustainable. That's the "boom." When these fail (as they must), that's the "bust."

The resolution of such recessions comes only when these unsustainable wastes of resources go out of business. They're identified as malinvestments, and people learn from their example not to put money and effort and materiel and other resources into such activities.

Seen any "dot-com" IPO's lately?

But your beloved Empty Suit and his "Liberal" fascist co-conspirators in the 111th Congress did a bunch of stuff to prevent their bankster buddies and the various unions (especially government employee unions) from suffering the penalties of making really, really stupid decisions.

Add to that the incredible hideous "You've-got-to-pass-it-to-read-it" jobkiller we all know Obamacare to be, and there's simply no possibility of getting any sort of recovery going.

Tog, have you ever run a business? Ever had to meet a payroll instead of just collecting a paycheck?

The pundits aren't bullshitting when they call "small business" the real employment engine in the U.S. economy. Most people who've still got jobs (or who hope like hell to get themselves jobs) work for small businesses, and the people who run small businesses are terrified by Obamacare. They can't even properly predict what the hell Obamacare is going to do to their payroll costs.

You think that terrified people are going to plan any kind of business expansion under conditions where consumer confidence (and demand) is tanking and they can't even tell how bad things are going to get before they get better? Or when?

With a bloody idiot in the White House making all his "poverty pimp" noise about spreading their wealth around?

Reasonably successful business people are planners. Most of them have been through recessions, or know how recessions happen, and how those recessions settle out - IF the meddling bastards in government allow them to settle out.

"Harrison J. Bounel" (or whatever in hell his name really is) hasn't been allowing this recession to settle out, which is how your previous messiah - FDR - turned Hoover's depression into the Great depression. Actually three more depressions, each worse than the last.

Every damned time things started to settle out a little bit, FDR just screwed things up again. He wouldn't keep his friggin' hands off.

That's what Barry Soebarkah and his fellow National Socialists have been doing.

Think of Dubbya and the Republicans as the equivalent of cholera. They might kill you, but you've got some kind of chance to survive.

Obama and the National Socialists? They're like metastatic bowel cancer. They will kill you, and you're going to die in agony.

They're killing us now.


NickE said...

"...economy wasn't tanking before our Kenyan"

And you've just lost your argument.

Please leave through the whites-only exit door.

Neo Tuxedo said...

You've got to stop holding back, Tucci. All that repression can't be doing your prostate any good. It's time to stop being so darn polite, so concerned about hurting our widdle fee-fees. Why don't you stop pussyfooting around the issue and tell us what you really think?

Neo Tuxedo said...

That too, Nick.

Tog said...

your beloved Mombasa Messiah

Ha ha, eat a dog dick, Tucci.

Maybe you're a teabagger; maybe you're a firebagger; maybe you're think you're "independent;" you've demonstrated that there isn't a substantive difference. They're all frothy anuses.

Christ, and I thought I carried on to the point of preposterousness. I may not hold a degree in Historical Economic Theory, but I do know that droning on like that doesn't convince anyone of either your argument or your intelligence.

They will kill you, and you're going to die in agony.

Oh, wow, a shrieking drama queen, to boot. This is going to be hilarious.

Kip W said...

Don't scare it off, people! It has a name! It seems inclined to deal with facts and stuff. So what if it's a little touchy? This can be a real boon for those many days when the strip is a real nothingburger. Like today.

dlauthor said...

Back to Mallard, instead of our Austrian-idolizing concern troll:

"Mraaah! Something has happened in popular culture! Something that, with my chronic addiction to television, it is virtually impossible to miss owing to the vast number of flash-in-the-pan shows about cupcakes that I'm bound to at least flip past on my way between Fox News, Fox Business, and the Drinking Channel! I must feign* ignorance so as not to alienate my core audience, whose average age is 78 and therefore don't trust anything that's happened since the Eisenhower administration!"

* ... for once.

Kip W said...

To be fair to the duck, how is anybody supposed to extract any meaning from the term "designer cupcake" anyway? Cupcake? What's that? If it is a cup, it cannot be a cake! Does not compute! And "designer"? How do you "design" something that cannot possibly even exist?

Next time I meet a STar Trek robot, I'm going to say "designer cupcake" to it, just to watch the smoke come out of its ears.

Bill the Splut said...

Assuming he/she is not a Poe, points to Tucci for spending 4 hours writing a weird and meandering response to today's strip, which is probably 3 hours, 58 minutes longer than Bruce spent working on it. And also for proving Sentient Talking TV's point: Baggers are racist.

rewinn said...

Let me thank Tucci for having the BALLZ to actually post with an ID, instead of anonymously trolling.

And let's applaud the point in passim that small businesscritters are trying local production of goods whose value is that they are produced locally, because our CEOs and bankers have exported every manufacturing job that they could. THAT is the basic problem in our economy, and all the raving about money is just comedy.

As for the Austrian School: it has never worked in practice, for the same reason Marxism has never worked in practice - the theories show a certain amount of insight about one aspect of human behavior, and generalize that to everything. It's like taking Tucci's specialty - prostate exams - and using it for cosmetology. It just doesn't work.

Austrians, like Marxists, are fond of analyzing projects by saying, "That works fine in practice, but in theory it's a bad idea."

Heinlein would read Tucci's screed and laugh. He was many things, but mostly he was a pragmatist! And the Tucci's racism would earn him a serious Heinlein smackdown.

The last sane Libertarian, David Brin, has a nice essay on class warfare - well worth reading. If Tucci really is what his ID says he is, he might go learn something.

As for today's "comic"? It's just more "Get Off My Lawn You Stupid Kids!" I've tried designer cupcakes when I got a coupon, and they're o.k. but nothing compared to home-made.

rewinn said...

P.S. you know what's REALLY killing Tucci?

Obama saved the American auto industry with a well-timed loan, that was paid back - and the taxpayer made money off the deal.

When the black man succeeds ... AND he's a Democrat ... AND America has decent jobs at decent pay building stuff ... the Austrian Theorist object: "According to my theory, America would be better off in ruins."

CW in LA said...

Hey, most of the right these days believes America would be better off in ruins. Great patriots that they are, of course.

Ukulele Ike said...

Now I'm all hungry for Sacher torte.

DiR said...

It's pretty self explanatory, Bruce.

I enjoy the effort put into the 3000 word essay on how local niche novelty business prove that government is evil. Reminds me of the Time Cube guy.
But I especially enjoy that you had the courtesy to plant a massive "Please Ignore Me" flag right there at the beginning. It saved me the time of having to read it.

Steve-O said...

A new challenger has emerged...

Personally I think the pretzel-like knots that Tucci is twisting himself into trying to project some sort of hidden gem of intelligence onto Bruce Tinsley is fucking hilarious. The overt racism/birtherism is also a nice touch.
"And did I say that the economy wasn't tanking before our Kenyan Keynesian slimed into the Oval Office?"

Slimed into the Oval Office? Did I miss something? Did President Obama steal Florida or Ohio? I seem to recall him curb-stomping McCain/Palin, even winning North Carolina and Virgina.

Please come back tomorrow, I could use the lulz...

Tucci said...

About average "Liberal" stupidity. The only one who comes close to showing any knowledge about economic theory - rewinn - is still too screwed up to overcome induced mental crippling evinced by his "our CEOs and bankers have exported every manufacturing job that they could" remark.

If there weren't real competitive advantages to be gotten by satisfying American consumers with the cheaper labor and/or materiel available in countries not under the jurisdiction of American politicians, those "CEOs and bankers" wouldn't have any reason to do it.

Are you idiots making a pitch for mercantilism?

Even within our own national boundaries, there are competitive advantages to be gained by locating business activities in one particular part of the country - out of the reach of especially well-entrenched "prehensile gentry" in political office - in order to get critically important cost advantages. Most recently, that's been at the center of our "poverty pimp" thug's unconstitutional constraints to foreclose Boeing's effort to build new production facilities in South Carolina's right-to-work environment instead of union-infested Washington state.

The reason why those determined to play dictator hate the hell out of Austrian school theory isn't because it "has never worked in practice" but rather because it has succeeded - all too well! - in explaining what happens in reality when politicians and other thieving control freaks try to induce or constrain individual economic choice in order to rip people off.

I can't say what Heinlein would've thought about what I've posted here. Neither can rewinn, of course. I only met Heinlein once, and then only briefly, back in the summer of 1976. We talked about medicine, not economics. He lived through the Carter Malaise and its stagflation in the latter half of the '70s, however, and I suspect that despite his early flirtation with socialism back in the '30s he would've had to agree with the observations I've made here.

- Continued -

Tucci said...

- Continued -

Certainly none of you idiots have offered any substantive argument that contradicts what I've written, and that includes rewinn with his blunder about how our Fraudulence-in-Chief "saved the American auto industry with a well-timed loan, that was paid back - and the taxpayer made money off the deal."

Not hardly. The business practices that got "the American auto industry" into de facto bankruptcy (which is how you characterize a condition in which only loans extended by politicians keep nominally private companies from going the way of Pan Am and similar failed business enterprises) haven't undergone anything more than some cosmetic changes. The rot at the root is still festering, and American consumers are still "voting" against "the American Auto industry" in their purchasing decisions, Enronic "creative accounting" fictions about how "the taxpayer made money off the deal" notwithstanding.

To continue the medical analogy, putting a patient with a skullful of metastatic bowel cancer on life support hasn't treated the disease that's killing him.

As for our TelePrompTer-in-Chief, just what the hell else has there ever been about him except his cutaneous melanin content to differentiate him from any other Cook County machine thug? Were it not for his faux noir pretensions of negritude, the Blue Faction nominee in 2008 would've been the Woman With One Eyebrow, and given the Republicans' determination to "do a Dole" with Crash Test Johnnie McCain (their Keating Five constituent-servicing "Enemy Ace"), she'd be wreaking almost equal havoc with the U.S. economy today.

Without the race card to play, your "good Muslim schoolboy" (who never did naturalize as a U.S. citizen after getting adopted under the name "Soebarkah" to become a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia) wouldn't have gotten even as far as the Illinois state senate, much less the White House.

- 30 -

Tucci said...

Also I enjoy farting on my hand and smelling it.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Certainly none of you idiots have offered any substantive argument

You first. I'm seeing a lot of "our Kenyan Keynesian slimed into the Oval Office" and "your beloved Mombasa Messiah" and "your beloved Empty Suit and his 'Liberal' fascist co-conspirators" and "Barry Soebarkah [sic] and his fellow National Socialists" and "our 'poverty pimp' thug" and "our Fraudulence-in-Chief" and "our TelePrompTer-in-Chief", but the next substantive argument you make will be the first, and I fully expect to show it to my pet flying pig.

Neo Tuxedo said...

"Oh yes, I forgot to tell you."
-- Princess Irulan Corrino

Pretend that, after I quoted Tucci's reference to "our TelePrompTer-in-Chief", I included the clause "and other epithets ranging from the wildly exaggerated to the demonstrably bogus". It's implied, but not easy to infer.

DiR said...

I'm seeing Comic Book Guy, drinking a 64oz soda, feverishly typing away under the gaze of a confederate flag and a Sarah Palin poster on the walls.

Tucci said...

It's fun to read the fixation of Neo Tuxedo upon the obvious (and extremely "politically incorrect") reality that what we suffer in lieu of a lawful President of these United States is in fact only able to work his many mischiefs on the basis of his Hubshi Halfling ethnic victim status.

Certainly our Mocha Mamzer's ascension to the Oval Office after the Red Faction's "shit scraper" nomination of Crash Test Johnnie in 2008 despite having been grunted out by Stanley Ann Dunham in the maternity ward of Coast Provincial General Hospital and spending most of his childhood and all his adolescence in the lily-white household of his grandparents in Honolulu continues to impart considerable unease in all "Liberal" fascist partisans of our National Socialist Democrat American Party even after the sudden "Whoops, there it is!" insertion of an ineptly forged long-form birth certificate in Hawaii state records earlier this year.

The "birther" contention wouldn't flame these enemies of individual human rights so cinderingly were it not for their appreciation of how thoroughly it keeps convincing so many millions of their prospective victims that the Obama Presidential Library might be most appropriately established in the Marion, Ohio, federal supermax so that "Jean Paul Ludwig" (or whatever in hell name is associated with his Connecticut Social Security account number) can spend the rest of his miserable life as the prison librarian thereof.

But this is nothing more than a pitiful effort to divert the discussion from facts of economic reality - the business cycle damages induced by Federal Reserve System counterfeiting as exemplified by the "designer cupcake boom" - to the merry incidental observation that the NSDAP's present Maximum Leader is a spectacular fakeroo even down to his pretensions of ethnic and cultural authenticity.

How wonderfully "Liberal." With all the failures of socialism writ plain upon the most recent past century of devastation and death, you schmucks sure as hell can't argue the viability of your economic fucking-around, can you?

Neo Tuxedo said... "Mr. [Tucci], what you've just said is one of the most..." Well, heck. Not only is there no point in saying less than your predecessors have said, sometimes the simplest thing to do is just link to what they said and move on.

If Tucci ever provides anything that resembles evidence for his absurd birther claims, or in any way says anything relating to events happening in this space-time manifold, somebody will please to drop me a line. Until then, I'm backing away from the crazy man slowly and trying not to make any sudden moves.

Tucci said...

Aw, how nice. We're down to an appeal to movie comedy.

In that case, how about we refer to Rodney Dangerfield's first economics class?

Keynesians do seem to be trying to build their edifices in Fantasyland, don't they?

CW in LA said...

Hey, I think we've just seen what Tinsh is referencing with his patented asterisk + scribble citations.

Factinista said...

Socialists != National Socialists. Just because it's in the name doesn't mean it's true.

It's like saying the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is the freest place on the planet, because it has so many free-sounding words.

Steve-O said...

Egad! Reading Tucci's mindless vomit-on-a-page is akin to reading George Will. i.e. an excuse for a right-wing nitwit to try and dazzle the sheep with lots of big words and meandering prose.

Memo to Tucci: Brevity is a sure sign of intelligence.

Steve-O said...

Oh, one more thing, when you channel Jonah Goldberg the rational ship has left harbor and sunk many moons ago.

Tucci said...

What, like the Blue Faction isn't a national party, and - especially after enacting Obamacare - it's not unarguably socialist?

As for "the Democratic People's Republic of Korea," what's not to love about how it gives us both exemplification of Orwellian "political language" and the utterly perfect instantiation of the socialist dream?

Next year we get to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the publication of Ludwig von Mises' The Theory of Money and Credit (1912), in which can be found the first statement of the Austrian business cycle theory. The same author is also noted for his publication ten years later of the first edition of Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis (1922), a work that gained him the special murderous attention of the National Socialist German Workers Party, from whose clutches he and his wife barely escaped in 1940.

They carted off his library when they broke into his apartment in Vienna (1938), and modern-day American "Liberal" fascists still fervently wish their Nazi brethren had hauled him away, too.

That the modern American "Liberal" (now falling back upon the century-old term "progressive" after having made the word "Liberal" a stench in the nostrils of their countrymen) is inescapably a fascist has been a wonderfully apt observation on the part of writer Jonah Goldberg (Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning , 2008).

Keeping focus upon the fact is valuable not only for the writhing and sputtering and eyeball-bulging it causes among our socialist scum but also because it maintains a proper diagnostic clarity among those Americans who might otherwise succumb to the illusion that the horrors our "Liberal" fascists intend and inflict upon their neighbors are nothing more than the results of good intentions gone awry.

Such is, of course, not the case.

Steve-O said...

Tucci is one of those idiots who thinks that all evils committed were done so, by definition, by liberals (fascists). Like his BFF Ann Coulter he would describe the KKK as being a liberal group (After all they WERE Democrats!). The speciousness of his arguments is only outweighed by his bigotry.

Factinista said...

I noticed you completely avoided my point. The Democrats are not Nazis (which is where the phrase cam from). They are also not socialist, no matter how much you may want them to be.

Calling anyone in the political process a Nazi trivializes the term and is and insult to those who died at the hands of the real Nazi Party.

Not to mention that your insistence that your use of words in a way that has absolutely no connection to what the really mean is a thousand times more Orwellian than anything any liberals have some.

It's amazing that such long posts can say so little.

CW in LA said...

Blah blah frickin' blah...

Our latest troll knows more words than the others in order to express the same intellectually dishonest America-hating bigotry.

Tucci said...

Steve-0's effort to foreclose discussion of Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism (2008) "crossed in the mail" with wonderful coincidentality, causing him to prove - unintentionally but superbly - just how effective has been Goldberg's flawed but worthy perception of the commonalities shared by our 20th-Century and current "Liberal" fascists with their co-religionists in other countries down through the course of the Socialist Century of massacre and enslavement and destruction.

Goldberg did manage to prove - on the "stopped clock" principle - that even a Republican can come up with something valuable now and then no matter how thoroughly wrong he proves to be throughout the rest of the day.

If there weren't such perfect fascisti as Steve-0 out there in cyberspace, there might be some temptation to invent them.

Steve-O said...

Jonah Goldberg's thesis is as much rubbish as Tucci's mad screeds.


Anyone who takes Jonah Golberg seriously after that debacle needs his head examined.

Steve-O said...

So now I'm a fascist for calling you out on your bullshit? What the hell are you on about anyway? This fucking "comic" was about designer fucking cupcakes for Christ's sake.

Anyone know what the hell this moron is talking about?

CW in LA said...

Anyway, I wonder if Jonah Goldberg a.k.a Tucci would care to explain why, if the Nazis were so liberal, they were so beloved by American plutocrats such as Henry Ford and right-wingers up to and including Pat Buchanan?

Anonymous said...

"Is there any need at all to rely upon any putative supernatural and ineffable critter to validate the human experience?"--from Tucci's profile

Yeah, I think we got one of those raving loonies who gets thrown off of forums for loonily raving, then goes looking for other ones until they throw him off, too. DO NOT FEED.

CW in LA said...

"Anyone know what the hell this moron is talking about?"


(Too long; too snotty; too mendacious; didn't read)

wv: ungsh - a sound made even by someone as intellectually sympathetic as Brews at the prospect of reading such windy gibberish.

Tucci said...

To the extent that there's a smidgen of honesty in his makeup,it seems that Steve-0 stumbles into the impression that I've contended in any way "that all evils committed were done so, by definition, by liberals (fascists)."

Tsk. Such "Liberal" stupidity. For all the massive portmanteau "you've-got-to-pass-it-to-read-it" legislative predation of Obamacare, there's the equivalent precedent of the Red Faction's USA PATRIOT Act (2001), a slammed-together compendium of just about every police-state masturbation fantasy ever to cross what we'll charitably call the "mind" of the neocon clusterfuck permeating the Republican Party, signed into law by Dubbya six friggin' weeks after the 9/11 attacks.

Given even the little bit I've posted on this thread about the Republicans, for anyone - like Steve-0 - to mistake me for a man who thinks that you "Liberal" fascists bear sole responsibility for having fucked up our nation is delightful proof of how completely brain-dead you truly are.

Sure, you're preponderantly the cause of our current and past miseries, and what you're doing right now will cause hideous suffering for our children's grandchildren, but the "go along to get along" pseudoconservatives in nominal opposition to your machinations have more than sufficient share of culpability. Always have.

As for "Ann Coulter," just what the hell is your collective collectivist fixation on that bint all about, anyway? I'll admit that I enjoy the ways in which she makes you "Liberal" dorks writhe and itch and fibrillate, but she's such a thoroughgoing American Empire neocon - such an enemy of domestic individual human rights in her own vitriolic viciousness - that to infer her commonality of cause and affections with any sort of constitutionalist is absolutely idiotic.

Ah, but you pissants are all "Liberals," ain'tcha?

You've got a wonderful "diminished capacity" defense.

Steve-O said...

Isn't it past your bedtime yet? Does your mom usually allow you to stay up this late? Better turn the lights off down in the basement before turning in.

CW in LA said...

I think he's convinced that if he gets the last 50,000 words in, he wins. What he expects to win, I don't know and don't care to find out.

Tucci said...

Desperately sweating for something other than the subject of the business cycle (and therefore the "designer cupcake boom") to grab at, we have an Anonymous doofus checking out my profile to quote the statement I'd made on the subject of religious whackjobbery, one of the many reasons why "I am not a Republican."

Is Anonymous one of those cement-heads who advocates the imposition of that Judeochristian version of theocracy long espoused by the religious right?

Let's see; authoritarian in the axis of economic liberty and authoritarian in the axis of personal liberty.

Right down at the totalitarian bottom of the Nolan Chart.

Utterly fascist.

Anonymous said...


Tog said...

Didn't I say he'd be hilarious? Sad, sure, but also hilarious.

Tucci's scattergun spray (everyone else across the political spectrum is a "cement head" or "pissant" with "diminished capacity" because we neglected to Google up the connection between cupcakes and economic theory IDIOTS), laced with plenty of bigotry and abject failure of common sense, topped off with a heapin' helpin' of goalpost-shifting and doubling down, with a side order of accusing everyone of the exact same things he's'd be the tragicomedy highlight of the day if he'd just figure out how to edit himself even slightly.

As it is, the completely self-unaware stream of endless blather DOES make him easy to mistake for other Mommy's Specials like Jonah Goldberg.

I once had the unpleasant acquaintance of a bloated nerd with no sense of hygiene who talked endlessly and obsessively about Batman. One day I had enough and told him to f*** off. He then stumbled after me for a half a mile, rattling off the items in the catalog of Batman items he'd gotten in the mail. Angrily. I had to physically stop him from following me into my apartment. He stood outside for over an hour, reading the catalog aloud. No other response would fit into his damaged mind.

Annoying and sad, but also hilarious.

DiR said...

You can't spell Time Cube without using Tucci.

Really, I leave for a few hours and he's still at it? Maybe you need longer text walls. That'll learn us!

Tucci said...

Aw, Tog doesn't appreciate the charitable attribution of "Liberal" perversity to plain stupidity instead of the perfectly reasonable inference that you jerks are advocating the violation of your innocent neighbors' rights out of knowing malevolence indistinguishable from a rapist's criminal mens rea

Failing to consider "the connection between cupcakes and economic theory" marks Tog and other "Liberal" commenters in this forum as incapable of perceiving the connection between macroeconomic distortions of the marketplace by way of government interventions like Federal Reserve counterfeiting and the myriads of particular entrepreneurial failures which are reducing millions of their fellow Americans to impoverishment and despair.

This assuredly tends to prove that each of you schmucks is "a 'cement head' or 'pissant' with 'diminished capacity'," doesn't it?

Or are you just a bunch of sociopaths?

Heck, I can certainly credit that conclusion.

deepbeep said...

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. 49 comments? About designer cupcakes?

Bill the Splut said...

Even AnonyBruce is going to read this tomorrow and say "I picked the wrong week to pretend that my fans aren't sniffing glue!"

Bill the Splut said...

Or are you just a bunch of sociopaths?

HMM...come to think of it, I've never seen Tucci and T:Sociopath in the same photo...

Tog said...

the perfectly reasonable inference that you jerks are advocating the violation of your innocent neighbors' rights out of knowing malevolence indistinguishable from a rapist's criminal mens rea

Annnnd the wheels have come completely off the cart.

Welp, I'm off to go die in agony after I advocate eating babies at a church potluck or something. Google!

In all seriousness, Tucci: You need to get help.

exanonymous said...

"54 comments" is almost exciting until you realize it's a wall of text without citations and with a lot of ad hominem attacks on the president and liberals.

In the mean time, I think I'll start a designer cupcake business. Or not really a business. I'll do it for free for fun for my friends. I can't really show disdain for it... it's like caring about the kid who sets up a lemonade stand in another city for 5$ a glass.

rewinn said...

It's nice to see that TucciPoe agrees with me: The CEOs and the Bankers DID export every job they could.

The only difference between us is this: Tucci thinks because they did it to secure competitive advantage, that it is therefore GOOD to destroy America.

Now, I could argue about Chinese business subsidies, currency manipulation and slave labor, but why bother? I am a patriot; I am FOR my country, the United States of America; and if mercantilism is what it takes to keep us prosperous, then fine with me!

Tucci OTOH worships at the altar of the Austrians (whose theories he concedes have never worked to bring prosperity anywhere they have been tried; he contents himself with claiming they explain problems ... which is exactly what the Marxists say...). Tucci is happy to see America in ruins, so long as his theory is followed.

I'm a patriot; Tucci is a traitor.


And Heinlein? I met him once, too, in the 1970s. His entire body of work is suffused with patriotism AND he was extremely anti-racist. F'gosh sakes, he was probably the 1st mainstream SF writer to make a non-white the protagonist in a major novel ("Starship Troopers") even though his publishers forced him to be coy about it ("Juan Rico" tells his story from the 1st person). Heinlein's other works make it quite clear what he would do to Tucci ... starting with laughter.

Oh BTW if Tucci doesn't want to be correctly identified as a racist, he should lard his arguments with racism.

It is kinda funny that Tucci complains that people read his profile. Why is he ashamed of his beliefs?

Tucci said...

How nice. rewinn makes it plain that his desire for a civil government that aggressively violates his neighbors' rights makes him a "patriot."

What's that line about patriotism and scoundrels...?

He goes on to write: "if mercantilism is what it takes to keep us prosperous, then fine with me!"

How does "mercantilism [...] keep us prosperous" if we include rewinn's neighbors - the people whose individual human rights rewinn wants our government thugs to violate - among the "us"?

I mean, it's not that rewinn wants those neighbors of his to be allowed any kind of choice about whether or not rewinn's politically-connected business interests ("mercantilism") hold them as a forcibly captive market.

rewinn knows better than his neighbors just precisely what's good for them. rewinn, after all, is a "patriot." Anybody speaking in defense of rewinn's neighbors' right to make their own choices is - according to rewinn - a "traitor."

To precisely what concept the defense of individual human rights - including the right to choose for yourself what's in your own best interests when you're shopping for goods or services - is in any way "treasonous," of course, rewinn really doesn't want to say.

Y'see, rewinn's boast that he's a "patriot" in his advocacy of "mercantilism" makes it just a wee bit too obvious that he really, really is a fascist.

In terms of political economics, rewinn wants government thugs to "bring prosperity" at gunpoint by foreclosing your own particular personal ability to choose in every aspect of your life.

Ain't that nice?

rewinn wants economic "theory" which functions not to reflect the realities of purposeful human action in the exchange of goods and services but rather to serve as a pseudointellectual excuse for rewinn's beloved "patriot" politicians ramming "mercantilism" down your throat.

Jeez, no wonder rewinn hates the Austrian school theorists. What rewinn wants from his economists is "theory" that's precisely the same as what Trofim Lysenko delivered in biology.

Who cares whether such "theory" reflects objective reality? rewinn the "patriot" demands economists who support rewinn's "Liberal" fascist lust for "mercantilism."

- No 30 -

Tucci said...

Regarding our Mombasa Messiah and the endless "Liberal" fascist crap about how opposition to His Illegitimacy's unlawful regime - and especially observations of his faux noir pose of "blackness" - makes the honest disputant dismissible "as a racist," it's certainly worthwhile to cite Herman Cain's speech at CPAC earlier this year.

Unlike our mostly-Caucasian simulacrum of a POTUS, Herman Cain is a Black man. He is also an opponent of the policies (both undeniably criminal and arguably lawful) inflicted upon an innocent world by the administration of Ms. Dunham's Incomplete Abortion. In that speech, Mr. Cain said:

"They call me racist, too, because I disagree with the president who happens to be black. Go figure. So mathematically, the only conclusion that you can draw, it ain't about color, it's about if you disagree with the liberal leader, then you must be a racist. No matter what color you are. I got a breaking news announcement for you: You are not a racist, you are patriots."

Of course, back in February Mr. Cain didn't know that rewinn was going to lay proprietary claim to the "patriot" trademark.

Well, in addition to being a "racist" by rewinn's fascist lights, I suppose that Herman Cain must also be considered by rewinn a "traitor."

I've already observed that were it not for our "poverty pimp" mulignane's man-tan, the DINO ("democratic"-in-name-only) faction's top-of-the-ticket candidate in 2008 would most certainly have been Bubba's Ball-and-Chain. She has the political track record (execrable though it is) that Barry Soebarkah had never achieved, and no need to issue a presidential Executive Order to seal away all her personal records from public scrutiny.

With Crash Test Johnnie McCain as her opponent (instead of somebody who might actually have won), the big chair behind the Resolute desk would today be occupied by a "Liberal" fascist female who is at least constitutionally qualified to do so.

rewinn and the rest of the "Liberal" fascist idiots posting in this forum know full well that their Fast & Furious Felon's faked "blackness" was (and continues to be) the only real differentiating element in his "branding" as a product.

The race card is really the only hand they have to play.

Pity it's proving to be of no more real value than the Extra Joker.

- No 30 -

Tucci said...

Taking first things last, it's worthwhile to dissect the specimen of stool grunted out by rewinn as proof of his absolute and pitiful incompetence in political economics:

"The CEOs and the Bankers DID export every job they could.

"The only difference between us is this: Tucci thinks because they did it to secure competitive advantage, that it is therefore GOOD to destroy America.

"Now, I could argue about Chinese business subsidies, currency manipulation and slave labor, but why bother?"

The "why bother," of course, is more because rewinn hasn't the proverbial hound's chance in hell of offering a lucid argument about how the Beijing gerontocracy has been beggaring their own captive population in pursuit of their dirigiste policy objectives to gain competitive advantages in the international markets on the basis of cost while (hopefully) developing the ability to innovate and compete along the lines of quality.

Were rewinn not a "Liberal" fascist and therefore incapable of reading among the Austrian school economists because doing so must force him to confront the reality of his own pure and unalloyed hatefulness, he might learn about how "business subsidies, currency manipulation and slave labor" are not new tactics in the long and destructive "train of abuses and usurpations" perpetrated by government thugs over the millennia.

They've been tried before (stupidity and cupidity are among the most reliable characteristics of government thugs, who never bloody learn), and every time they've been tried - of course - they've failed catastrophically in spite of any short-term illusions of success.

But then there's that line of Keynes at Bretton Woods when he was told that his internationalization of currency counterfeiting would, in the long run, come a-cropper.

"In the long run, we are all dead."

Keynes actually suffered a heart attack during the Bretton Woods Conference. Less than two years later, Keynes had himself yet another myocardial infarction, and that one killed him.

I think it can be argued that the perfect model of this normative numbnuts excuse for an economist idolized by rewinn (the "patriot") was feeling the touch of his own mortality during those summer days in 1944. If not consciously acknowledging it, Keynes had to know that he wouldn't be around to take the blame when his bankster-beloved pure fiat money system blew up, burned, and sank with all hands.

- Continued -

Tucci said...

- Continued -

Like the blank and vicious idiot he so truly is, rewinn (the "patriot") completely ignores Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations (no wonder; it was written to debunk the concept of mercantilism), with particular avoidance of Smith's discussion "Of Restraints upon the Importation from Foreign Countries of such Goods as can be Produced at Home." Reference is drawn to that chapter, in which we read:

"To give the monopoly of the home-market to the produce of domestic industry, in any particular art or manufacture, is in some measure to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals, and must, in almost all cases, be either a useless or a hurtful regulation. If the produce of domestic can be brought there as cheap as that of foreign industry, the regulation is evidently useless. If it cannot, it must generally be hurtful. It is the maxim of every prudent master of a family never to attempt to make at home what it will cost him more to make than to buy. The taylor does not attempt to make his own shoes, but buys them of the shoemaker. The shoemaker does not attempt to make his own clothes, but employs a taylor. The farmer attempts to make neither the one nor the other, but employs those different artificers. All of them find it for their interest to employ their whole industry in a way in which they have some advantage over their neighbours, and to purchase with a part of its produce, or what is the same thing, with the price of a part of it, whatever else they have occasion for."

The division of labor that creates an economy will transcend national boundaries whenever we don't have a self-proclaimed "patriot" like rewinn ramming "mercantilism" down his neighbors' throats by way of government thuggery.

Bear in mind that rewinn is a willful ignoramus with aggressive violence on his excuse for a mind. He emphatically does not want you - you personally, the average American - to have the choice to pay less than "mercantilism" prices for the goods and services you and your family need to live.

rewinn holds that your personal freedom of choice will serve "to destroy America."

His version of "America," of course. Not yours.

- 30 -

Beef Wellington said...

Tucci, A man/woman of many words and little intellegence.

I'm comment 61,Hi mom

Anonymous said...

re: Tucci

Cool story, bro.

David in NYC said...

So, Tucci, are you any relation to Stanley Tucci? Because as an economist, you make a great actor. And just in case you think I am just being rude, I say that as someone with two degrees (undergraduate and graduate) in Economics.

Also, too, you do a great job of proving the accuracy of Shakespeare's observation that "Brevity is the soul of wit"; your lack of brevity is clearly matched only by your lack of wit.

WV: antarbil. The medication that Tucci forgot to take this morning.

Toots McGee said...

Hide it in a
hiding place where no one ever goes. Put it in your pantry with your cupcakes.

Tucci said...

With it well understood that "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog," we've got David in NYC claiming to be "someone with two degrees (undergraduate and graduate) in Economics" while scrupulously avoiding any address of the economic issues I've raised in this forum.

How "mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence." How "Liberal."

As for his pretense of therapeutic expertise, I've just gotta ask what he's groping for with this "antarbil" idiocy. No such med (proprietary name or generic) in the PDR or the U.S. Pharmacopeia. Some kind of whackjob "nutraceutical" nostrum this David in NYC is shoving up his ass?

David in NYC said...

Ah, Tucci. I see "irony-impaired" is one of your qualifications. I am well aware of the fact that there is no currently-produced medication with that name; see, though, it does sound like a drug name, and you -- clearly -- sound like someone who needs to be on meds.

While it may be true that nobody knows if you're a dog on the Internet, I am indeed someone with a graduate degree in Economics; one of my graduate advisors was Wassily Leontief, whom you may have heard of, being such an economics know-it-all and everything. If you think I will further identify myself to a loon on the intertubes, you are even crazier than you sound.

So, you want a specific critique? OK, genius, here's two: (1) Define the distinction between your so-called "counterfeit currency" and what is usually called "fiat money", and (2) since you assert that "recessions [are] always caused by governments - central banks - fucking with the money supply", where exactly does currency come from, if not from a "central bank"?

And BTW, the first tip-off to the fact that you are spewing nothing but incoherent bilge was claiming that Ducky was making "an Austrian business cycle joke". Trust me, Brewski can barely spell "Austrian", much less be able to make a joke about business cycle theory.

Tucci said...

Intent upon proving that he really is a dog (and a calculating meretricious econometric son-of-a-bitch in the bargain), David in NYC fumbles incompetently in a simulation of "specific critique" by demanding of me:

"(1) Define the distinction between your so-called 'counterfeit currency' and what is usually called 'fiat money'...."

There is, of course, none. Freelance counterfeiters operate "in retail" to perpetrate theft of value while banks and governments commit the same crime "wholesale" by issuing fiat to debauch the circulating medium of exchange.

Calling a government's debauchment of the currency counterfeiting is a way to set aside Orwellian "political language" and emphasize the plain facts of the matter.

I recall having read somewhere that it was Ludwig von Mises who'd remarked something like: "Government is the only institution which can take two valuable commodities - paper and ink - slap them together, and create something absolutely worthless."

- Continued -

Tucci said...

- Continued -

Further demonstrating his concussed stupidity and abject ignorance of economic history, David in NYC continues with:

"(2) since you assert that 'recessions [are] always caused by governments - central banks - fucking with the money supply', where exactly does currency come from, if not from a 'central bank'?

Wow. Truly gaping idiocy on the part of David in NYC.

In the old economics textbooks, there used to be a rhyme reading: "Money is a matter of functions four, a medium, a measure, a standard, a store."

Putting it more formally (The Story of Money, 1930), Norman Angell wrote:

"The usual definition of the functions of money are that money is a medium of exchange, a measure of value, a standard of deferred payment and a store of value."

To serve these purposes (all of which functions are degraded by counterfeiting, whether retail or wholesale), "money" media were chosen in the marketplace on the bases of preferences that became robust and reliable. Anything might be improvised (as cigarettes were and are used, for example, in prison camps and penitentiaries) but specie - coined precious metals - have tended overwhelmingly to be preferred.

As David in NYC bloody well had to have been taught, banks have repeatedly developed the practice of issuing "warehouse receipts" for money deposits which have been used as convenient media of exchange. The debit card used by the average American today to draw upon his checking account funds at points of purchase is the modern equivalent of these privately-issued banknotes.

After FDR criminalized the private holding of gold in 1933, U.S. Treasury notes (a different form of currency) were denominated as payable in silver - another precious metal standard of value - and until 1963 the coinage (except for base metal tokens like the nickel and the penny) was of real silver.

Our presently circulating Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are banknotes backed by nothing more than federal government instruments of debt.

Oh, yeah. And since TARP, by "toxic" assets worth as near nothing in the marketplace as damn-all.

Though Dr. Leontief would certainly bust a blood vessel (were he not dead already) at one of his apparatchiki daring to read a free-market economist, David in NYC is invited to consider the works of the late Murray Rothbard on the subjects of money and currency, starting with his What Has Government Done to Our Money? (1963, revisions in 1985 and 1990).

A central bank - a government counterfeiting engine - is necessarily only as part of a mechanism whereby the politicians and their acessories in criminal theft of value can preserve a functional monopoly on the debauchment of the currency.

The market needs only stable exchange media to serve those "functions four." Those can be (and are) produced by private enterprise.

When government thugs don't criminalize the process, of course.

It can be hazarded that the reason why David in NYC and similar specimens of "Liberal" goniff hate and fear the Austrian School economists is that people such as von Mises and Hayek and Rothbard treat the discipline as a way of explaining how and why things happen in the real world.

The type of economics in which David in NYC was doubtless indoctrinated is of far greater "use" to politicians and similar thieving bastards because it says to them:

"Here's how you can sucker people into letting you fuck them up."

- 30 -

Anonymous said...

Tucci,My OCD won't allow me to rest without the final word.