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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Those damned Extremists

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teabaggers, The Media

I hit refresh 3 times before I realized this was actually different from yesterday.

Teabaggers are no less extremist today than they were yesterday. And this is no less a complete lie than it was yesterday.


DiR said...

It's a perpetual mobius loop of cognitive dissonance projection.
Also, lazy.

Tog said...

We all understand that the "mainstream media" doesn't so much "portray" teabaggers as screaming insane whackjobs, as print factual descriptions of their behavior and display video of same.

But it's "cute" how Batshit pretends otherwise, forcing all those town hall meetings, threats, disinformation campaigns, "jokes" about murdering dissenters, and the occasional outright terrorist act right up his "memory hole." (Remember, blanket condemnations are only okay against Muslims! And liberals!)

Just like it's "adorable" that so many teabaggers think the function of media is to unquestioningly serve their campaigns.

Frank Stone said...

Just a few changes to make this strip more accurate:

"Take it from us, the Tea Party.... Obama is a MORON!!
He's also very uncivil...."

Meanwhile, back in reality, the "Occupy Wall Street" protest has been going on for days now, and the Mainstream Media have uttered barely a burp.

WHO, exactly, are the MSM so scared of, again...?

rewinn said...

Remember, ny friends, the audience for "Mallard Fillmore" is not you, and it is no for apoliticals or independents or (anymore) for rational conservatives.

The audience for Mallard Fillmore is the shrinking turd of Republican corporatist rank-and-file, who need a daily Two-Minute Hate to keep their ideologically pure hatred strong.

Logic doesn't matter. God knows, drawing quality doesn't matter. All that matters is a few seconds of screaming at the webbrowser (? does any newspaper publish this anymore??) to drown out the awful emptiness in life and the realization that the Kochs and the other CEOs and vampires are laughing as they drink your blood.

A prancing cartoon, so badly drawn that it has to remind the reader "Hey, I'm Emmanuel Goldstein", serves the purpose. Your mockery of its illogic only reinforces in-group solidarity.

Kip W said...

Apparently, Tin Eye feels as though his paycheck now depends upon how much he can kiss the collective ass of the TP wing, and since there's not really much good to say about them, the only way is to try and poison the well against those who might report objectively on them, and try to play the ref in advance.

What's kind of funny is that they have indeed been remiss in their reportage on this 'spontaneous' movement they helped create, but in a direction 180 degrees removed from what he's on about.

Flap your arms harder, guy. Run in faster, tighter circles and scream in a higher register, and maybe you can convince us all that Smokey Bear's an arsonist and Jerry Lewis lives to infect children with terrible illnesses.

Rootbeer said...

At least the Mainstream Media is giving the Tea Party the time of day. There's a thousand young people that have been camped out on Wall Street for days, and not a peep from any outlet larger than Current TV.

And the worst part of the mainstream media's failure to report on it is that crowdsourced misinformation and disinformation is being spread in its place.

obdurate hater of rhythm games said...

Ooh, what a brilliant metaphor: The rampaging vengeful mainstream media is represented by a rampaging vengeful television! Yes, we are crazy for blaming things that were caused by Republicans on the Republicans.

Coming in January: Why the Democrats' recent refusal to give relief funds based on a Republican plan was evil, and why giving relief funds would have been evil.

Word Verification: Reati, much closer to reality than Tinsley or Mallard Fillmore.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

I wrote that last comment.