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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That damned Scare

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teabaggers, The Media

I'm reasonably certain this is a repeat of an earlier panel by Mallard. In any event, no attempt to portray Teabaggers as harmless little old ladies changes their actual character, which is nothing like that. The Teabagger party is just a refuge for the most extremist elements of the Republican Party wanting to give voice to all of their darkest impulses.

The only part of this that reflects reality is that this Teabagger is insane and/or a delusional believer in Fox Propaganda. How else to explain the fact that she suddenly became "Taxed Enough Already" when President Obama took office and lowered her taxes.

Also, CNN just aired a Teabagger Debate, you idiot.


Tog said...

Well, what DaveyK said. Also, despite Ron Paul trying to pretend it's the 2011 media-conspiracy version of Capricorn One, there's all that embarrassing stuff at the debate where the former ZOMG DEATH PANELZ OBAMA GONE KILL YO MAMA teabagger crowd was now screaming for a hypothetical dying man without health insurance to be refused hospital treatment.

Oh, and today there's this:

David Lewis, a 26 year old Tea Party activist believes the man he is mounting a primary challenge against, Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), is a "socialist."

"Well, John Boehner is a socialist. I'm not calling him names," said Lewis, in response to Cavuto's rebuttal that the bill Boehner voted for was already doomed. "Here is someone that refuses to phase out Social Security."

And also this: Tea Party Rep. Apparently Spends $200K To ‘Feed His Family.’ Where's Batshit's blather about how "that's OUR money?"

You want truth to power, Bruce Tinsley? Here: teabaggers are batshit-insane and will destroy this nation given enough power.

You're welcome.

CW in LA said...

Let Mallard die! Let Mallard die!

Kip W said...

Actually, considering the origin and all, the TEA party -is- the scariest thing the mainstream media has imagined.

Anonymous said...

The really scary part is that so many people, represented by the one pictured (maybe even a school teacher), have been convinced to vote against their own interests. The middle-class, upper middle-class, and elderly should be voting for Democrats if they actually want to see their taxes go down and reduction in the deficit. I wonder if the Republicans really might be talking about them as "useful idiots."


CW in LA said...

Given the Teabaggers' propensity for cheering executions, I would love to see Mallard face his final destiny at the hands of a skilled Chinese chef, the last words he hears being, "Yeah, we eat ducks way more often than we eat dogs."

Rootbeer said...

I dunno, I think it's pretty scary that dead-eyed pod people walk among us, and the only way you can distinguish them from human beings is that they talk out of the wrong part of their body.

(This wasn't meant as a critique of the Tea Party, just of Bruce's drawing skills. But it works that way too.)

Frank Stone said...

Whenever a teabagger sneezes, the Mainstream Media is right there with cameras and microphones at the ready. That's how scared they are.

Yet another example of how the only thing about "Mallard Fillmore" that's funny is how utterly divorced from reality it is.

rewinn said...

I fixed that one for ya, Tinshley.

I mean, seriously. Mallard's timing is wonderful. The leading teabagger in America attacks "government injections" LOL! (which isn't really funny, since Teahadist attacks on health care will lead to more death.

Bill the Splut said...

Actually, the group CNN did the debate with is the one so crazy and blatantly bigoted that the rest of the Tea Baggers want nothing to do with them.

The media's afraid of the Baggers, all right. Afraid of what their corporate masters will do to them if they don't constantly--well, tea bag those useful idiots.

Neo Tuxedo said...

A word of advice to anyone thinking of clicking on the link rewinn provided: don't go into the comments section. Like most comments sections, they demonstrate the Holkins-Krahulik Theory of General and Special Fuckheadery early and often. "Butt ass shit bitch ass" would be an improvement on some of the effluvia from the teahadists in there.

tl;dr The mangoes, being mangoes, aren't worth it.

Faldone said...

If she's a real teahadist why isn't she desecrating the flag by wearing it as a blouse?