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Friday, September 09, 2011

That damned Advisor

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, The Economy.

The Republicans, by contrast, simply don;t care about the economy because the Koch brothers are doing just fine.


Tog said...

Republicans reacted to Obama's jobs speech just as anticipated: applauding, nodding, then rushing out to the press to declare that they'll fight it tooth and nail, consequences to the nation be damned.

...Oh, Batshit's strip? Pft, fine, whatever. Nancy Reagan, Tarot cards, Alzheimer's, that's your idol, so go f*** yourself, Tinsley. I'm watchin' Pony.

Kip W said...

Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll look at today's strip, you'll see the actual writer of Mallard Fillmore! (Magic 8-ball™ appears through the courtesy of Mattel toys.)

Marion Delgado said...

WORSE. Obama's advisors are all REPUBLICANS. Therefore, a Magic 8-Ball would ACTUALLY BE MORE ACCURATE. So Obama's already improved his situation by upgrading to the ball.

dlauthor said...

Meanwhile, the Republican 8-ball only has the "Don't Count On It", "My Reply is No", "My Sources Say No", "Outlook Not So Good", "Very Doubtful", and "I Hate Gays" options.

Which is a problem for Tinshley when he wants to know if he should have another beer.

rewinn said...

I still think the unintended humor in today's "comic" is that it appears to have been completely falsified by Obama's speech yesterday. Agree with Obama's policies or not (...and it's certainly true that they are basically Republican policies, from back before the Teahadists and Kochs took over the GOP...) the speech does show some decisive action.

Brewsky Tinshley has sort of a bizarro fortunetelling power: he sees the future, and always gets it backward.

deepbeep said...

This is a poor caricaturization of Nancy Reagan. She had longer hair, for one thing.