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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

That damned Demographic

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Voters

Mallard Fillmore: People only voted for President Obama because he is Black. Wait, why are you calling me a racist?


Neo Tuxedo said...

"People who said they wanted to be able to say..."? Further proof, as if any were still needed, that the only function Tinsh's "editor" serves is to tell him when he's said something King Features could get sued for, instead of just smarmily implying it in a way everyone recognizes but nobody could prove in a court of law.

Steve-O said...

Bad caricatures + Over-bloated, near incoherent text = typical Mallard Fillmore "comic".

I feel like I'm just pointing out the obvious at this point.

Kip W said...

As opposed to, say, Cain voters who want to vote for the Worst African-American candidate?

CW in LA said...

I dunno; Cain may be a nutbag, but he still has a way to go to out-awful Alan Keyes.

But for today's effort: I'm guessing we're the real racists if we point out Brews' premises here, amirite?

Anonymous said...

Neo Tuxedo brings up an interesting point. I wonder how many MF strips were never published.
But this one, as usual, I just can't figure out the point of it.


Bill the Splut said...

As opposed to the TPers who vote against Obama just because he's black.

rewinn said...

"...As opposed to the TPers who vote against Obama just because he's black."


deepbeep said...

Unrelated, but do the sans-mustache pictures of the Iranian plotter remind anyone else of Tinsley's mugshot? I'm not implying anything, of course -- Tinsley is only an assassin of humor.

Tog said...

Way off topic, yet vaguely Batshit-related (as should be clear when you see the mugshot): Guns-In-Bars Sponsor Busted Drunk, Drivin', and Packin' Heat

Drinky the Drunk Guy (in a more sober moment): "The police aren't going to be able to protect you. They're going to be checking out the crime scene after you and your family's been shot or injured or assaulted or raped."

Note that he doesn't say by whom these crimes against you and your family would be committed. Just as likely, the cops would be staking off the scene after your family's killed by a liquored-up yee-haw in an SUV, who then falls out of his vehicle with his finger on the trigger of his shotgun, blowing the head off of a bystander trying to help.

...Rand Paul all standin' off to the side talkin' about how the Free Market will take care of it, shruggin' and sayin' "accidents happen."

(cue "Deliverance" Dueling Banjos)

Lashaw said...

Deepbeep - Oh my god, it's the same person! From his comic strip, I always knew Tinsley was full of hate, but who knew he was hell bent on destroying America.

Anonymous said...

I still prefer that demographic to "People who voted for McCain simply because Palin was a woman after Hilary was out of the running."