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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Those damned Elites

What's Mallard raving about today?


Funny how when you're unemployed or under-employed you find yourself with time on your hands.

But, Mallard, we can agree that everyone here would be thrilled if you were unemployed.


Tog said...

That's absolutely wealthy, coming as it does from a servile lapdog to the 1%. If Occupiers were really "elite and privileged," Batshit would be out there fellating them every day.

"It must be nice to be part of that elite, privileged class of colonists who have the time and money to fight alongside George Washington for a few weeks."

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Pffft. Some dirty hippie. Seriously, who cares? They never amount to anything.

deepbeep said...

Has Mallard ever made an argument outside of strawmen and ad homonyms? I am serious.

Steve-O said...

It must be nice to be a talentless hack gleefully slurping from the right-wing media nipple.

wv: gatsityr, the person that takes away Bruce Tinsley's guns after a night of "research".

Kip W said...

Tea Party protesters are brave and principled for coming out. If they're leaving work to do it, that's a sign of their deep commitment. If they're unemployed, that shows they're hurting and must be listened to. If they're plus-sized on scooters (enhancing the circus look), we must have compassion for the hard life they must have led.

OWS protesters are dirty hippies. If they're employed, they're slackers. If not, they're bums. If they're out in the rain, they're stupid. If they're not skinny, they're overfed and greedy. If they have to answer a call of nature, they're unspeakable animals.

Right, Duck?


Steve-O said...


Anonymous said...

It was so predictable two weeks ago that sooner or later the duck would get to OWS, as also so predictable that he would get it so wrong.

I suppose a duck doesn't need to save for retirement in an IRA or 401K.

The CEOs (and everyone down to level of VP) in the large corporations are stealing from their employees and stock holders. In other words, everyone with stock in mutual funds. The others on Wall Street (including the hedge managers and computerized traders) are walking away with millions. Every dollar they take out comes from somewhere, and it comes out of the corporate stocks and your retirement accounts. This is another part of the story of the 99%, in addition to the banking industry.


rewinn said...

Today's lead on We Are The 99 Percent is an Army wife (... it may change by the time you get there...).
Army spouse *is* an occupation; it is very poorly paid; it *does* leave some time for peacefully assembling to petition elected officials for the redress of greivances.

Never forget: today's "Conservatives" hate our troops and their families (except as photo-ops.)

On the plus side ... If the GOP nominates the Strong-On-Defense guy ... will Obama accept?

Frank Stone said...

Mallard, how do you know that all the OWS protesters have been at it for weeks? did it occur to you that some of them may have rotated out and been replaced by others, who in turn have rotated out and been replaced, etc.? No, of course not. You're just talking out of your ass. As usual.

And by the way, Mallard, it must have been nice to be part of that elite, privileged class of right-wing tools who could be unemployed for an uncounted number of months and still have the time and money to do almost nothing but sit sprawled in front of the television while bitching about how there was nothing good on television (before being given your old job back in an act of undeserved charity).

Bill the Splut said...

I wish I could spend 5 minutes a day scrawling dumb shit for free money! What a sweet gig! I could have a "job" that required no effort at all, writing for some rich crazy man who owns a bunch of media! Then drink myself to sleep!

Seriously, Bruce, you have no shame or the slightest sense of self-awareness. When the Reverend Moon gets tired of signing your checks, what will you fall back on? You're a leech on society. You couldn't hold down a REAL job like I do. Especially as I manage a liquor store. Drinking the profits gets you fired. The hardest part of your job must be looking in the mirror, desperately pretending you do something of value.

WV: ineppr; "Is there anyone ineppr at anything than Bruce Tinsley?"

DiR said...

Not as nice as it is to be this godawful at your job, and know you won't be fired. Seriously, couldn't be bothered to even pretend to draw a background? or furniture? Anything at all beside the exact same two duck shots you use in 90% of your strips?

Family Circus takes more effort then these do. Hell, Peanuts reruns take more effort.

BA said...

Don't worry about Brucie. Yes he does fellate the rich (I'm just a little worried that this will give fellatio a bad name), however, he will be changing his tune.
For the past few days on CNN, and even MSNBC, they have been interviewing Conservatives who insist that the Tea Party and OWS have the same objectives. Some idiots even went so far as to insist that, "Well you know, OWS is not really anti bank, they're mostly anti government."
When Brucie gets wind of this attempt to usurp OWS, we'll start to see badly drawn cartoons of Obama saying ridiculous stuff like, "What? OWS isn't about me or Michelle's anti obesity campaign?"

Tog said...

@Bill the Splut: "When the Reverend Moon gets tired of signing your checks, what will you fall back on?"

His liberal lawyer wife -- AKA The Breadwinner -- I suppose.

(Assuming she hasn't kicked him to the curb; he doesn't seem to crow about her so much anymore between bouts of "Chantelicide HAW HAW" and "can't kill 'em, can only hope to contain 'em" and "all children are HORZ" nonsense.)

kaitlyn said...

I can't read more than a page or two at a time of that tumblr without crying.

But haha hippies. Young people acting stoopid. Some OWS people are imperfect. So the whole thing is invalid.

Fuck him.