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Thursday, October 27, 2011

That damned Herman Cain

What's Mallard raving about today?

Herman Cain, The Media

Yeah, that stupid media. I mean the GOP ignored Herman Cain until after everyone else (not named Mitt Romney) crashed and burned, how dare the media do likewise?

Meanwhile, in the's that media glare working out for old Herman Cain?


Tog said...

Of course, Not-Racist Batshit was always a big supporter of Cain...except when he wasn't, which was right until now.

So, what's the big plan this week? Nein, Nein, Nein's kinda played out; is it still Nein! Nicht! Nein!, or do they have some fresher variation of the same ol' non-starter flax-tax nonsense?

Tog said...

OT: I really, really hope that Batshit has a truly magical Truth-To-Power strip dealing with a peacefully-demonstrating war veteran getting nailed in the forehead at point-blank range by a tear-gas canister fired by police who then launched flash grenades at the people who picked him up and took him to medical treatment. MERIKA NUBBER WUN!!

Considering he has a major blanket hate-on against every group involved (and a blatantly phony love for veterans), and considering that he's a spineless coward, Batshit will probably ignore it in favor of Little Old Teabagger Strawlady wondering why those dang OWS hippies spit on her morning, noon, and night.

Anonymous said...

??? As they have acknowledged his existence, does this mean that FOX and MF are now considered to be "Mainstream Media" ???


rewinn said...

I support Herman Cain for the GOP nomination, since it would flush away the canard that we voted for Obama only because of race.

Obama would win even Texas and Utah!

Kip W said...

"The mainstream media may be forced to acknowledge [Cain's] existence."

It's so darn cute that Tinsley can confuse the mainstream media and Republican donors!

Frank Stone said...

This just in... Today's "Mallard Fillmore" indicates that Bruce Tinsley simply recycled a Twitter message he wrote five months ago.*

In other news, Bruce Tinsley remains a worthless right-wing hack.

* "How long until MSM and GOP acknowledge Herman Cain's existence?" (23 May)

Bill the Splut said...

C'mon, Tins, everyone knows the nominee will be Romney and his veep will be the most batshit "Jesus loves me as much as he hates everyone else" TPer they can saddle him with, to balance out the fact that he's a "SCARY MORMON." You better hope the the Gang of Five on the Supreme Court and Diebold are on the ball, because otherwise the GOP hasn't a hope of winning.

DiR said...

Is there anything this douche won't blame on and/or assume is a "mainstream media" conspiracy?