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Sunday, October 30, 2011

That Damned Holiday

What's Mallard raving about today?

Halloween, Washington DC

Oh, hey, look everyone, Mallard Fillmore is being a total dick about a children's holiday.

How utterly surprising.


Tog said...

Has Batshit ever even been to D.C.?

See, when you get SO lazy you assume everyone shares your tropes, this is how you screw up: I congratulate Batshit on his depiction of the Single Percentile as human piranha who assume themselves entitled to all your candy.

But nevermind stuff like this because Batshit read somewhere that Republicans are, like, the biggest tippers ever and that must be true because it suits Batshit's world view.

DiR said...

It must take incredible fortitude and mental discipline to be this much of an insufferable douche-nozzle 24/7.

CW in LA said...

I'm sure the kids all know not to go to the creepy duck-man's house because he'll just ask leeringly why they're not dressed like little whores.

Bill the Splut said...

Given Mallard's expression, I think he's giving out Qaaludes.

Kip W said...

It's funny because Mallard's besieged by Tea Party trick-or-treaters on scooters with signs that say "Keep the Govemint's Hands Off My Hard Urned Candy!!"

rewinn said...

"I'm a banker and I demand you give me money at 0.25% to lend to the government at 4.45%".

Yeah, that's scary ... but why are they going to Mallard Fillmore for candy?


WV = "splaygm" ... the pleasure cartoon ducks get from exposing their crotch to readers.

Frank Stone said...

And to think this strip would have actually been funny if the third panel had featured a cluster of Republican congressmen led by the Koch brothers.

WV: enticons: Short for "entitlement conservatives". These are wealthy conservative businessmen and politicians who believe that they're entitled to get everything they want the instant they want it, and if they don't, they're being punished.

dlauthorovely said...

Halloween's scary for Mallard because the judge told him to stay away from kids ever since the rolling-in-the-dust party he threw back in '06.

I do have to wonder how horrifying it must be to trick-or-treat in Tinshley's neighborhood. "Don't go near that house, Jimmy. That's where the old failed cartoonist lives. They say he only hands out empty beer cans with a couple stale Good 'n' Plenty in them. And if your skin's brown, he chases you with a broken bottle of Jim Beam."

Anonymous said...

Keep it up duck! Keep reminding everybody (i.e., voters) that the Republicans want to eliminate the Social Security and Medicare that everyone has paid into. Keep reminding everyone that they want to give your retirement funds to Wall Street crooks, and hand over more to insurance companies.

Steve-O said...

The fact that there's a group of people out there that probably find this shit hilarious is a scary one indeed.

Rootbeer said...

Let's be thankful that Bruce didn't even bother attempting to draw any children in Halloween costumes here.

I'd rather not see made real the images in his head of preteen girls dressed like "pop tarts", or even the ethnicities of children who live in D.C.

Tog said...

In Monday's strip, Batshit performs the same exact shtick, but at least remembers to define his target.

He also makes a poop joke. Yay.

Before I stagger off to bed, let us remember the souls that have fallen in the War on Christm--I Mean, Halloween, the only war that really matters.

Sorry about the goof. The annual War on Christmas hysteria doesn't go up until NEXT month.

Kip W said...

Monday's strip is funny because the NY cops are telling street drunks to "take it to Zuccoti." No wonder the press is able to find people acting like Tinsleys at the demonstrations (and focus on them with the same intensity as a local newsteam interviewing the geekiest Spock at a science fiction convention).