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Friday, October 14, 2011

Those damned Guidelines

What's Mallard raving about today?


Throw it in the trash.

Apparently it takes Mallard several years to read that sentence. I am not surprised.


Tog said...

But, but, MERCURY!! Al Gore lives in a house and rides in a car and flies in a plane and breathes oxygen!! I'll bet he wipes his ass with PAPER! Tree-hugger??? Hypocrisy!!1

You hippies won't let us use perfectly-safe nuclear plants, so the only alternative is COAL! So fracking and oil spills are, um, wait, I don't feel well...they're YOUR FAULT!!

I know I...I know I shouldn't run the SUV all night in the garage, but I gotta prove my independent American spirit and the cops'll hassle me if I do it outside, or pour my used oil in the creek. G'damn Saudis! Obama raised the gas prices!!1

If I don't make it, just remember, it's all the liberal media's fault! For not defending the One Percent! It's about JOBS, stupid!! (*thud*)

Kip W said...

Among cartoonists, Tin's a real iconoclast. Most of them would have a look at a CFL bulb before drawing it, but he seems to have called a friend and gotten a verbal description.

Oh, Magoo! You've done it again!

CW in LA said...

Hmmm, Tinsh appears to be on his way to spending a week on how people who voted to elect the prez are the Real Racists, and then suddenly we're back to light bulbs again. I wonder if something got pulled...

Anonymous said...

Actually, you just drop it off in the recycle bin at Lowe's. What's so hard about that? Why the MF hang-up about CFLs? I'm not a die-hard, far-out environmentalist, but the anti-environment crusade (among other things) really turns me off on the wrong-wingers.


dlauthor said...

Wrong-wingers hate CFLs and anything to do with the environment because "Algore."

Really, that's about it. The depth of their reasoning is about two microns.

Frank Stone said...

Mallard/Brucie's hostility toward the green movement is rather ironic -- after all, he's been saving energy by recycling the same "jokes" for years.

Steve-O said...

In Wingnut World a few Wall Street financial institutions stealing a trillion dollars is a-ok, but one solar panel company getting a few million dollars in federal subsidies and then going bankrupt is ZOMG!! EVIL SOCIALISM!!!1!!

They're incapable of feeling guilt or even irony.

WV: talibri, what Bruce calls the terrorist cheese when he's had a few too many.

rewinn said...

To take Anonymous's point a step further, there's kind of a competition between my local hardware stores over how much stuff like this they'll take. Right now Home Depot will take batteries, possibly because they have a good deal with recyclers, but mostly because they want me to walk in their door.
And it works! Dang those capitalists, using the free market to provide green services that entice me into giving them money. When will Mallard Fillmore condemn them?

DiR said...

Wait, that wasn't funny. Nevermind.