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Sunday, October 16, 2011

That damned funding

What's Mallard raving about today?

Hippies, Congressional Funding

Yet another Fillmore Foundation study reinforces the prejudice of the study's sponsor, without any facts behind it. Shocking.


Kip W said...

Tinsley: Straw hippies.

Day by Day: The Wall Street protesters (like Obama and all congressional Democrats) are straw Nazis who scream anti-semitic death threats.

Hell, in this climate, Tin Eye's practically a bipartisan kumbaya singer. Pass him the bongos.

rewinn said...

Is this an attack on Congress' subsidies to Big Agriculture (in advance of the Iowa caucuses) and Congress' tax breaks for Big Oil and Congress' attack on the right of women to take personal responsibility for their wombs?

CW in LA said...

Oh, goody - do I get to be the one to take the obvious cheap shot? To wit:

Would that be "personal responsibility as in repeatedly getting busted for alcohol-related offenses and then scribbling cartoons ripping on police officers? You mean personal responsibility like that?

Otherwise, typical lazy-ass Tinshleyan one-panel Sunday effort. And how exactly does one quantify personal responsibility to assess whether it's "down", anyway?

DiR said...

Ahhh, he's taking the Cain "It's your fault you can't find a job" route. Interesting.

Frank Stone said...

Wait, I'm confused; I thought Congress cutting funding for things was supposed to be good (to conservatives), because it shows their commitment to balancing the budget or something. I suppose Brucie's just forgotten how his courageous Republicans were demanding massive spending cuts in exchange for no tax increases whatsoever.

And it looks like the colorist's memory is even shorter than Brucie's, because the one thing in the strip that's drawn relatively well is the Obama campaign logo on the Dirty Hippie's t-shirt, and it's colored completely wrong. Was it really that difficult to recognize?