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Thursday, October 13, 2011

That damned Study

What's Mallard raving about today?

Voters, President Obama

The Fillmore Foundation: Producing fake studies supporting conclusions which, surprisingly, support the entrenched views of its ideological masters since whenever Mallard's fevered imagination first came up with the idea for a fake foundation.

Exactly like every actual Right Wing "Think" Tank in existence.


Tog said...

Wow. Batshit finally distills (ha ha) "I'm not racist...YOU ARE!!1" to the purest essence he can.

Now, what does the head of the Fillmore University for Closeted Klansmen say about those of us who voted neither for nor against Obama (or any other candidate) based on their race?

Will our existence even be acknowledged by this F.U.C.(*cough*)K. head?

Tog said...

IRONY: D&C's "non-insane sponsor" box features an ad for Cain 2012 which reads, "Once you go black, you never go back."

That CAN'T be real. Can it?

Frank Stone said...

Mallard thinks he was once sober and intelligent enough to have started a foundation?

Way to report your drunken hallucinations as news, guy. Don't forget to include the stuff you dreamed, too!

Tucci said...

Frank - Tinsley's "Fillmore Foundation" is the same kind of plot device that's seen in the form of Gary Trudeau's fictitious "Walden College" in Doonesbury.

The joke (such as it is) in this strip is simply that such an obvious conclusion could ever have to come by way of any kind of "study" at all.

In the words of Chevy Chase: "I don't judge a man by the color of his skin; I judge him according to the size of his nostrils."

And in other news, "Generallissimo Francisco Franco is still dead."

Kip W said...

This is a cost-saving move by Tin Eye. By not trying to draw an asterisk, he avoids the risk of having to white it out and do it over.

dlauthor said...

Wait, I thought racism was dead. Or is that only applicable when a drunken hack cartoonist is being accused of it regarding portrayals of dastardly brown people, media-controlling Jews, or dog-eating Chinese?

rewinn said...

Hey Drunk Tinshley: Can you name *one person* who would have voted for McCain/Palin on policy grounds (and because they felt Palin was qualified to be President) but switched to Obama because he's black?

Name one.


Rootbeer said...

The only reason to include a drawing of President Obama in this comic is to remind the viewer that he is black. And that's racist.

Now then, if only there were any evidence of large numbers of people voting for or against Obama based on his race, this would be a topic actually worth addressing. As it is, there's not and it's not.

The only reason to write a comic that reminds the viewer that President Obama is black is to suggest that there's some relationship between his race and his suitability for office. And that's racist, too.

CW in LA said...

I'm willing to guess that it's genuinely never occurred to Brews that the nearly 70 million of us who elected Obama president did so because he impressed us as the better candidate. Naw, it's gotta be because he's black.

Bill the Splut said...

It must be so reassuring to be Bruce, knowing that you could take a shit on some Bristol board, scribble "OBAMA IS A SHIT CUZ HE BROWN TO!" and know someone will give you money for just taking a shit.

deepbeep said...

Isn't there anything more pressing than dusting off Republican talking points that ceased to be relevant 2 years ago? If you're still hung up about Obama's race, I've got news: you're probably racist.

On the bright side, this is the first time Mallard Fillmore admits that racism just might exist outside of minorities and liberals.

Tog said...

Ah, I see the racism dogwhistle has brought our pet troll (and retired physician and ex-Batman) back a-runnin' --- and more incoherent than ever. Didn't trust the post at first because of the distinct lack of Tourette's. The medication must be working!


Speaking of nutjobs, I see Michele Bachmann (whom Batshit once suggested had a chance of winning the White White House, in his usual spineless, wishy-washy fashion) wants to raise everyone's taxes.

exanonymous said...

Yeah, the Fillmore Foundation is also based in Indiana, the state that lacks self-awareness and does not realize that the racism of hating people for being black is much more harmful than the racism of liking people for being black.

Which is ironic considering the grand-whatever of the KKK resides there. But they would never realize that there's a world of different between making a poorly informed vote for a guy, and not voting for a guy because they think he deserves lynching.

rewinn said...

What I enjoyed most about @Tucci's response is that he so clearly did not understand Frank's comment.

"Stupid" is usually interpreted as "unintelligent" but at times it really does mean "in a stupor", as in @Tucci's response makes him appear to be too stupid to understand @Frank's comment.

Tucci said...

And so in common with his fellow fascist, Generallissimo Francisco Franco, rewinn proves that he's still dead, too.

Communicating by way of his Ouija board USB interface, it seems.