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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

That damned Yellow Dog

What's Mallard raving about today?

Yellow Dog Democrats

Frankly I have no idea what this is about and given the fact that Mallard felt the need to label everything in sight, I'm pretty sure he knows no one will understand either.

Of course, the unspoken message here is that Republicans, largely responsible for the multiple messes we're in, want to continue doing more of the same stuff because it's worked out so well to this point.

But, you know, Democrats, amiright?


CW in LA said...

Now see, I took Tinsh's charitably-labeled point to mean that all the Bad News has even yellow-dog Democrats ready to learn new tricks such as voting Rethug. Because clearly said yellow dogs will recognize that the Bad News is the fault of the colored fellow in the WHITE House and not the Rethugs carrying out their pill-popping pederast pig-boy overlord's wishes to make the prez fail.

Really, this alleged work is on a par with The Onion's editorial cartoons. It's the funniest Mallard I can remember, and entirely unintentionally so.

Remember, Brews: We're laughing at you, not with you.

Rootbeer said...

They've cancelled "Mallard Fillmore" and replaced it with a new wide-format version of "Pluggers"!


dlauthor said...

Holy cow. This incoherent mess transcends even dogwhistle phrases. It's the sort of thing only bats can hear. I think the "research"-related brain-cell erosion's finally caught up with Tinshley for good.

WV: blambox; don't even want to make a Bruce-related joke about that one. Let's just say it's the best Word Verification string evar.

rewinn said...

Even Yellow Dog Democrats are figuring out that the GOP has gone so rabid that the old trick of "triangulating" and "compromise" doesn't work.

In case there was any doubt, the GOP is now blocking the distribution of ballots to troops serving overseas, a move of exceeding dickishness but understandable when you realize that they want the smallest possible electorate.

Tog said...

So...a mutt is thinking to us about going back to obedience school because someone dressed him up for I Can Has Cheezburger and made him look like he's reading Bad County's poorly-named daily paper?

No, no, calm down trolls --- I bothered to look this one up. The phrase "Yellow Dog Democrats" was born from Southerners who vowed to vote the straight-Dem ticket because they hated Lincoln. (Not to be confused with Yellow Elephants, those cowardly wrong-wing warmongers who stay home because fighting the culture war is safer.)

What a difference a few decades make, right? Because today, as we've discussed before, Lincoln would most likely be a Democrat, murdered by a gun-licking teabagger enraged at his "socialist" policies.

(I'm in the middle of translating a 1996 Japanese-subtitled German movie and was gobsmacked to come across the phrase "Lincoln-ideologue" --- pronounced "Lincoln-ideolo" though I'd no idea how it would be spelled in German --- used by an ultra-conservative character to slander opponents as socialists.)

Meanwhile, it's Republicans who vote the party line every time, nation be damned...well, up to a point. Seems the wheels may be coming loose on the Koch Brothers' Tea Party Express Formerly Known as the GOP. Congressman Frank Wolf just tore "Greasy Grover" Norquist a new anus (resulting in a pissy NO U response from the pasty little slimeball) and the GOP can't seem to decide which psycho they'll crown their "savior."

(Remember when Batshit suggested Bachmann had a chance? That was a world ago. Now let's see him rally behind Cain.)

Kip W said...

Jeez, a dog just can't win! He's already learned the tricks of wearing clothes and glasses, and of reading (or appearing to read) a newspaper, and that's just not enough, so now he has to learn new tricks or he'll lose his house and his medical benefits.

Maybe 2012 will be the year this poor son of a bitch wises up, eh?

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Regarding the comic for today, October 6:

Tinsley sincerely believes that the working poor are happy, rich and have easy lives of luxury. He demands that only they be taxed, believing that the rich are poor and miserable and hopeless. Tinsley would have drawn them as having televisions, X-Box 360s and refrigerators, as explained by the Republicans who hate the poor almost as much (,,,) but he knows nothing about modern technology or trends.

Word Verification: Illater, Tinsley's 'atering, unequaled by any in history, makes me violently ill.

CW in LA said...

If we're using this space to talk about the Oct. 6 effort as well, the timing is once again unintentionally fortuitous, coming as it does on the heels of Godfather Cain making "I don't have the facts to back this up, but..." the latest wingnut tag-line.

DiR said...


Tog said...

October 6th: Batshit once again tries to conflate the Already Preposterously Wealthy with the "Jus' Folks" they exploit.

How'd that work out, Batshit?

Tog said...

As for Friday, October 7th (and I hope everything's okay with DaveyK):

As is typical of an intellectual coward, Batshit refuses to touch the real issues behind DADT and instead bawls that conservative college professors are cowed into silence by, I dunno, the Great College Liberal Jewspiracy. (If you've read MF long enough, you know everything's a Liberal Jewspiracy in Batshit Country. The university I attended was run by a Reagan conservative but nevermind. HELP, MOMMY! THERE'S GEORGE SOROS UNDER MY BED!)

Batshit DOES manage to slip in a "just not normal" jibe; again, as a crying, pants-pissing coward he's "cleverly" couched it so that the conservative professor could be thinking about the Jewspiracy of Silence against him, or his morning dump, or the very existence of a "conservative college professor" in Batshit Country. But we know what sort of craven, bigoted little swine Batshit is, so we know the prof's thinking about THEM GAY BOYZ.

...In fact, that's probably all Batshit and his little character think about in their spare time. (We've all seen how THAT works.)

And of course, two weeks ago Batshit had NO way of knowing how petty, disgusting, and foolish Trudeau would be making him look right now. Batshit must've spent the past several days screaming in the most impotent rage imaginable.

Kip W said...

10/7: Per the artwork, you can try to cover up your politics, man, but they'll know you're a conservative when they realize that you think and talk out of your rectum.

Kip W said...

Like Tog, I hope DaveyK's doing OK!

exanonymous said...

Yeah, today has the "poor prosecuted conservatives" whine again.

It's not really a surprise though. Considering the contempt conservatives show in most areas, like the arts, or science, and for higher education in general, one wouldn't expect there to BE that many conservatives willing to do the job.

exanonymous said...

I meant persecuted. Touch-typing is a fiend.