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Monday, October 24, 2011

Those damed Corporations

What's Mallard raving about today?

Occupy Wall Street

Damn! Shut OWS down now since Mallard has spotted the flaw in their argument!

By the way Mallard, shall we discuss Tea Party members who use Government services, like roads, traffic signals, police & fire? Strangely, I don't recall you dismissing the Tea Party on those grounds.


Tog said...

"Occupiers use the Internet! Corporations use the Internet! Yet Occupiers still want their piece of the pie? That's HYPOCRISY! They should be pleased to attend their betters!"

I know Batshit loves the taste of Murdoch's anus in the morning, but he's going to have to try harder than this.

Kip W said...

Tinsley's a master of shredding arguments his opponents never actually made.

I know why he thinks all liberals are cross-eyed: that's how they look to someone so wall-eyed that the middle is not only excluded but completely impossible to perceive.

rewinn said...

Anyone who diets is hypocritical ... because they still eat food!

Anyone who criticizes Wall Street is hypocritical ... because they still use money!


dlauthor said...

Bruce, Bruce, Bruce. You want to be part of the 1%, but you never will be. You need to save your wingnut welfare, rather than blowing it all at the package store.

deepbeep said...

You sure got StrawShaggy there. Now how about drawing a cartoon about OWS, which doesn't share his beliefs?

Frank Stone said...

This strip reminded me that Brucie has a Twitter page. Just looked in on it. It's funnier than just about anything that's ever appeared in "Mallard Fillmore". Unintentionally, of course; it IS Brucie.

Bill the Splut said...

Today: Corporations are wonderful!
Yesterday: Corporations like the USPS are terrible!
Tomorrow: Al Gore exhales CO2, so he hates the environment!
Every day: Cognitive dissonance is wonderful!

DiR said...

So like, what, 4 of them? Gee, way to utterly destroy the rebel alliance in one fell swoop, Bruce.